Hot pot dishes recipes for New Year

Potatoes with chicken thighs in yogurt
183 - 100м 2
The site has a lot of similar recipes, but I want to draw attention to the leaven that gives the dish a special taste. It turns out the tender meat with a sweet and sour potatoes.
Potatoes with meatballs in pots at home
155 - 70м 3
Useful and tasty dish for lunch or dinner. Very like my daughter. Meatballs made of Turkey and potatoes.
Julienne of Turkey with ceps
153 - 60м 6
Dear friends, julienne is beautiful! And of course we love them not in vain! Want you have another option to offer! Have a taste to appreciate!
Assorted meat in a pot
137 - 60м 4
Delicious cold cuts. It can serve any side dish: buckwheat, potatoes, rice, pasta or vegetables, as in my case scrambled eggs with vegetables. Amounts of ingredients are specified based on the size of the pot, they can increase or decrease according to your taste.
"The client has matured! Get the game!" Venison
132 - - 2
To prazdnikam like something day, a duck was doing in "her husband's" Christmas (the one that the girl was), it turned delicious, but the photo shoot turned out a screw - serving spilled 2 cups of sauce (can chop!) in the kitchen on the floor while I cleaned, my household left from vkusnota girl piece for me, and a skeleton of bone ugly... Well, I could not get the bones to put with an afterword that, well, it was good... On New year's venison... presenting. Because this dish is expensive and day, the recipes had to look shoveled the German net, read a bunch of recipes and did my own thing!
"Passionate tango" with spicy minced meat and artichoke
131 4 - -
Autumn tango.... What is it? Without a doubt, everyone has their own. Someone first late love, someone the end of a hot summer romance, others - rekindled feelings. But one thing consistently: companion of any story is the passion – bright, clear, overwhelming feeling. Feeling which helps a new look at the world and... see the beauty of autumn. Whirl with her energetic dance and give a piece of their autumn tango friends. And for this I invite you to the kitchen, where, I promise, it will be hot, as in Argentina, the birthplace of the tango, beautiful as in Paris, where was held the first show of tango and add Russian sadness, because in tango, especially in our culinary Autumn tango will be the dominant motif of the time. What? Put on aprons and go to dance!
Dumplings in the pot
114 4 120м 10
Delicious, hearty, original
Vegetable stew with rice and beans
113 - - -
Simple and hearty dish. Saturate the fasting person and will benefit the body.
Braised rabbit with peppers and olives
110 - 80м 6
A great dish on the Christmas table. Bright, fragrant, delicious! Tender rabbit with vegetables and olives to complement your holiday menu.
108 - 60м -
Video recipe of chanakhi. This dish of Georgian cuisine, which is traditionally cooked lamb with vegetables in a clay pot. It turns out very hearty and delicious! Chanakhi is something between a nourishing soup and a second dish, in principle, a complete meal replacement and the first and second! The recipe that I posted, from very old Georgian cookbook, say, the original recipe...
106 5 60м 4
A meat dish and a side dish. Delicious and simple.
Beef with bulgur
106 - 75м 3
I love to cook in pots, solid pros. Original and tasty, who would argue?! Quickly cut, spread out in the oven, and she'll do the rest. So on our Christmas tables often they (the pots) is beautiful, always different. This is one of the options. Help yourself.
Chops in onion and garlic sauce
98 - 80м 2
Very tender pork chops in a spicy fairly spicy sauce. For fans of "hotter" they will be most welcome. Keep up the cranberries, days are colder, And the birds cry In my heart was sadder. Flocks of birds fly Away, over the blue sea. All the trees Shine In the colored piece. The sun rarely laughs in flowers No incense. Soon Autumn wakes up And cries in the morning. For the contest " Autumn tango ".
Baked meat rolls
96 - 90м 2
Baked meat rolls with cheese BELEBEY BASHKIR HONEY, spicy cucumber and vegetables: potatoes, onion and bell pepper in sour cream. I try to eat a healthy meal even on holidays. Age requires. I offer you a wonderful, healthy dish to all those who are my supporter. This dish festive table will not spoil, but only to do. Very tasty-just nothing to say! Try and prepare!
Baked French fries
94 - 30м 1
This dish is my idea! Very tasty. The contest "Autumn tango"
Pots-an Alsatian
93 3 - 6
Delicious dish of pork marinated in red wine, potatoes, vegetables and spices! A classic dish of French cuisine - "Lentils-the Alsatians," but I made adjustments and it turned out wonderful new dish!
Pecena in a pot
92 - 150м 10
You love pancakes, potato pancakes, hashbrown? And tried them not just fried but baked in pot with sour cream filling with grilled meat, fragrant mushrooms and gooey cheese? While You are here. The dish is very tasty and flavorful. The pancakes turn out much tastier meat. Very gentle, hearty, cozy dish that is not ashamed to serve at any holiday table. Of the minuses - the complexity of the advantages - the excitement of family members.
Ragout of kidney beans in a pot
91 - - -
Vegetable stews of beans and vegetables. Is it the highlight is the Borodinsky bread crumbs in the sauce and on the crust!
Pots "of the Blues of falling leaves"
90 - 120м 3
The name of this recipe was inspired by the autumn rain. And maybe Autumn tango with the Blues does not fit, but I think also has a right to exist. Recipe invented by me more as an attempt to use in cooking meals with meat this autumn southern fruit, as the quince. Ultimately the experiment was a success. The contest "Autumn tango"
Potatoes in pots "Improvisation"
90 - 100м 4
Everyone loves pot dishes. The most common of course potatoes. And then you can improvise with the content. What I did today). It was very tasty and choice, with meat and without.)
Makeevskiy pots
88 - 60м 4
One nice night we Went with my husband in "the farm" In the soul of the flavors were sung, In pots the meat is lovely! Potatoes, mayonnaise, pickle on homemade, straight from the barrel!