Hot dishes of Turkey recipes

Roast Turkey with pepper sauce
0.6k 4 30м 4
Roast Turkey with red sauce nikujaga pepper. A dish of Turkey breast.
Slices of Turkey breast cooked in Italian
473 - 30м 3
This dish is very simple and quickly prepared from the pulp of Turkey, chicken or other pieces of"scraps" of meat in a very tasty sauce, in a very short time. To tell stories for a long time I will not go and try... the Result is this recipe, I just conquered the speed, simplicity and deliciousness! Loved it all, from small to large.
The Turkey meatloaf with leeks
445 - - -
Rarely we can find the flesh of the Turkey, more calf to sell. Therefore, buying fillet thigh, I wanted to cook something interesting and unusual. Here's the roll came out in the end, flavorful, with a rich tangy sauce-glaze with tender juicy filling. For Saturday dinner at the time!
Turkey with potatoes and mushrooms
418 - 55м 6
Offer you videorecipe Turkey with potatoes and mushrooms cooked in the oven. This easy to prepare dish that you will love
411 5 40м -
In this embodiment, the cooking Turkey meat turns out very soft and tender. Because the Turkey - it's not. Try it, you will not regret!
Roulade of Turkey "Breath of autumn"
408 3 - -
Continue the autumn theme... Yesterday mom brought a beautiful slice of Turkey and amazing, colorful peppers, and some carrots. Looking at all this splendor, I immediately wanted to make roll and this is what we got: tender Turkey with a bright peppery spice, stuffed, fleshy, joyful, autumn peppers , sweet carrots, fragrant herbs. With an easy crust made of cream cheese, simple and delicious to cook and the loaf turns out elegant and worthy to decorate the festive table.
Turkey in the starch batter
396 - 30м -
Simple, tasty, fast. Didn't know what to call it "clothes" which is a filet of Turkey - not breading, not a batter. As a rule, the Turkey I "soaked" before work and put into the fridge, and in the evening 30 minutes ready delicious dinner.
The rascals
389 - 35м 6
Such a funny name I met in the book "Recipes of Ukrainian cuisine". As it turned out, the rascals - it's succulent sausages from the Turkey and cheese. For a side dish you can serve delicious brown rice INDICA BROWN
Escalope of Turkey
386 5 30м 3
Juicy, flavorful scallops with lemon and parsley, as well as the finished gravy.
Schnitzel of Turkey with Apple and spinach
385 3 40м 4
The meat is tasty and juicy. You can also cook a chicken breast. You can add a little broth. My recipe personally, coincidences happen. Serves 4 for 2 pieces For a side dish you can serve a vegetable salad, mashed potatoes or rice.
368 4.5 100м 4
The recipe is taken from the book "anti-Stress menu" of the series "Recipes of beauty" and changed the composition...
Goulash from Turkey
366 5 30м 6
Goulash of meat, Turkey legs, so not much fat and not lean. With marcovicci and pickles. Garnish the rice.
Satsivi is the most famous dish of Georgian cuisine
345 4 - -
Satsivi is a nutty sauce, ideal for Turkey. And if you think seriously, you will find that there is in the Russian language words that conveyed the true essence of this classic Georgian dishes. Ways to cook satsivi, there are about fifteen. Introduce the ancient and most delicious recipe for this Georgian dishes. Christmas buffet without satsivi unthinkable.
SHAWARMA-style fyuzhn
343 3.7 10м 4
Where are we going? what to eat? so I gave in, but something you want to eat...
Brisket Turkey Holiday
341 5 - -
Delicious, beautiful, simple light. No mayonnaise, no fat, no frying. Ideal for a children's table.
Turkey roll with pear
308 5 120м 8
Just very tasty and low in calories
Turkey skewers in citrus
297 - 20м 2
Very juicy, tender and flavorful shish kebab from a Turkey thigh
Turkey "Orange mood"
293 3 30м 3
On the street the sun is shining, the birds are singing in the soul of romance - that's wanted on the plate to see a riot of light
Poultry in Georgian
283 5 - -
Such a delicious and tender meat you've ever tasted! Moreover, it is cooked very simply. Let's try to make?!
Christmas Turkey
261 - 200м -
This stuffed Turkey will be your culinary masterpiece at the Christmas table.
Cutlets of Turkey breast "Smoked"
249 - 60м -
This recipe and the idea of cooking these cutlets I picked up from a famous chef Vasily Emelianenko. The recipe interested me, I decided to make some changes, in my opinion, the meatballs turned out even tastier. Gentle, light aroma of smoked meat and fresh greens, I think, like you, my friends.