Hot meals of duck and goose recipes

Duck grilled in cranberry marinade
1.3k 5 40м -
In the hustle and bustle of urban life as it is rarely possible to gather the whole family, pour a glass of good wine, to have a leisurely talk and in a hurry. This Saturday for dinner I cooked duck fillet under a very interesting marinade. With crispy salad and "ringing" flavors of pomegranate, the duck was simply delicious. Come visit - will be served!
New year's baby duck in soy sauce
1.2k - 120м 4
In my family tradition for New Year to bake a goose. But my kids, everything, including polutorogodovalogo I love roasted duck. So I decided to allocate children their Christmas meal. Duck turns fragrant, soft, crisp, no excess fat and spices.
Coconut duck gig
1.1k - 90м -
Hi all. Indoda different minimum fat content in the carcass and excellent tender meat. The idea to mix it with coconut milk, add some apples and corn on the cob and that's what came out of it. All elementary and simple. Especially the recipe suitable for cooking on the air, but in the oven it will be as beautiful.
Pilaf with duck
1.1k - 90м 6
Friends want to share with you videorecipes pilaf with duck. Never cook risotto with this bird. Surprisingly the risotto turned out very juicy and fatty. So I share with you the recipe of this dish. Good luck cooking and enjoy your meal
Duck in Beer
1.1k 5 - -
Mom recently had a birthday and I wanted to make her happy, and not so long ago watched the transfer of Yulia Vysotskaya, there she was cooking a duck. So I decided to try it. And you know turned out just oboldenno tasty. The duck is cooked quickly and doesn't lose thus its richness and Grammy, as is usually the case. That's all the description. Perhaps such a recipe already exists for the Scullion I had not looked at, but even if so then excuse me and just to clarify plagiatom not engaged. I think it's not interesting.
Christmas duck with quince and pineapple
1k - - -
Traditional duck on Christmas table will be the Central dish of the holiday, will delight with its bright taste and will emphasize the skill of the hostess.
Crispy duck breast
1k - 40м 2
Crispy on the outside and pink inside duck breast. Found on the Internet. Original used Chinese seasoning 5 spices, but I'm kind of mixed. I want to say that one little breast (the marinade is enough for two), because after steaming it with 400 gr decreased to 270 gr.
Duck with apples, baked in the oven
1k - 190м 8
Duck with apples, probably the most fragrant and tasty dish. Tapakas in the oven turns out delicious and melts in your mouth. Very juicy and tender. A great dish for the holiday table.
Duck with tangerines and kiwi
0.9k 3.6 180м 1
on the festive table, Turkey with cook. ru.
Duck legs in a pita
0.8k - - -
Offer the option of meat dishes that the house will give an opportunity to feel nature. Unusual duck legs in a pita, I hope, will not leave You indifferent :)
Duck with sauerkraut and apples
0.8k - 140м 8
I offer you a festive recipe for duck stuffed with sauerkraut, apples and onions. This traditional dish refers to the traditional Russian cuisine in which roasted bird is always dominated on the holiday table. The dish has a delicate, juicy and mind-blowing taste. The bright taste of pickled cabbage, braised with Apple, compensates for and neutralizes the fatty duck, and the duck complemented the cabbage as its unforgettable aroma.
Roast duck with gooseberry sauce
0.8k - - -
This is an old Scottish recipe for roast duck stuffed with traditional stuffing Scarli, with a sauce of gooseberry, recipe from lady Clark of Tillydrone (1860 ). The filling consists of Scarli dried in the oven rolled oats mixed with butter, onions, herbs and whiskey (whiskey is a festive version of the recipe, in ordinary days of whiskey you can substitute regular broth).
Long duck stewed with figs
0.8k - 300м 6
Well, diversity is our poultry yard - today duck. Tender, lean duck with patent leather...
Breast of duck with peaches
0.7k - - -
Duck breast with peaches, cooked without oil and salt in honey-lemon sauce. This is probably the easiest and fastest recipe of a hot meal that I cooked.
Goose wings braised in the oven
0.7k - 100м 4
Each year my mom gives us a goose. I usually cut up and wings and legs use to extinguish with vegetables. So this year we were presented with a goose, and I, of course, it was extinguished. Very good work!
Goose legs with cranberry sauce
0.7k - - -
It is very simple to prepare, but incredibly tasty autumn dish. Because in the fall I want a hearty hot meal, and even to extend the berry season. And what could be better in the cold than a nice piece of meat, and even sweet and sour silky cranberry sauce!
Duck breast with orange method sous vide
0.7k - - -
I want to share a simple and delicious recipe for duck breast. Time I tried, now permanently in my menu settled. Show how it is very easy to prepare by the method of sous-vide. This method involves the low-temperature cooking under vacuum. Sounds scary and confusing? But it is not, not harder than the dumplings cook. Dishes are prepared by this method have excellent taste and, not least, very is dietary.
Duck fillet in orange sauce
0.6k - 20м 2
Duck breast stuffed with apples, toast, and chicken liver. Medium roasted with orange sauce.
Duck "Tanned"
0.6k - 120м -
One of my favorite recipes for cooking duck for the simplicity and piquancy of taste!
Duck breast "Ooty-Ooty"
0.6k 5 30м 4
A simple dish to make, but you need to adhere strictly to the technology. Favorite dish son says it's better than the specialty restaurants.
Chops of duck
0.6k 5 40м 4
Sometimes fall to duck and always the question of what to cook. After reviewing a lot of recipes from duck, have not found. Very easy to prepare and delicious. My husband and children have appreciated at a time eating almost everything.