Hot veal dishes recipes

0.7k - 60м 4
Saj is a delicious dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, the main features of which are the use of soft and tender meat and an abundance of vegetables, which is cooked on the same pan, which is a slightly concave circle of iron installed underneath a mini-brazier. Pan-saj is used in Azerbaijan on both sides. On the convex side of lavash is baked and - fried meat, fish and vegetables. In the process of cooking all the vegetables shake tastes through butter. Saj is always prepared for a big company! Gather all the friends at the round table, will try Saj!
Fried liver with potatoes
362 4 15м -
Tasty and healthy.
Qari qyufta "Christmas decoration"
289 - 120м 10
The pride of Armenian cuisine - curry kufta. "Kar" in Armenian - stone. No one really knows how many centuries this dish. A long time ago, as the legend goes, it was cooked. Selected the best beef and long fought stone mallets before becoming meat in a magnificent viscous homogeneous mass. Usually, when we eat meat, feel the weight, it's the opposite here. Feels like we eat the souffle. Want to try? ... Present for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Miso steak
281 - 120м 2
For new year's table offer to cook a very tender and unusual meat medium in miso marinade! Come on - tell me how!
Smoked veal chops
229 - 10м 4
Hi, here brought me a lot of veal. Started cooking ribs. Well their promarinovali. And begrimed. Personally, I liked them. Lech, too), especially with beer. All a pleasant appetite.
Veal stewed with apples
209 3 - 3
For A Twin.
187 5 40м 6
Tender veal, armed with swords, languishing in a fragrant gravy with red wine.
Kosa-Krasa meat under a pomegranate-cranberry sauce with caramelized onions
186 - 40м -
It is no secret that the meat perfectly with a sweet and sour sauce...
Rolls of veal "Dolce Vita"
184 - - -
Delicious and juicy rolls with a stuffing of prunes and crab sticks. Incredibly flavorful and tender, with a unique spicy note. Welcome!
Meat in Spanish
179 4 40м -
Simple, tasty, no hassle))))))
TAS Kebab
178 3.5 40м 6
With this dish from the Bulgarian cuisine, I met a few years ago, and since then I am impressed...
"Apple meat"
176 3 30м 6
I don't know if she came up, or read somewhere, but the combination of baked meat with Apple is very tasty. Appreciate all my guests. P. S. Sorry, if anyone has such a recipe.
Stuffed with braised peppers
173 - 125м 4
Dolma - stuffed grape leaves - one of the most popular dishes in the East. The name comes from the Turkic word "dolmak," to fill and initially, it applies to all dishes with meat, rice or vegetable filling. And yet in our day this dolma believe that, composed of vine leaves. Over the weekend, visited the sisters at the hotel, stocked up on grape leaves (son-in-law grows great grapes) and are happy to share the recipe.
Veal in lemon-grape sauce
173 3 50м 5
Tender meat with fruit loop and heady notes.
Veal sauteed with vegetables
169 4 50м -
Veal stewed with vegetables.
Braised veal roast with mushrooms
168 - 30м 6
I want to share with You a very quick way to cook a delicious, hearty dish of veal meat! Suitable for occasions "when the guests at the door" or "when all came home and I'm starving,"... to Cook the meat for no longer than to warm up something from the fridge! And the taste of fresh flavorful meat much more tempting! Invite You to a tasting! Well, or at least to review my recipe! Welcome!
Cabbage rolls in white sauce
168 3 90м 4
The taste of the cabbage familiar to us from childhood, I propose my own option.
Baked steak
165 4 30м 2
Delicious to madness.
Veal "Prince of the eagles"
164 - 150м 6
Veau Prince Orloff. Hello, I want to introduce you with their version of cooking veal "Prince Orlov," progenitor "of meat in French". According to legend, this recipe was invented by a chef in Paris specially for the guest of the city - the Russian Prince Orlov. Veal baked with two sauces and gives a very delicate taste.
Medallions of veal
163 5 25м 2
Under creamy mushroom sauce.
Khashlama veal
161 3 140м 6
Delicious and juicy meat.