Hot meals recipes

45k - 90м 6
Chicken curry with pineapple in cream
23k 3 20м 2
Continuing the theme of their favorite pasta...
Lamb with eggplant, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes
23k 4 - -
This dish I tried at a party, before lamb did not like, but could not tear myself away from the dish. So I decided to cook at home. Turned out great!
Dinner "Mr. Squash"
23k 3 40м 3
First time eating and cooking squash...
Pigtail pork
23k 4 120м 3
Want to diversify the prepared dishes here and try things. If you're interested - you are welcome...
Pasta with vegetables in Italian
23k - - -
Pasta with eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and cheese. A delicious and hearty dish, easy to prepare.
Chicken loaf with baked potatoes
23k 4 - -
How to spice up a dish of minced meat and make it with potatoes?! Thought and idea, why not make something like a casserole or terrine, as it will be correct, I don't know. Turned out incredibly delicious and beautiful, perfect for a festive table. From common dishes features a couple of "highlights", in the stuffing I added smoked cheese with smoked ham and potatoes for the filling, I pre-baked in the oven with spices, the result pleased us, as its not quite a standard taste, juicy and with "smoke", and do not so difficult, try it and you will not be disappointed.
The eggplant in the marinade
23k 4 60м 4
The dish is very tasty. I advise everyone to cook. The first time I cooked with honey, I liked it.
Lasagna with meat and vegetables
23k 5 90м 6
Daughter asked for a long time to prepare, but did not dare because of the hassle, but in vain! The kids loved it!They say that every Italian family your lasagna recipe. Among the numerous recipes of the same is not found and ventured to put. We have the lasagna sheets are not sold, did itself - is not difficult.
Roll potato with meat and mushrooms
23k 4 40м -
A gentle roll.
Irish stew
11k 5 - -
All who have read the famous and very funny book by Jerome K. Jerome "Three men in a boat, not counting the dog," has to be remembered as the heroes they cook the Irish stew, the main principle of which is that to put it can, whatever you wish! But unlike the book my stew is very tasty and satisfying! :-)
8k - 90м 8
I have many friends and acquaintances ask what the kitchen refers to this recipe. Honestly, I don't know, maybe to the East, judging by the title. I liked it because of the combination of ingredients. I hope you will like.
Roasted sunflower seeds in the microwave
8k 5 4м -
For lovers of sunflower seeds, I am not myself, but sometimes, in, flip seeds is very desirable, and if you read on the Internet about their use, the desire to poloskati, will only increase. One can not understand why in the shops the price for a bag of sunflower seeds like they are grown on Mars... but do not be sad about and buy seeds at the market and cook for themselves. The business is 4 minutes.
7k - 50м 7
This Korean dish is pork fried with vegetables. I'm a little Russified it for you, dear Cooks as a condiment of Korean cuisine will not find on the Far East, and treats you really want ))) help yourself!!!
"Turkey tails"
7k 3.4 - -
Yes, Yes and Yes again the recipe with our tails /ass/. Every man is what he eats, loves, and I love the tails grilled, steamed, braised, smoked in any form. I looked in our favorite site not found this recipe. I tell you it is very tasty.
7k 5 40м 4
I want to introduce you an interesting dish of Transcarpathian cuisine.
Quick hot Breakfast "Trap of potatoes"
6k - 10м 1
If you get up a little earlier than others can in a couple of minutes to prepare this hearty, delicious and quick Breakfast!... Preparing it a La carte!... As waking up the household!... Will be good not only for Breakfast but also for dinner and for a quick snack. And with toppings you can improvise!..
Hot pork "Moravian Sparrow"
6k - 100м 6
Dear cooks, I represent on your court is another recipe of traditional Czech cuisine. This is a known Moravian Vrabec, or, to put it more clearly, Sparrow. In my recipe I'll tell you how it is cooked, the Czechs, i.e., with a potato dumpling and spinach sauce, although, of course, is only one of the types of feed, the mass of options. This is a very tasty and satisfying, but knowing that the Russians don't like dumplings, I suggest to adopt at least the recipe for cooking meat, which can apply with the more familiar side dish - mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Of course, in the Czech Republic now rarely makes the dumplings on their own - they are sold in the stores are ready, but in Russia it is not, therefore, for those who nostalgically vspominayut journey through this country and especially your visit to the Czech masters, post the recipe for the dumplings to cook "Sparrow" in its classic form!
Grilled chicken "Assenheim 56"
6k - 60м 4
Recipe created on the basis of a chicken, which they sell in a small cafe Colombian cuisine in the city of London. To say that taste-bomber (an interesting word appeared in Moscow) - is to say nothing. In the process of cooking the entire kitchen fills with aroma of spices and herbs. And marinated spicy chicken perfectly with a slightly spicy sauce based on cilantro. You can cook both at home and taking raw materials from the nature.
Skewers of liver with fat tail "Well is very delicious"
6k 4 30м 3
These skewers from my family - favorite dish, but for me - a lifesaver. When you need to cook dinner or to surprise guests, and in nature they are particularly good. Try it, you won't regret it.
Braised beef lung
6k - 60м 4
Beef lung can be cooked many delicious and healthy meals. The use of this byproduct in that it contains many vitamins, iron and iodine. The energy value of the product is just 92 calories. Easy beef contain less fat than conventional meat. I have to say, the dish is not for everybody!