Hot dishes with mushrooms recipes

Mushroom pudding
1k 3 90м 6
Baked mushrooms with potatoes
Mushrooms " Umbrellas" fried in batter
297 - 25м 4
The height of the mushroom, rush, "passive hunting". This year we opened a new parasol mushroom, or as they are called chicken coops. Umbrella colorful, or big (Macrolepiota procera) is a very interesting mushroom, before we passed it by, taking over poisonous... in vain, these mushrooms belong to the family Sampinjonu, they are easy to prepare, and the taste surprised us, pleasantly surprised. They smell like raw nuts, and fried in batter can take even a chicken chop. I recommend to study them better and not to pass by, if you meet.
Perlotto, "Russian"
223 - - -
Barley with onions, carrots and mushrooms - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. For some reason now, barley is most often cooked with mushrooms, but in Russia this time of year, cooked with dry mushrooms. For cooking I chose the technology of risotto. The result is a delicious vegetable, perlotto. As nepolnoi supplements son asked me to cook chicken in soy sauce. Well, he loves it! Help yourself!
Potato zrazy in Kiev
167 - 40м 6
Ideally, these pancakes should cook with mushrooms. And the twist of dill oil making them extremely juicy and tasty. Great version of light summer dinner.
155 4 30м 4
Pilaf "Mushroom post"
155 3 60м -
The contest "Fast from Moulinex" delicious pilaf. We love him and lean, and in the Ferial days. Try it, you'll like it too.
Mushroom schnitzel
152 - - -
For mushroom lovers, simple and very tasty recipe.
The mushrooms on the grill
150 3 40м 6
Delicious at any time of the year, it is easy to find these mushrooms, cook even easier.
147 - 35м 4
This dish can be eaten without forks! Children should be like!
Jin zhen gu
142 - 20м 2
Chinese salad with mushrooms Flammulina. Very tasty, not the usual salad. Prepared in just 20 minutes.
French staffing
134 - - -
Offer you a very tasty, fragrant and unique dish of French cuisine. When I came across this recipe, I really liked its simplicity of ingredients and uniqueness, but I couldn't imagine that this dish would be so delicious! Help yourself!
Mushroom village
132 - 40м 2
The perfect dish for compatibility.
Potato po-selyanski
128 3 - 4
Delicious, hearty, simple dish from the available ingredients. For the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Eggs-kokot with mushrooms
127 4 30м 8
Very original. For Breakfast on Sunday just perfect.
Chicken with mushrooms "Nothing in excess"
126 - 35м 4
Offer the chicken with mushrooms, garlic and herbs. A delicious dinner in one pan. We prepare a light salad with red onions. With a glass of white wine - just awesome! Help yourself!
Roasted oyster mushrooms with potatoes
125 - 40м 4
Went to the store for "something", saw oyster mushrooms. I never cooked and thought stood their looked at. Charming the guard gave me a lot of compliments and shared the recipe, which I made mushrooms ) came Out delicious!
Potato nests with mushrooms
124 - 60м 4
Recipe baked potato nests with cheese and pickled chanterelles.
Chops from Ryzhikov
123 - 30м -
We now have time for mushrooms, so without wasting any time and went and collected. Of all the types of mushrooms that we grow, my most favorite is mushrooms. And I suggest You to try a dish of them does not taste like mushrooms, like meat (chicken). Even my husband likes it, who doesn't eat mushrooms in any form!Help yourself!!!
Mushrooms pan-fried with sour cream
122 4 - -
This is the most simple, easy and quick recipe of fried mushrooms with onions in a pan with sour cream. The result is always excellent. The mushrooms will be juicy and delicious. Suitable for any side dish. It is very tasty!
Pasta with mushrooms
121 - - -
I love shampinonchiki. Therefore, in the Post they are always on my Desk in any form.
Roast Ryzhikov, sweet potato and chicken
121 - 45м 6
My recipe for "a Pot of mushrooms and meat meatball" put a minus on the grounds that Ryzhikov no. I was hurt, not for themselves, for the mushrooms, I went to the market, photographed the mushroom abundance, I bought mushrooms and made this roast. So if somewhere someone sometimes has to pick up, come to Barcelona, enough for everyone.