Hot pot dishes recipes

Hot "Madame Bovary"
3.5k - 120м 3
The perfect combination of chunks of tender chicken, flavorful potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms in a cream sauce... Treat yourself and your loved ones.
3.5k - - -
The dishes are old, a native of Vinnytsia and Cherkasy region. The dish is rare on this website. Ideally, prepared in the stove, but in the absence thereof, the dish is cooking in the oven, in a ceramic or earthenware. The dish is very tasty and hearty! Perfect family dinner! Going to cook?!
2k 3 - -
I bought a dry seasoning "hot Sauce" on the back was given a prescription "Also". Reading the recipe, I realized that cooking is almost as Uzbek "Damlama" only "Damlama" is prepared in a large cauldron, and "They" were asked to cook in pots that are, in principle, me and bribed, and was interested in the laying of the meat, the meat here was proposed to put in the last place, by the way, it was very tasty and meat was tender))) Ингрtдиенты in the recipe give about 6 pots.
2k - 60м 4
French dish Koszule (with the accent on the last syllable) will be surprised by the ease of preparation and availability of virtually all the necessary ingredients in Your fridge. Koszule - a roast meat platter with beans, the name is due to the fact that our dish is stewed in clay pots. I am very interested in this mysterious dish when I was watching an amazing film "Julie and Julia: Cook happiness on prescription" Stirp with Meryl in the lead role.
The jugged hare "Dutch"
1.6k 5 180м 8
Delicate rabbit meat stewed in a pot with prunes.
Roast in the pot
1.6k 5 120м 6
Stewed potatoes with meat, mushrooms and vegetables
Meat with mushrooms in pots "Hotshot"
1.5k - - 5
Very hearty and delicious. For those who are not on a diet)))
Super lazy cabbage rolls in the pot
1.5k - 80м 4
The easiest recipe, folded in the pot and in the oven👍 I like to bake, not fry, and the last time I "hooked" on the pot) Here, unlike many of the recipes don't need any prerequisite steps. I for personal reasons used the wheat, turned out very tender, juicy and tasty, but rice, I think, should be no worse!!
1.5k 4 - 2
Transcarpathian very tasty dish in pots. The basis is meat, beans, and barley, and piquancy gives garlic. Try it, you'll enjoy it as much as I do!
Cold meats in pots
1.4k - 100м 5
Stewed cuts of tongue, heart, and pork belly is already delicious, but I will add some dried porcini mushrooms and fried potatoes, but baked it all in the pot. Help yourself.
The liver in a pot
1.4k 4 - 2
Delicious and not very difficult!
Buckwheat with meat and cracklings in a pot
1.3k - 120м 4
Flavorful, hearty porridge. Tastes very different from cooked on the stove.
Chicken with vegetables in a pot
1.3k 5 30м 4
Delicious, hearty, useful.
Ribs with vegetables in a mini-tagine
1.2k - - 3
An exotic dish in all respects: the meat turned out tender, despite that game. Found in the taste and sharpness in the taste. Unusual, but tasty.
1.2k - 60м -
Video recipe of chanakhi. This dish of Georgian cuisine, which is traditionally cooked lamb with vegetables in a clay pot. It turns out very hearty and delicious! Chanakhi is something between a nourishing soup and a second dish, in principle, a complete meal replacement and the first and second! The recipe that I posted, from very old Georgian cookbook, say, the original recipe...
1.2k - 200м 4
Baeckeoffe (Baeckeoffe) is a dish of Alsatian cuisine. Alsace - East of France, has experienced the strong influence of German neighbours. In the Alsatian kitchen is a beautiful combination of profusion and simplicity of rustic German cuisine with French finesse and elegance. Alsatian cuisine is a family and happily welcoming. It involves a crowded festive meal. So, baeckeoffe... To Haute cuisine, this dish has nothing to do, probably Sunday the food of the common people, is literally translated "pot Baker".
Fish platter in pots
1.1k - 90м 3
Fish useful and delicious to eat. Especially good fish in the pot. And the use of several varieties of fish at the same time, gives the dish its unusual flavor. Let's start...
1.1k 3 40м 1
This mess is called psenica, my mom did it in a big dish, and I decided to make it in portion pots. Look what happened!!!
The Mick stay here and play with the grain
1k - 40м 2
Very tasty dish for lent. You can eat as a main, you can take as a side dish. Oh and with cream and cheese out of the Post is a delight!
Roast duck
1k - 50м 6
My husband loves duck dishes, but the monotony gets boring. Therefore, it is necessary each time to invent something new. And here I got the idea prigotovte roast duck breast. It was very tasty!
Pot roast "Meats"
0.9k - - -
A delicious and hearty dish of Turkey.