Hot pot dishes recipes for Easter

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The dishes are old, a native of Vinnytsia and Cherkasy region. The dish is rare on this website. Ideally, prepared in the stove, but in the absence thereof, the dish is cooking in the oven, in a ceramic or earthenware. The dish is very tasty and hearty! Perfect family dinner! Going to cook?!
Potatoes with meatballs in pots at home
157 - 70м 3
Useful and tasty dish for lunch or dinner. Very like my daughter. Meatballs made of Turkey and potatoes.
Braised rabbit with peppers and olives
110 - 80м 6
A great dish on the Christmas table. Bright, fragrant, delicious! Tender rabbit with vegetables and olives to complement your holiday menu.
Roast sausages
109 - 90м 6
Very tasty and flavorful roast is hunter's sausages with potatoes and mushrooms. A great recipe for dinner or lunch.
Roast kidneys in Staraya Russa
108 - 90м -
Delicious homemade dish. I suggest to you, dear cooks, cook the roast with the kidneys in Staraya Russa with me.
Baked meat rolls
96 - 90м 2
Baked meat rolls with cheese BELEBEY BASHKIR HONEY, spicy cucumber and vegetables: potatoes, onion and bell pepper in sour cream. I try to eat a healthy meal even on holidays. Age requires. I offer you a wonderful, healthy dish to all those who are my supporter. This dish festive table will not spoil, but only to do. Very tasty-just nothing to say! Try and prepare!
Pots-an Alsatian
93 3 - 6
Delicious dish of pork marinated in red wine, potatoes, vegetables and spices! A classic dish of French cuisine - "Lentils-the Alsatians," but I made adjustments and it turned out wonderful new dish!
Pecena in a pot
92 - 150м 10
You love pancakes, potato pancakes, hashbrown? And tried them not just fried but baked in pot with sour cream filling with grilled meat, fragrant mushrooms and gooey cheese? While You are here. The dish is very tasty and flavorful. The pancakes turn out much tastier meat. Very gentle, hearty, cozy dish that is not ashamed to serve at any holiday table. Of the minuses - the complexity of the advantages - the excitement of family members.
Ragout of kidney beans in a pot
91 - - -
Vegetable stews of beans and vegetables. Is it the highlight is the Borodinsky bread crumbs in the sauce and on the crust!
Roast the pumpkin king
88 - - 4
Very nice presentation of hot! Will decorate any holiday table, but the taste will not yield to any hot dish!
The meat in the pumpkin
82 - 180м 4
On the eve of Halloween offer my recipe Pumpkin whole with a stuffing from meat with potatoes and vegetables!
Chicken liver and navel with potatoes
82 3 90м 4
Cooking in pots. It turns out very tasty. And he will love you and your family.
The pot "chicken with vegetable medley"
78 4 90м 4
Pots is my weakness, and if they are still with the delicious contents so it is generally a holiday :)
Dumplings "Julien" pot
78 - 40м 2
When you want something interesting, and the usual dumplings were boring - do these are unusual "autumn" pots!) Complex little, and ingredients not a whole bunch :)
Hot "Russian" pot
75 - 120м 7
To say that this dish is tasty - nothing to say. A rich, aromatic - it may well go in everyday and festive table. When such pots you put on the table piping hot, open the lid, the aroma will literally blow you!
Baked in pots meat with red currant
75 - 65м 4
Meat with berries - it's delicious! This combination is considered almost a classic. Try it! I'm sure You'll like it!
The rice in the pot
73 - 60м -
Rice, "Beijing", cooked in pots, a great side dish and delicious as a separate dish!