Hot chicken dishes recipes for Lent

Chicken with vegetables "Chi fan"
129 - 25м 4
In the Russian language there are words borrowed not only from Europe but also from Asian languages. For example, the phrase "let's go pacifisim" is perceived by us as a slang invitation to eat. This is actually an invitation to eat – just borrowed from the Chinese. Chi Fang – Chinese food. How to write clearly the name of this dish in Russian, I do not think a chicken for food somehow does not sound. Leave Chi Fang)))
Chicken Royal
114 - 40м 4
A delicious dish with an unusual taste.
Chops on "pillow"
88 - 65м 8
These wonderful cakes are not only delicious, but also useful. Especially those who do not consume fried meals.
Julienne of chicken and mushrooms
67 - 20м 2
Delicious dish
Turkish soup with red lentils
67 - 30м 4
With this recipe I met on one of the channels. Easy to prepare, low calorie and extremely useful. Prepared quickly. One of my attendants.
Noodle soup with roast breast and mushrooms
64 - 45м 6
Popular light soup with noodles and chicken, cooked in a slightly unconventional way was suddenly transformed into a Grand new flavor boom! All you have to get out of the broth chicken and fry it until Golden brown and add some mushrooms, and once the taste has acquired a new unique shape.
Chicken breast in egg
62 - 20м 4
Chicken breast in egg
Chicken for diets
62 4 90м 3
All we ever sit on diets. There are often boiled chicken without salt, without spices. And so I don't really like white meat poultry, and even without caliiii... in General, a solution is found... My husband taught me how boiled chicken can be cooked so it was more juicy... Sorry, no photo. But pictures of nothing in particular...