Hot dishes from vegetables recipes

Irish stew
11k 5 - -
All who have read the famous and very funny book by Jerome K. Jerome "Three men in a boat, not counting the dog," has to be remembered as the heroes they cook the Irish stew, the main principle of which is that to put it can, whatever you wish! But unlike the book my stew is very tasty and satisfying! :-)
Quick hot Breakfast "Trap of potatoes"
6k - 10м 1
If you get up a little earlier than others can in a couple of minutes to prepare this hearty, delicious and quick Breakfast!... Preparing it a La carte!... As waking up the household!... Will be good not only for Breakfast but also for dinner and for a quick snack. And with toppings you can improvise!..
5k - 70м -
Zucchini - Afghan or "Borani Kadu". Very tasty dish-snack. Served as a first course with rice, or as a mezze. Savory and spicy, like all Oriental dishes. Please try it..)))
4.5k - 30м 4
I suggest you to try the recipe in the medieval kitchen. Aligo is a small masterpiece, a home which could only be France. Because it cooks became famous for the ability of simple ingredients to create refined taste dishes. Potato-cheese puree was invented in the French provinces. According to legend, it was invented by the monks of the Abbey, located on the Aubrac plateau. In those days, through the plateau passed the Way of St. James - the pilgrims overcame the ordeals on the way to the relics of the Saint in Spain. Way through the plateau carried an almost inevitable death. "A place of horror and great loneliness" - so described this way through snow drifts survivors. Exhausted, frozen pilgrims with last hope knocked on the doors of the Abbey, asking to apply something. From the Latin “aliquid” (something, something) and there was the name of the dish ALIGO. The pilgrims made this dish popular in almost all regions of the country.
Casserole of zucchini with smoked chicken
2.9k - 60м 4
Season zucchini, tired of traditional food? Want to offer your casserole recipe with smoked chicken. Full-bodied, not the usual taste will not leave You indifferent.
Eggplants Afghan
2.8k 3 30м 4
I as always continue the description of Afghan dishes!=) A simple recipe to prepare very tasty!!! And I hope you enjoy!
Fried eggplant in batter
2.6k - 30м 4
Fried eggplant with sauce, try a delicious crispy eggplant tempura
2.6k - 60м 6
Vintage French dish Aligo please everyone, especially the kids - it can be eaten, is wound on the plug to stretch like spaghetti. Delicious and fun!!! And in fact, it's mashed potatoes with cheese - try it, it's very tasty. On the website there is a recipe Aligo, but my recipe some other ingredients, so as another version of this dish, I publish it as a recipe for the holiday table.
2.5k - 50м -
Dear cooks, offer to prepare a dish of Belarusian cuisine "Dracena". I read in a magazine the recipe and curiosity again prevailed. I can't help myself, I love experimenting in the kitchen! But if falls into the hands of a magazine or newspaper, then stumble upon interesting recipes.
2.3k 3 - -
Adjapsandali - a dish prepared from a mixture of vegetables. Can be eaten hot as a main dish, cold as an appetizer or a salad, harvested in the winter. As the recipe I have is universal - never add the potatoes in it.
Vegetable plate, baked under the grill
2.2k - - -
I love roasted vegetables, they can overeat all day without worrying about the figure, so I again they come! Great as a side dish, while fasting or on a diet, to vegetarian and healthy food! The dish is quick-cooking vegetables you can experiment endlessly, depending on the availability of them in the fridge! Very tasty, healthy, flavorful! The piquancy gives the dish a tomato-soy sauce, pickled cucumber and rosemary!
2.2k 4 - -
Vegetables steamed. Familiar from childhood.
Zucchini Milanese
2.1k - 40м 4
Zucchini Milanese is a simple and delicious dish of vegetables! Cooking is very simple and easy and, as experience shows, many have to taste.
2.1k 5 30м 4
Another dish from Afghan cuisine. Sabzi - translated from Afghan means spinach. Very good sauce for lamb dishes.
Buckwheat sausage
2.1k 3 30м 6
On TV yesterday, any transfer, showing how to do these sausages. I decided to try too. It is very appetizing it looked!In fact, turned out to be very tasty and satisfying. And so they is from the screen, "And the figure will not hurt, and hungry will not leave"!Still, Yes, true!!
2.1k 5 30м 5
The recipe is my aunt's - grinders. A wonderful light summer meal of vegetables!
Garnish "Three earthly freshness"
2.1k - 30м 2
This popular Chinese vegetable hot dish "of Di San Xian" from donbaska cuisine. And in Chinese it sounds like "Three earthly freshness". We in the far East no campaign in the Chinese café is complete without it. If among Your guests for new year's table will be lovers of this cuisine, they will appreciate this easy to prepare and tasty dish.
Vegetable shashlik
2k - 30м 4
Love to meat kebabs I have very long, but the vegetable kebab, I discovered a couple of years ago. I tried lots of things and picked combinations of vegetables to find the perfect, which are cooked evenly to the desired state, and finally I found this composition. Treat yourselves, friends.
Boranes pilaf - pilaf with pumpkin
2k 5 - -
Another variant of the Azerbaijani pilaf. Pilaf with the pumpkin - not the usual risotto. That is, there is no meat as usual. But there are pumpkin and salted fish. This pilaf has a sweet taste and served always with salted fish. Try it, it's delicious! But also for the competition "Bright mood" is suitable )However, I was not prepared specifically for the contest, but why not to combine business with pleasure )
Gratin of pumpkin with rice and quinoa
2k - - -
Another recipe with pumpkin, all fans please visit.
2k 4 30м 5
In the Afghan language, it sounds a little bit different- Boma. Rare places for our vegetable. It is often sold frozen and has different names: okra, Gombo, lady's fingers (lady's fingers). The first time I tried it when I arrived in London, her husband bought a strange vegetable on the market. The form does not inspire confidence, and when cleaned it was a little disappointing: it turned out slimy and with small round seeds inside. We Boma fried potatoes... like a potato with masatami... still can't forget the taste. Now think why I have prepared today is different, just wanted to show the Afghan national dish Boma. Fans of vegetables dedicated!