Hot pot dishes recipes for Lent

The Mick stay here and play with the grain
180 - 40м 2
Very tasty dish for lent. You can eat as a main, you can take as a side dish. Oh and with cream and cheese out of the Post is a delight!
Buckwheat-baked Sloane
131 5 40м 4
Wonderful meatless dish!!! Delicious, flavorful, and... just super! Thanks for the contest "Fast from Moulinex", or is unlikely to be this tasty dish was on our table.
Plov in Russian
123 - - -
This is one of my favorite meatless dishes. It's hearty, tasty and is prepared very easily. Not a fast option is also very good.
Steamed wild rice with squash caviar
120 - 60м 1
Post - it doesn't mean boring food. Adding to the simple products are not really a normal ingredient you can make a delicious and unusual dish. I want to offer You one of these dishes.
Vegetable stew with rice and beans
114 - - -
Simple and hearty dish. Saturate the fasting person and will benefit the body.
Lentils in a pot "Russian motive"
113 5 - 4
Fragrant lentils with vegetables and fragrant vegetable bread with herbs. Prepared all together as one dish. Fasting is a wonderful and very tasty!!! The contest "Fast "Braun"".
Fish with oranges in pots
103 3 60м 2
Love the dishes in pots, and in the post itself, and so to treat
New potatoes in a pot "Spicy"
98 - 120м -
Offer you another recipe of new potatoes. I am sure that many will like. Potatoes, it turns out juicy and very tender. The mushrooms complement it only. Let's start...
Kondomy with buckwheat and mushrooms
97 - 120м 10
Condomi represent an old Russian dish that appeared in the XVI century. These products are very similar to dumplings, but instead of meat they stuffed with mushrooms and cereals. Today we will prepare kondomy with buckwheat and mushrooms.
Mushroom soup in a pot without meat forest
94 - - -
The name of the recipe is true and correct - the other day I went into the woods, and it was full of mushrooms. I wanted to cook soup in a pot, easy, no meat. And if you wanted, you have to cook!
Ragout of kidney beans in a pot
91 - - -
Vegetable stews of beans and vegetables. Is it the highlight is the Borodinsky bread crumbs in the sauce and on the crust!
Barley porridge in a pumpkin pot
91 - 90м 4
Porridge with pumpkin is delicious! Barley porridge with vegetables, baked in a pumpkin pot, a great, nutritious and very healthy dish. The principle here is to add something would be nothing, but if you can't do without meat, then you can simply add boiled chicken breast and sprinkle with more cereal and cheese.
Buckwheat with mushrooms royally
90 - - -
Buckwheat with mushrooms is already a delicious! And buckwheat with mushrooms in a pot (or pots) is even tastier! Great as a main dish or as a garnish! Suitable for post!
Buckwheat porridge with vegetables and raisins
88 - 60м 2
This porridge is cooked in pots with extraordinary taste, fragrant and crumbly. This porridge can add any vegetables, but I suggest to use this set. And the raisins, zest will give your porridge a special taste.
Turnip greens with bulgur and lentils in the pot
88 - 95м 3
Useful vegetable dish with a spicy taste, which perfectly combines turnips, vegetables, bulgur and lentils. Great for lent and beyond.
The vegetables in the pot
87 - 90м 2
During lent food should be modest and simple. But you should eat 7 weeks one carrot or rice difficult for many, especially men who are very hungry come back in the evening home from work. So I offer a Lenten recipe, which is made from simple ingredients.
"Edrid-Madrid"-porridge, baked with mushrooms
84 - 60м 2
"...- That, without him, well... kudit? Yeah, not kodit, edrid-Madrid!!!" Crumbly buckwheat porridge... that says it all!!!
Shrimp in the nest
83 5 30м 4
Spicy spicy shrimp hiding in a cozy nest of broccoli and cauliflower. For the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Rice with vegetables in a pot
82 4 60м -
This dish is to cook simple. Try it and You will see that it is really easy, very tasty and satisfying! Fast from Moulinex
Vegetable stew
82 4 40м 2
Vegetable stew with mushrooms in a pot, cooked in the oven for the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Vegetable dumplings with sauerkraut
81 - 120м 4
Very tasty dumplings made with lean dough with a gorgeous mushroom gravy in the pot. If there is no pots-it is possible and to manage without them! A hearty dinner for the whole family!