Hot dishes with mushrooms recipes

Mushrooms " Umbrellas" fried in batter
3.9k - 25м 4
The height of the mushroom, rush, "passive hunting". This year we opened a new parasol mushroom, or as they are called chicken coops. Umbrella colorful, or big (Macrolepiota procera) is a very interesting mushroom, before we passed it by, taking over poisonous... in vain, these mushrooms belong to the family Sampinjonu, they are easy to prepare, and the taste surprised us, pleasantly surprised. They smell like raw nuts, and fried in batter can take even a chicken chop. I recommend to study them better and not to pass by, if you meet.
Mushroom pudding
2.6k 3 90м 6
Baked mushrooms with potatoes
French staffing
2.1k - - -
Offer you a very tasty, fragrant and unique dish of French cuisine. When I came across this recipe, I really liked its simplicity of ingredients and uniqueness, but I couldn't imagine that this dish would be so delicious! Help yourself!
Perlotto, "Russian"
1.8k - - -
Barley with onions, carrots and mushrooms - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. For some reason now, barley is most often cooked with mushrooms, but in Russia this time of year, cooked with dry mushrooms. For cooking I chose the technology of risotto. The result is a delicious vegetable, perlotto. As nepolnoi supplements son asked me to cook chicken in soy sauce. Well, he loves it! Help yourself!
Potato zrazy in Kiev
1.5k - 40м 6
Ideally, these pancakes should cook with mushrooms. And the twist of dill oil making them extremely juicy and tasty. Great version of light summer dinner.
Jin zhen gu
1.5k - 20м 2
Chinese salad with mushrooms Flammulina. Very tasty, not the usual salad. Prepared in just 20 minutes.
Pilaf "Mushroom post"
1.4k 3 60м -
The contest "Fast from Moulinex" delicious pilaf. We love him and lean, and in the Ferial days. Try it, you'll like it too.
1.3k - 35м 4
This dish can be eaten without forks! Children should be like!
1.3k 4 30м 4
Lazy mushroom dumplings from potato dough
1.3k - 90м 4
Lazy mushroom dumplings from potato dough, baked under a vegetable coat. My husband said yesterday about his decision to fast, and now I have a headache, as delicious and satisfying to feed this six-foot man. Today my menu, dumplings with mushrooms from potato dough, baked with vegetables in tomato-garlic filling. The smell of preparing meals just crazy. Even my picky husband liked it, and Sonny, who is an ardent meat eater, ate a serving of casserole on a par with the Pope and the meat didn't even remember!
Baked mushrooms "Traffic light"
1.1k 3 40м 3
Fragrant and juicy mushrooms, svetoforchik, love kids. And is suitable for the contest "Fast from "Moulinex"".
Mushrooms baked with rice
1.1k - - -
Very tasty dish that looks like a pizza... Only with rice....
Shells with mushrooms and cheese
1.1k 5 - -
Another option for filling large shells and cannelloni.
Potato-mushroom burgers
1k - 120м 13
The most affordable for all sections of the population a recipe that does not require large investments, but made -With Feeling, Really, with the Arrangement!. This is a straightforward recipe there is not so much the products, but more Soul!. Your recipes I try to instill in our young, charming Housewives, family COMFORT is a work that will come back to you with words of gratitude.
Chakapuli of mushrooms
1k 5 30м -
My version of lean chakapuli... the Smell of this dish nstall charms that I fell in love with it the first time :)
Solyanka vegetable-mushroom
1k - 60м 10
Cabbage stewed with mushrooms - like anything special, but in the post very tasty!!! Bon appetit!!!
Grilled lean fake acne
0.9k - 30м 6
Cooking "meat" of dishes from vegetable products - one of the characteristic features of Chinese cuisine. This feature was developed because of historical traditions. It turns out that the Chinese Buddhists the same fast. Thus, traditionally, Lenten dishes were divided into the temple, the national and the Imperial. The most severe temple. They used monks. Along with animal products, they were forbidden to eat 5 spicy vegetables: garlic, ginger, onions, fragrant onions and cilantro. People's dishes were less strict. The Emperor and his family were allowed to have vegetable dishes with faux meat or fish. "Grilled vegetable "acne"" one of these Imperial dishes.
Baked potatoes stuffed with mushrooms
0.9k 5 45м 4
Potatoes, mushrooms... For photos thanks to scullion yuvl.
Mushrooms in a creamy sauce
0.9k 3 - -
Funky mushrooms in a French style.
Chicken and mushrooms in autumn cook
0.9k - 40м 4
Delicious dish, nothing complicated.
Mushroom gravy and Brussels sprouts
0.9k - 20м 2
A thick mushroom gravy and Brussels sprouts, bell pepper and rosemary! Tasty, flavorful!