Hot veal dishes recipes

2.8k - 60м 4
Saj is a delicious dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, the main features of which are the use of soft and tender meat and an abundance of vegetables, which is cooked on the same pan, which is a slightly concave circle of iron installed underneath a mini-brazier. Pan-saj is used in Azerbaijan on both sides. On the convex side of lavash is baked and - fried meat, fish and vegetables. In the process of cooking all the vegetables shake tastes through butter. Saj is always prepared for a big company! Gather all the friends at the round table, will try Saj!
Smoked veal chops
1.7k - 10м 4
Hi, here brought me a lot of veal. Started cooking ribs. Well their promarinovali. And begrimed. Personally, I liked them. Lech, too), especially with beer. All a pleasant appetite.
Qari qyufta "Christmas decoration"
1.7k - 120м 10
The pride of Armenian cuisine - curry kufta. "Kar" in Armenian - stone. No one really knows how many centuries this dish. A long time ago, as the legend goes, it was cooked. Selected the best beef and long fought stone mallets before becoming meat in a magnificent viscous homogeneous mass. Usually, when we eat meat, feel the weight, it's the opposite here. Feels like we eat the souffle. Want to try? ... Present for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Fried liver with potatoes
1.3k 4 15м -
Tasty and healthy.
Miso steak
1.3k - 120м 2
For new year's table offer to cook a very tender and unusual meat medium in miso marinade! Come on - tell me how!
Stuffed with braised peppers
1k - 125м 4
Dolma - stuffed grape leaves - one of the most popular dishes in the East. The name comes from the Turkic word "dolmak," to fill and initially, it applies to all dishes with meat, rice or vegetable filling. And yet in our day this dolma believe that, composed of vine leaves. Over the weekend, visited the sisters at the hotel, stocked up on grape leaves (son-in-law grows great grapes) and are happy to share the recipe.
Guiro lagman
0.9k - - 4
Lagman belongs to the Uighur cuisine (such there is not found and oboznachili as Chinese). Varieties of this dish a huge amount. Are one of them. Guiru means a big cut. So let's be patient, the result justified all expectations!!!
TAS Kebab
0.9k 3.5 40м 6
With this dish from the Bulgarian cuisine, I met a few years ago, and since then I am impressed...
Meatballs of veal in the Cornel sauce
0.9k - 30м 3
I often cook a dogwood sauce to the meat, this time decided to cook the meatballs. We really liked it. Instead of dogwood you can take a cherry.
Veal "Lucullus"
0.9k - 150м 6
The Roman General Lucullus became famous for victories in the war against the Pontic king Mithridates, and was a patron of the arts no less than become a household name Philanthropist. But in popular memory, leaving only his sumptuous feasts with hundreds of guests and delicious dishes. And now the name of Lucullus is used in the sense of "exceptional", "refined", "perfect". In France, wanting to thank the owner of the house for a wonderful dinner, the guest says: "Today I dined with Lucullus". So the French, probably, gave name to one of the delicious meat dishes to your food. Like all delicious, the dish requires some effort. But believe me, they are worth it!!! Recipe taken from the book "Les recettes de la cuisine francaise" (French Recipes)
Tuna veal "Vitello tonato"
0.9k - 240м 6
I bring to Your attention a very simple but extremely tasty dish of boiled veal (or beef). Cooking this meal (especially the sauce), I doubted what could come... Turned out to be very simple beef complemented by a delicious and interesting sauce of tuna, turning in gorgeous "vitello tonato". The recipe you will find at George. Oliver, for which I am insanely grateful to him.
Veal in lemon-grape sauce
0.9k 3 50м 5
Tender meat with fruit loop and heady notes.
Home-style veal
0.9k - - 2
Very tender and tasty veal with sauce-great for spaghetti, rice, mashed potatoes. Do not judge strictly for a photo (my camera leaves much to be desired), judge on the taste, sure that you will appreciate.
0.9k 5 40м 6
Tender veal, armed with swords, languishing in a fragrant gravy with red wine.
Kurzeme Stroganoff
0.9k - 40м 3
Kurzeme is one of the regions of Latvia, where it is a simple, homely and very tasty dish.
Kosa-Krasa meat under a pomegranate-cranberry sauce with caramelized onions
0.9k - 40м -
It is no secret that the meat perfectly with a sweet and sour sauce...
Veal "the wild"
0.9k - - -
Once in the menu veal... but this happened that drool still flowing, that's the wine I bought - again! Unusually gentle, but still with the taste of venison, very fragrant! Husband knew that I am a pig he planted that this is not a pig... Really liked him, double particu've eaten... and this is something (a secret - I have it observes figure, Gee-s-s! it happens... ).
Veal breast roasted in our dark beer
0.8k - - -
Gorgeous, delicate, fragrant, soft, juicy, very tasty veal breast - a characterization I can give to this dish! Honestly, a little doubt, will roast beef soft. But! The result exceeded my modest expectations! This dish can safely cook at the Christmas table as a hot! For a side dish you can serve a light salad, I have, for example, salad from fresh cabbage. Bon appetit and happy New year, my dear!!!
Khashlama in Georgian
0.8k - - -
The recipe for khashlama and method of delivery differs from region to region. For example, the Kazakhs prepare boiled in braised meat mixture with vegetables, shifting all layers, and cook without water, in its own juice. In Armenia, given that each "own" boiled, add the potatoes, lots of greenery. Often prepared boiled in soup. The simplest khashlama, and probably the most delicious — in Kakheti. The people there know a lot about simple cooking of the meat. A minimum of components, high soul. Properly cooked meat in the supplements, except wine, is not needed.
Veal stew with olives
0.8k - - -
With the advent of the first warm days I wanted to cook something with a hint of summer sun. Remembered long deferred to the cookbook recipe and do not regret about your choice. The meat was very tender and tasty.
Roast veal with cranberries
0.8k - 90м 5
Fragrant roast veal with cranberries in vegetable and fruit pots. For this recipe I made pots for meat, vegetables and fruit, but the fruit turned out delicious! Loved this combination of fruit impregnated with the juice from the meat, and the meat fruit and onion on a spicy cranberry sauce. Lids from dough is also very complementary to the dish, as the pots are soft and crust is crispy!