Hot seafood recipes

Fricassee of shellfish
0.9k - - 2
Fricassee - a dish of French cuisine, which literally translates as "sundries", from the French verb fricasser, to "fried, stewed". Fricassee usually made of veal, chicken or rabbit. But there are options of pigeon meat, pork and lamb. In fact - braised stew with cream. In the fricassee are also often added mushrooms, green peas, asparagus, capers. I want to offer the option fricassee of shellfish with mushrooms and spinach.
Fried calamari with beer
0.8k - 20м 1
Tired of boiled shrimp dedicated. I suggest to try the calamari with chili pepper. A popular Chinese appetizer. Assembled on one site. Some will have to Tinker, but I think friends will delight and surprise.
Lasagna with crab sticks "dreams of the sea"
0.5k - - 4
And what Italian doesn't love lasagna?! Right! Such is not the case!)) Truly rich Italian cuisine, the lasagnas, they never have. Just recently found out that it happens like this - with crab sticks. Told her about one Italian chef, I had heard vaguely, remembered, prepared, tasty meal You have brought to show.) The whole trick to this lasagna is that crab sticks is not only in the filling, but they are still in as a layer, instead of sheets of dough. Just need to roll out crab sticks. A very interesting idea! The lasagna came out tender, juicy, delicious, nutritious. This portion can feed 4-6 people. Want to finish Your day in such a wonderful dinner.
Lobster "Thermidor"
481 - - -
Lobster "Thermidor" - a dish of meat of lobster in a wonderful sauce of cream, egg yolks, mustard and cognac. It was created in 1894 at the Paris restaurant "Chez Marie" in honor of the premiere of the play "Thermidor" by the film Director by victorien Sardou. I took the liberty to recede a little from the classic recipe. What came out of it – decide for yourself. You are all invited to a lobster!
Couscous with seafood
458 4 15м 2
Usually all seafood garnish rice, I decided to make couscous, so the dish is prepared in minutes. Done on 23 February, as my husband is a big fan of seafood. If you are not indifferent to them - welcome!
The squid in the marinade from the pulp of a kiwi
430 3 - -
Very tasty! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese
418 5 35м 4
This dish is a tried in Japanese restaurants and since I am a big fan - has learned the trade itself.
415 - 30м 4
The word tempura refers to a method of cooking food in batter, deep fried. In Japan this method to cook fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and very rarely meat. Today we will prepare the tempura lightweight way of shrimp, slices of squid and rice noodles.
406 4 5м -
Again, everything about it-the SHRIMP . Very few people who don't like food from these crustaceans. What is she so fascinated us, taste, ease, simplicity in cooking or is it just a fad.
Pasta with shrimp
403 5 15м 2
Easy but very delicious dish for lovers of Italian cuisine.
Baked squid stuffed with quinoa mix
399 - 100м 4
Well, very tasty!!! But still bright and flavorful!! And although the dish is meatless, I'm sure you'll want to cook it again and again and out of the post, even for the holiday table) are Also suitable for those who are on a diet because it does not contain fats at all! and low-calorie)))
Mussels "a bulhao pato"
391 5 30м 2
Mexilhao a bolhao pato - Mussels (mesilau and bulao Patu). One of my favorite recipes for mussels. Very popular in Portugal. A favorite dish of locals and tourists, the usual menu of restaurants specializing in seafood. Served as an appetizer (appetizer) and is traditionally accompanied by a very well-chilled light young white wine. Fast, simple and very tasty. PS According to this method, it is possible to prepare not only mussels but all other types of shellfish. :-)
Shrimp curry in Thai style (thai red curry prawns)
380 - 30м 4
My man traveled a lot in different countries and has one weak spot - this exotic Oriental cuisine. Than more authentic, the better. This recipe I found on the English the Internet and adapted it slightly. The dish is very delicate due to the coconut milk and has a unique delicious taste! When it is prepared easily and quickly!
The tentacles of the squid on the grill
377 - 40м 2
The tentacles and the squid is very quick, and the taste depends on the marinade. In option I want to offer they are not only delicious, but also beautiful colors. Help yourself.
Patties of crab meat
367 - 15м 9
These cutlets are cooked just 10 minutes and depart from the table even faster!)))Out very tender, light and incredibly delicious!!! But if You have no crab meat, it's easily possible to replace the crab sticks!
Shrimp in coconut milk in Mozambique
349 3.5 45м -
I sincerely wish you Bon appetite!
Diet meal with the squid and wild rice
348 - 15м 2
The recipe for those who count calories, watching their weight and for those who want to finally lose weight. With this lunch you will be fed and "light".
Clafoutis with mussels
346 3 35м 4
Easy, delicious pie, can be scrambled eggs. It's optional mood!Once tasted, you want more time to get back to it... prego
Crab stuffed
344 5 30м 4
Kind of an Ordinary crab, a big crab, or Cancer pagurus or Portuguese, Saputara (Sapateira). If any of you happen to see such a shop crab and don't know what I can do with it and how best to choose and eat. Signature recipe for my husband in his own performance. :) Just add - outrageously Delicious!
Crab hair crab
341 - 10м 1
Last time at the fish market in the sale, along with all known Kamchatka crab, there are small reddish-brown crab, body and legs thickly covered with red hairs, what they call them hairy dudes. The crab is too small, and it would seem that there is nothing in it. But it's not. This crab you can eat everything except the gills. The Japanese valued it even more than Kamchatka for his liver.
Shrimp with rice in Portuguese
328 4 30м 2
Another way of cooking shrimp for seafood lovers. Fragrant rice. Very well suited for any holiday table or just for everyday dinner.