Hot chicken dishes recipes for Christmas

Tobacco chicken "tapaka Zilla"
374 - 40м 2
Is the national dish of Georgia. In Russia, gradually lost its original name, which became to sound like "hen".
Victory - 65 !
331 - 60м 4
this dish came as a solution to please my veterans. As for their conservative taste - a bit unusual, but thanks to the cheese, it turns out delicate and soft taste. Thank you, grandfather. For the contest "the 10 components of Victory"
Chicken souffle "gentle"
317 - 90м 4
Try to cook this delicious and delicate souffles for my family. And most importantly, it is the minimum set of products and cooked very easily. My husband is very fond of him, the guests too much. The recipe is from my mother's notebook of the Soviet era, I remember from my childhood and is still. Looked exactly the same recipe is not found. I hope my first recipe on the Pillsbury, will appeal to your table.
Juicy chicken baked in the oven
299 - 120м 6
What turned out tender and flavorful chicken, not to transfer. Couldn't wait for it to cook to try. A bunch of different spices and herbs in addition to soy sauce made the chicken incredibly tasty and juicy.
Chicken chops in cheese batter
292 - - -
Chicken chops in cheese batter turn out delicious, soft, flavorful and just melt in your mouth! It's a win-win both for holidays and for everyday!
278 3 - -
Sophisticated puff pie
Chicken fillet with beans and peppers
276 - 90м -
Bright, tasty vegetable dish with chicken. I deliberately did not add any onions or carrots. But for brightness of flavor added pepper, green peas, very fragrant, spicy condiment which goes well with poultry. Was also added smoked paprika, which complements the taste of rich aroma. I made this palette of flavors. Let's eat, my friends!
Chicken stuffed "Barney bear"
262 3.7 - -
It's not just a tasty dish, but very effective!!! Thank you Natasha (Aprelia) that inspired me to take this step.
Chicken with Mandarin garlic sauce
259 3.5 60м 8
I wanted to entertain unexpected guests something tasty, but you know, there wasn't much time. Was the chicken and tangerines (remaining after the Christmas holidays). And here's what happened...
Chicken legs in fishnet stockings
245 - - -
Pay attention to the feet, or rather on his feet. Something I harassed, tourists, and now the chicken "easy virtue." What to do? The eldest son does not eat meat, said that he will eat only if it is beautiful. And how can we be!? Meals like species on the website much, but my recipe is more for children. Although if you add spices, as my grandmother says, "and adults don't get stuck". Try it!
Chicken legs in the oven
231 5 60м 8
Delicious, nutritious, and festive.
Chicken with chestnuts
230 3 120м 4
The recipe for this dish gave me one colleague Donna Emilia :) Now we call this dish - the chicken from Donna Emilia. Pasta pepper here is sold in all stores, its in Portugal, used for many dishes, but thanks to the scullion from our site Nadia, I made it myself. Only by replacing hot peppers, red sweet Bulgarian. Nadia, thank you so much! Now can please home simply divine things :) Chestnuts in ancient times was the main and most widely used starch and containing the product in Europe before the advent of the potato. The taste is reminiscent of chestnut potatoes, only a little denser and sweeter. Recently in a local culinary magazine I read that for this recipe in Portugal decided to do a pheasant.
Chicken "007"
196 5 80м 6
Why this name... but because with a secret! Preparing for your Christmas table. Take a look, quite a bit.
Chicken in the sleeve "Family"
186 - 45м 5
What kind of chicken like that! Tender and Golden! On the lips literally melts! A delicious dinner promises! Well, maybe dinner! In "sleeve" her secret!
Hengel with chicken in garlic sour cream
182 - 50м 6
How many can remember mom always making this dish, it's something between gingelom and beshbarmak, a long time did not dare to expose him, because the exact name is not know and prepare his own way for many years. Most importantly the dish, so delicious that it became the signature dish of our family. And it is served on a large plate of watering garlic sour cream mmmmmmmmmm delicious!!!
Chicken Kiev
172 3 - 1
Of course, the chicken Kiev will surprise nobody. There are few chefs who wouldn't eat, or at least not heard of such a dish, but not everyone knows how to cook it. I'm in my recipe here is the full the technology of preparation of chicken Kiev and if you follow it, then You'll have gorgeous, luscious and delicious dish. Burgers are convenient because it can be prepared in advance and fried just before guests arrive.
Chicken with shrimp "Noble"
169 3 - -
Delicious, delicate and spicy dish.
Battered chicken in 20 minutes
167 - 20м -
Love this recipe for quick and amazing results. Smoky chops will be juicy, tender and incredibly tasty, and look very appetizing. Cook these chops as a festive and everyday table. Definitely recommend!
Pineapple stuffed with "Holiday"
166 4 - -
Very tasty, flavorful, juicy!
Chicken under snow
157 - 75м 10
Very tasty, juicy, tender chicken, baked in sauce and decorated with "snow flakes"!
Chicken drumsticks signature "Pope"
154 - 60м 4
Happy to share a creation of my father. This recipe is a signature of our family, and we have no holiday is complete without him. When I was little, it seemed to me that the dish is so complex and that in addition to the Pope no one will be able to do. In fact, it's very simple. But the amazing taste is obtained thanks to the ideal, we can say "star" the combination of ingredients. I didn't change anything in the original recipe, left the original.