Casseroles recipes

Casserole of cauliflower
1.2k - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you a recipe of delicious and tender casserole of cauliflower!
Pizza pie for kids
1.2k - 180м 6
When the kids ask for pizza, we can't refuse. My recipe is an impromptu on the topic "how to feed children healthy food, and her husband rich". My king tut (5 years and 2 years old) ate every last crumb - and this is important
Baked pasta "Besserman"
1k - 60м 6
The idea came quite by accident. Saw the noodles and immediately remembered our trip to the Mineral Water. But decided to make a wish, and something for my husband. It was a very interesting and hearty casserole.
Lasagna Carbonara
0.9k - 1м -
Recipe from Alexander Seleznev, and he knows a lot about climbing. I got almost Carbonara, forgive me, the Italians that had replaced the Parmesan cheese in Dutch, most importantly, the result was delicious.
Cottage cheese casserole with millet and pumpkin
0.7k - 90м 4
Delicious, healthy, Sunny, tender casserole. Lift your spirits at Breakfast and at afternoon tea, and with tea and coffee.
Casserole "Chicken under a fur coat"
0.7k 4 90м 8
Potato casserole with chicken Breasts.
0.7k - 60м 10
Dish of the Jewish kitchen. Khoyagusht is such a casserole, the name of which reveals a portion of its components: hoy - eggs, gusht - meat. Preparing for a dinner party, where were the Americans. What can I say? DELICIOUS!!! Well, of course! At the wedding of singer Alsu this dish was served famous guests, and there it was a huge success. And Americans liked, but they don't know Alsou. Village!
Casserole German style c cassiram
0.7k - 70м 4
In fact, nothing special, this strange word is. Kasseler (Kassler) is a salted and slightly smoked pork, but essentially something like our smoked ham. In Germany it is often used for casseroles, and even boiled, fried or just in desserts is not added. Today, I offer the option of casseroles for a family lunch/dinner, for a change, so to speak. Delicious, hearty, home-style!
Casserole with chicken liver
0.6k 5 40м 8
Potato gratin with chicken liver.
Cheese smarenka
0.6k - 50м 6
I offer simple in execution and hearty recipe Belarusian cuisine - cheese stajenki. Preparing of the simplest products on the table looks spectacular! Can be eaten with tea as a cake, as a side dish with a hot dish, or on their own)
Eggplant with mushrooms under sour cream
0.6k 5 50м 8
Roasted eggplant with fried mushrooms in a cream sauce
Tender cottage cheese casserole
0.6k 3 - -
Decided to cook this casserole recipe / cooking website, there is claimed that it tastes like in kindergarten. I honestly can't remember what it was in kindergarten, but everyone loved. I made and loved, I hope you will like zapekanka. Prepared quickly
Marble cheesecake-chocolate pudding
0.6k 4 50м 8
Delicate chocolate and cheese taste.. the Top part is like vanilla cheese.
Liverwort buckwheat
0.5k - - -
My family loves liver. However, everyone likes something different. The middle son loves the tabs from the liver with onions, Junior loves liver with mushrooms in sour cream, dad all prefer pate. But there is an option that suits everyone – the liverworts. Any dish with liver stuffing is good, though the pancakes cook, even the meatballs, though, simply bake pie casserole – the same liverwort. And with buckwheat liver is an excellent pair, and the mushrooms not extra. To separately not to bother, will do – and immediately! Besides – be quick! Because cereal we have not become –and take the cereal from buckwheat "Mistral"!
Potato casserole
0.5k - - -
Delicious potato zapekanka, especially helps when there are mashed potatoes
Vegetable casserole "Summer"
0.5k - - -
We are beginning the season of summer vegetables. In stores prices are not so bite. Really want instead of potatoes and pasta on the side, something bright, light, gentle. This casserole summer elegant and simply delicious.
0.5k - 90м 6
Italian potato casserole with ham and cheese... the perfect Sunday dish!
Casserole with peppers in cream
0.5k 5 - -
From the book "Fabulous kitchen Shula" .
Potato souffle
0.5k 5 30м -
Another recipe of potato gratin, but in Arabic.
Dinner "Laziness"
0.5k 4.5 - -
Don't criticize me too harshly, please... Well, it was too lazy to cook! It happens... And it turned out very delicious dinner, which I wanted to share with you, my dear!
Cottage cheese-spinach casserole
0.5k - - 8
Casserole where alternate spinach and cheese.