Hot dishes with mushrooms recipes for Lent

Perlotto, "Russian"
0.5k - - -
Barley with onions, carrots and mushrooms - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. For some reason now, barley is most often cooked with mushrooms, but in Russia this time of year, cooked with dry mushrooms. For cooking I chose the technology of risotto. The result is a delicious vegetable, perlotto. As nepolnoi supplements son asked me to cook chicken in soy sauce. Well, he loves it! Help yourself!
Pilaf "Mushroom post"
397 3 60м -
The contest "Fast from Moulinex" delicious pilaf. We love him and lean, and in the Ferial days. Try it, you'll like it too.
Crystal dumplings in Chinese
262 - 60м 4
All the usual dumplings can be so unusual. Light, slightly tangy in taste, these dumplings will decorate any table in the post!
Potato po-selyanski
253 3 - 4
Delicious, hearty, simple dish from the available ingredients. For the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Baked mushrooms "Traffic light"
249 3 40м 3
Fragrant and juicy mushrooms, svetoforchik, love kids. And is suitable for the contest "Fast from "Moulinex"".
Pasta with mushrooms
239 - - -
I love shampinonchiki. Therefore, in the Post they are always on my Desk in any form.
Chakapuli of mushrooms
236 5 30м -
My version of lean chakapuli... the Smell of this dish nstall charms that I fell in love with it the first time :)
Mushroom village
236 - 40м 2
The perfect dish for compatibility.
Grilled lean fake acne
227 - 30м 6
Cooking "meat" of dishes from vegetable products - one of the characteristic features of Chinese cuisine. This feature was developed because of historical traditions. It turns out that the Chinese Buddhists the same fast. Thus, traditionally, Lenten dishes were divided into the temple, the national and the Imperial. The most severe temple. They used monks. Along with animal products, they were forbidden to eat 5 spicy vegetables: garlic, ginger, onions, fragrant onions and cilantro. People's dishes were less strict. The Emperor and his family were allowed to have vegetable dishes with faux meat or fish. "Grilled vegetable "acne"" one of these Imperial dishes.
Risotto with porcini mushrooms
216 - 60м 6
Today is the beginning of lent, and as relevant as ever a hearty meatless meals. Here and cook rice, but without meat and substitute it with mushrooms. Here is not basic white mushrooms if You have frozen boletus or chanterelles - they also are tasty and good. Prepare, and I'm sure Your family will ask You again and again : " But you can order vegetable pilaf?!"
Vegetable dish "Gribo4 ki"
215 4 40м 2
Recipe of braised mushrooms. The contest "Fast from Moulinex".
"Mushroom light"
212 3 50м 4
We continue our experiments without meat!!! May seem crazy – but the courage was... For the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Stir-fry of oyster mushrooms and carrots
210 - 20м 6
Friends, personally, I love Asian cuisine! Thanks to the careful preparation products and rapid thermal processing, vegetables and meat always stays juicy. Plus, Asian cuisine is very like cooking. Stir fry is not a dish, it's just a way of processing food very quickly. Method stir-fry you can cook anything. Today's recipe is very dear to me personally, since I cook it often. The combination of mushrooms and some crispy carrots - sweet, sweet! Bon appetit!
Lazy cabbage rolls with mushrooms (honey agarics)
209 3 30м 1
Quick, hearty, meatless dish. The competition "Fast from Moulinex"
Mushrooms French
204 - 10м 2
For fans of raw mushrooms! Watched another "dinner Party" on REN TV, well, and decided to try it. There was a calculation on 400 gr. mushrooms, I tried 5 -6 stuff. A glass of wine - the kind of appetizer...
Buckwheat-mushroom burgers with pickled grapes
200 - 45м 6
Very tasty burgers two at a buckwheat with mushrooms, fried in vegetable oil IDEAL, delicious served with pickled grapes - a very harmonious combination.
Barley with mushrooms
199 - - -
Nutrition in the post should not be boring, tasteless and uninteresting. And let the meat and eggs cannot be eaten, but cereals and vegetable salads, a variety of stew will fill your body with vitamins a life.
Roasted oyster mushrooms with potatoes
198 - 40м 4
Went to the store for "something", saw oyster mushrooms. I never cooked and thought stood their looked at. Charming the guard gave me a lot of compliments and shared the recipe, which I made mushrooms ) came Out delicious!
Potato and mushroom sausage
198 - 50м 4
I bring to your attention, friends, a delicious sausage to vegetable table. Traditionally potato sausage prepared with lard or fat pork, and I offer a lean option from very affordable products. In addition, the recipe is versatile and involves so many ingredients as your heart and fantasies want.
Quinoa with leeks and mushrooms
197 - 30м 4
Protein-rich quinoa seeds combine perfectly with mushrooms and leeks. Seasoned with lemon, they form an easy simple dish. It will serve as an excellent side dish or a separate dish.
Pancakes with full sun
194 - - -
Delicious, fast and easy. A good option for food in the great spring post!