Hot chicken dishes recipes

Chicken curry with pineapple in cream
22k 3 20м 2
Continuing the theme of their favorite pasta...
Butterfly chicken legs
4.9k - 30м 3
The dish is very simple, but not quite normal. It is cooked easily, turning the chicken drumsticks into a beautiful butterfly.
4.2k - - -
Libra is the dish number one in the Circassian kitchen, without it can not do any holiday. Try this wonderful, hearty and tasty dish.
Bami goreng
3.9k - 80м 1
Noodles, fried with meat and vegetables. The Indonesian kitchen.
3.8k - 30м 6
3.7k - 70м 8
"Mangia" with the Bulgarian translates simply as "dish". In different localities of Bulgaria, this dish is prepared in different ways. In season vegetables can not share. This dish is prepared every season for 25 years (to prepare the start of another grandma, whose husband is a native Bulgarian). Step-by-step photos, unfortunately, do not have time...
"Paradise apples"
3.5k - 60м 5
The usual combination of unusual form! A full hot meal with chicken, which does not require any garnishing or sauces, but at the same time no less tasty and cold! Diet as it does not require frying and contains almost no fat, but at the same time, fragrant, juicy, with rich flavor!
Chicken breast "a La Pompadour"
2.9k 3 30м 2
Chicken breast in the breading is a surprisingly tender and juicy. The recipe is from the magazine "Gastronom"
2.9k 3.5 60м 6
All lovers of chicken is dedicated. Chicken and potatoes in a new and interesting execution.
Giros pita
2.9k - 20м 4
Gyros - a version of the Shawarma, which is prepared in Greece. In Rhodes we ate Gyros with French fries and tomatoes, and I decided to make a lightweight version. I really like what Gyros is prepared in 10 minutes and can be as a full dinner or a quick treat for unexpected guests.
2.8k - 40м 4
There is a network of bars KillFish. And somehow my friend and I ordered a dish with a strange name "Kuratnik". The menu was written "Potato pancakes stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and tender chicken in a creamy sauce". The dish I really liked, and I decided to cook for their men. Now we have prepared kuratnik often, especially is he fast enough. So let's start..
Muamba chicken
2.8k 5 120м -
Muamba chicken is very famous dish from the Angolan national cuisine. Very popular in Portugal, among fans of Afro-Brazilian cooking, the main characteristic is the use of palm oil. Palm oil is known to mankind more than 5000 years, is very rich in vitamin a, produced from the fruit of the palm Elaeis guineensis, it has a characteristic orange color and specific taste.
Chicken breast with mushrooms and vegetables "Chicken Supreme"
2.7k - 20м 1
Flavorful juicy chicken breast with mushrooms and vegetables CSA Supreme Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo
Chicken "CWC"
2.6k - 25м 2
Presumably, this dish of Cambodian cuisine. "CWC" is translated either "sugar", or "sweet". The dish is quite spicy, but I liked it. Rice - the perfect side dish for it.
Chicken "bourgeois"
2.4k 4 - -
Very tasty to cook on the grill, but will work out and in the pan.
Chicken flambe
2.4k - 160м 8
Chicken flambe or plombirovaniya chicken - very tasty and beautiful dish. I want to offer you cooking chicken in three stages - they are all very simple, but the result is stunning. In the same way as a bright presentation that will not leave your guests indifferent. The new year is a colourful event, painted in the colours of the lights and fireworks, burning candles and sparklers, is a warm holiday with bright accents. And it fits perfectly chicken flambe. So - we will first soak the chicken in brine, then another promariner and only then put the Flambeau! Begin?
Chicken with bone (wings)
2.4k - - -
Grilled chicken breast with bone
Chicken thighs on a bed of onion
2.4k - - -
A very tasty dish! And frankly, I don't know what tastes better - the chicken or the onion. The chicken is crispy and juicy sweet baked onions will not leave anyone indifferent! I cooked thighs, but you can take the chicken, cut into pieces and other parts of the carcass.
2.3k - 80м 6
Dapanji is a Uighur dish of chicken with vegetables, served with Udon noodles, potatoes or rice. The dish is simple and delicious, dapanji very common here in Almaty.
Chicken hearts with cous-cous
2.2k - 30м 2
Another recipe from the "Himself a boy". Couscous - what could be simpler to prepare? Only the tea bag. Wash both the rice need to achieve Alden - it is not necessary to sort out how Greek is not necessary. Filled with boiling water, waited a few minutes and you're done. My most favorite cereal.
Chicken with vegetables, oyster mushrooms, and funchoza in Korean
2.2k - 30м 4
My family and I love Korean cuisine, so this dish for us only joy. This braised chicken with vegetables, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, funchoza, seasoned with garlic, ginger and soy sauce - would be a great main dish for dinner. And a big plus that is prepared quickly and is not difficult, in thirty minutes You will be ready for a hearty and delicious dinner.