Hot dishes with mushrooms recipes for Christmas

Pilaf "Mushroom post"
397 3 60м -
The contest "Fast from Moulinex" delicious pilaf. We love him and lean, and in the Ferial days. Try it, you'll like it too.
Potato nests with mushrooms
246 - 60м 4
Recipe baked potato nests with cheese and pickled chanterelles.
233 - 40м 6
Delicious, festive, soulful)
Julien with mushrooms
218 5 30м 6
Creamy mushroom dish. Looks beautiful on the holiday table.
Mushrooms, stewed in sour cream with dill
200 - 55м 4
Dear cooks, I want to share a very simple and very delicious recipe made from button mushrooms. He has always enjoyed demand among all lovers of mushrooms, and actually not only them. The recipe has been with me for many, many years, a long time ago I tried a dish on it with a friend and fell in love with him from the first test. The mushrooms for this recipe are on each of our festive meal, and during the week we often and with great pleasure they enjoy. In any incarnation, be it hot, cold appetizer or main dish, mushrooms this recipe is perfect, always able to glory and very quickly eaten up. It would seem that the mushrooms in sour cream - a classic, but I haven't had a guest who tasted this dish, and not ask a prescription.
Galenici "Good bowl"
198 3 60м 12
In this recipe presented 2 options for submitting the beloved Julien. This recipe, obazatelno be useful to those who have no cocotte (a favor in their absence) for buffet table, and for such fans of this dish, as my husband who asked me to make him this dish for his birthday, which was celebrated on the banks of the river... a Birthday can not be denied, but to drag ceramic ramekins with him is not an option... Then cook in a good!!!
Julien Favorite
195 4 40м 6
Decided to share my version (one of many, but probably most beloved) of this extremely tasty dishes. This option is slightly different from the classic recipe of Julien, but no less tasty and interesting.
Fried white mushrooms
190 - 45м 3
Never put in pan with mushrooms along with butter! Add sour cream should only be made when the mushrooms were well cooked, otherwise they get cooked. Fry the mushrooms better in melted lard or vegetable oil, and to make it better: first, saute the mushrooms without fat 15-20 minutes, then pour...
Mushroom burgers
184 5 40м 5
Lying around in my freezer mushrooms, or rather, mushroom parsik. Decided to make the cake festive. And You want them to buy!
Potatoes with mushrooms in sauce
169 - 30м 5
Hot in the summer! We certainly need easy meals! All potatoes perfectly! And especially mushrooms! The sauce will be just a fairy tale! Gentle, velvety, spicy! The whole family will love it! Very tasty, fragrant!
Rice with wild mushrooms
166 - 60м 8
As well when your refrigerator has wild mushrooms, and on the shelves in the lockers products Mistral!
Julienne of autumn mushrooms
165 3 50м 6
Julien (Julien) — (comes from the French julienne – July, summer). In French cooking "Julien" called sliced young vegetables for soups in Russian cuisine - is more often associated with baked in cocotte with mushrooms or meat, with cheese hat. It is a variant of julienne of autumn mushrooms.
Potatoes with oyster mushrooms
159 3 40м 4
Very tasty, LEAN, quick to prepare dish. Potatoes turns out very tender and hearty. Men don't remember about meat. In the picture, what is left (forgot to take a picture immediately)because the RAID immediately.
Potatoes Diplomat in Swiss
159 - 90м 6
If you want to surprise and delight your guests or loved ones, make sure to prepare this dish! The taste is amazingly exquisite. And for the holiday table it will be simply unforgettable! P. S. In the stuffing, you can add a pinch of nutmeg for a more refined taste. Bake for 45-50 minutes at 180 C (360 F). Bon appetit!
Goulash of chanterelles
157 - - -
My son got in school. Here to celebrate, I decided today to cook lunch for the family and his friends. Went this morning to the store, look, chanterelles and champignons in a sale. Bought to celebrate, have prepared and now decided to share with You this delicious and easy recipe. The mushroom lovers, go!
Piglets portion
154 - 80м 4
Portion playful piglets, stuffed, stuffed mushrooms, continue the new year theme and will delight not only fun in appearance but also in taste.
Mushrooms in a creamy sauce with horns
149 3 30м 2
Fry the onion in butter maslitse, remove it in the remaining butter fry mushrooms, pour their milk, cook until thick, mix with boiled horns, sprinkle with toasted onions and... well, so I cook the mushrooms and it turns out just perfectly! Suggest to try this miracle and you.
Baked potatoes with mushrooms (lines and wrinkles)
144 - 50м 6
What can you make of the first wild mushrooms? The most simple and delicious thing you can do is to bake them with potatoes in cream.
Potatoes baked with mushrooms
143 - 50м 12
I suggest you make a side dish for a big company, the recipe is from the category of quick, easy and delicious.
Mushrooms on the coals
141 - 30м 4
Juicy and flavorful mushrooms for 40 minutes. Wonderful solution in nature! Marinated, grilled and eaten on the banks of the Kuban river. We really liked the mushrooms, and you try!
Mushrooms baked with cheese
139 - 40м 8
A dish from the category of "easy". These mini-mushrooms it is a pity even to season with spices of fear to deprive them of their freshness of flavor. So I did in this case, very sparingly used for stuffing butter and semi-hard cheese that readily melts.