Casserole with vegetables recipes

Casserole of cauliflower
1k - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you a recipe of delicious and tender casserole of cauliflower!
Pizza pie for kids
0.9k - 180м 6
When the kids ask for pizza, we can't refuse. My recipe is an impromptu on the topic "how to feed children healthy food, and her husband rich". My king tut (5 years and 2 years old) ate every last crumb - and this is important
Eggplant with mushrooms under sour cream
454 5 50м 8
Roasted eggplant with fried mushrooms in a cream sauce
Potato casserole
379 - - -
Delicious potato zapekanka, especially helps when there are mashed potatoes
Vegetable casserole "Summer"
368 - - -
We are beginning the season of summer vegetables. In stores prices are not so bite. Really want instead of potatoes and pasta on the side, something bright, light, gentle. This casserole summer elegant and simply delicious.
Casserole with peppers in cream
364 5 - -
From the book "Fabulous kitchen Shula" .
Cottage cheese-spinach casserole
351 - - 8
Casserole where alternate spinach and cheese.
Vegetable casserole
325 - - 4
I am again with a dish of Okara. This time zapekanka in which the usual mince I replaced the soy, and juiciness added vegetables: pumpkin, onion, mushrooms and all this framed by the Beijing cabbage. The result is a hearty and healthy dish. Give it up for Your court and for the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Cabbage hill
324 4 - -
Fabulous kitchen Shula
Vegetable casserole with spinach
324 4 80м 4
Per serving: 296 calories. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
310 5 10м 1
Savory, traditional Greek snack. A little spicy, with a southern flavor. To cook is not difficult.
Buckwheat casserole with sausage links topped with tomato crust
308 - 30м 3
Fragrant casserole of buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral" with fried vegetables in tomato sauce and delicious sausage with cheese-tomato crust will appeal especially to children. Quick, tasty and fragrant!
Casserole vegetable
305 5 - -
Delicious vegetable zapekanka
Corn casserole
289 3 5м -
Took the recipe from a favorite book "Kitchen Shula"
The medow pumpkin
288 - 90м -
Let's have a sweet foam seed from pumpkin. Very very good. Let's start...
Cretan bread casserole
286 - 60м -
The recipe for this casserole I saw a wonderful cook Gotama Ottolenghi. This casserole from the category of peasant home dishes. Juicy, vegetable and hearty.
Muffins made with sweet potato and leek "Thimbles"
283 - 60м -
The reason for this recipe was from two events: the purchase of molds for mini-muffins and a desire, finally, to try the sweet potato (sweet potato, which I've heard so much about). The result of the confluence of these two circumstances was this dish: lush cupcake with the subtle flavor of Basil without the gram flour. Especially liked their size.
Casserole of macaroni
263 5 - -
Very tasty zapiekanka.
Casserole "Hidden the sun"
262 5 - 8
Such terrible weather we have today, it seemed like only yesterday it was the sun, and all day today it is raining in the morning even with the snow. But nothing will we hide the sun for themselves, to make it shining only for us and our loved ones. Let every family will have their own "Hidden the sun"!!! The contest "Fast "Braun"".
Potato gratin with smoked salmon
224 - 60м 6
My husband, my beloved husband, run off to work, taking with him my set of keys. And he still SHUT me down! Mlyn, I wanted to RANT and RAVE! FREEDOM, give MNU freedom! Oh... is tossed lightly through the apartment and trudged on curry. Well, the disorder that is created. A niche it happened already and nothing left SHL!
Casserole souffle "Tender kiss"
211 - - -
I was pleasantly surprised by the taste when I tried it is very delicate, melting in the mouth dish, very easy, in all senses, I have added as a filling of cheese and sausage, the filling can be any, but possible to do even without filling, like all, will be making again and again :)