Casserole with meat recipes

Baked pasta "Besserman"
0.7k - 60м 6
The idea came quite by accident. Saw the noodles and immediately remembered our trip to the Mineral Water. But decided to make a wish, and something for my husband. It was a very interesting and hearty casserole.
Casserole "Chicken under a fur coat"
0.6k 4 90м 8
Potato casserole with chicken Breasts.
Casserole with chicken liver
0.5k 5 40м 8
Potato gratin with chicken liver.
Casserole German style c cassiram
476 - 70м 4
In fact, nothing special, this strange word is. Kasseler (Kassler) is a salted and slightly smoked pork, but essentially something like our smoked ham. In Germany it is often used for casseroles, and even boiled, fried or just in desserts is not added. Today, I offer the option of casseroles for a family lunch/dinner, for a change, so to speak. Delicious, hearty, home-style!
462 - 60м 10
Dish of the Jewish kitchen. Khoyagusht is such a casserole, the name of which reveals a portion of its components: hoy - eggs, gusht - meat. Preparing for a dinner party, where were the Americans. What can I say? DELICIOUS!!! Well, of course! At the wedding of singer Alsu this dish was served famous guests, and there it was a huge success. And Americans liked, but they don't know Alsou. Village!
Meat lasagna
373 3.5 60м 6
A classic recipe of Italian cuisine "Lasagna" stuffed with meat
372 - 90м 6
Italian potato casserole with ham and cheese... the perfect Sunday dish!
Potato souffle
368 5 30м -
Another recipe of potato gratin, but in Arabic.
Pizza minced meat
311 4 90м -
The basis is not the dough and the stuffing. The filling can be any of your choice.
Pancakes with chicken and cheese
296 - 90м 2
Very tasty pancakes from potato and chicken breast... Found on one site. Loved it... Only I added another tomato.
Casserole of pita bread with meat "melaina"
292 4.3 60м 6
When I tried this dish the first time, then didn't immediately realize what cooked... Very similar to puff pastry... and really.. everything is much easier
Casserole "Peasant food"
281 - - -
"chlopskie jadlo" peasant food... It is what? Correct, hearty, affordable, simple and delicious. Same can be said about this recipe. It turns out amazingly delicious, simply yum! Although I would say that the dish is more masculine for the delicate girls sitting on a diet, it will not work.
Casserole "Traffic Light"
279 5 - -
Cabbage-chicken casserole. A delicious dish of chicken and vegetables, a full lunch or dinner.
Casserole "Pink pig"
220 5 30м -
Casserole of grits, barley, beets and pork - and the name of the daughter came up with
Potato-chicken casserole with sorrel
215 3 - -
Rich zapekanka sour.
210 - - -
Very tasty and hearty dish.
Casserole "Delicious"
207 4 - -
Cooking does not require much time, very tasty.
204 - 180м 10
Today I want to share a wonderful Italian recipe. Will need some work, but the result will please you and it's worth it. Would make an excellent lunch or dinner. Recommend!
204 - 60м 6
Continue to acquaint you with some of the most popular Greek recipes. Pastitsio - casserole of tubular pasta, meat sauce and Bechamel cream. Delicious, nutritious and very beautiful and appetizing dish, which is made in summer and winter. How we love it!
Casserole "Duet"
193 - - -
Duet of two kinds of meat and vegetables! Very juicy! Not greasy!
190 - - -
Of course, it's a casserole, not a pie, but Greek there is no such word "casserole". You decide what to call this dish. Very tasty, try it!