Casserole with mushrooms recipes

Lasagna Carbonara
1.2k - 1м -
Recipe from Alexander Seleznev, and he knows a lot about climbing. I got almost Carbonara, forgive me, the Italians that had replaced the Parmesan cheese in Dutch, most importantly, the result was delicious.
Potato gratin with mushrooms
0.5k 5 - -
A very simple dish, but very effective, a very good alternative to the usual mashed potatoes with fried mushrooms.
0.5k 4.5 - -
(my improvisation) as the lasagna is possible to cram everything that you can find in the fridge, I got this. Very tasty! The cooking time much more than eating)))
Millet buzz
0.5k 5 15м 4
This dish I did it in haste. Very hearty and very tasty. Mushrooms!
Carrot-cheese pie with mushrooms and cabbage
490 4 60м 3
Another dish with mushrooms (if not tired from the mushrooms). Again, the same squeeze on the juice of carrot, I decided to make a casserole...
337 - 35м -
Mushroom casserole.
Potato gratin with fillet and mushrooms
336 5 40м -
I don't know why this dish is called so, the recipe is from my colleagues at work, a dish very well known in the former GDR. Very quick and easy.
Lasagna "Caprice"
329 4.5 60м 6
Family, lasagna is hands down my favorite. Although my opinion is that the signature dish is, those who can't cook. Make lasagna often, almost all the holidays and just. In this dish in addition to taste appeals to me that it can be done in advance (even a day) and then before the arrival of the guests put it in the oven. This time made a lasagna with a very unusual filling. It turned out amazing. Give you.
Mushroom casserole with cheese in choux pastry
302 5 - 4
Very quick, juicy, delicious dish!
The original pellet
300 5 60м -
The other day in a magazine I saw the recipe, I decided to try rating: just, original.
Krupenik "Mushroom Fiction"
290 - 50м 6
Krupenik is an old Russian dish, casserole of boiled cereals with different additives. Made it mostly from millet and buckwheat, then there were the recipes from rice, semolina, but the traditional is krupenik buckwheat. The most common recipe with cream cheese, they are krupenik of buckwheat in various forms, such as mushrooms and cheese.
Clafoutis with mushrooms
289 - - -
This year the summer is rainy, respectively, grow mushrooms, which I enjoyed coming to collect. Well, times have mushrooms, you have something to cook and preferably new and not hackneyed. So when I saw this recipe I immediately decided to cook it and do not regret it!!!
Potato casserole with mushrooms and kohlrabi
281 5 50м 4
I love kohlrabi, but this combination was not tried. I do the cabbage put in a casserole just because I have it all alone, little, lying in the fridge. Turns out she's surprisingly delicious with mushrooms.
Potato casserole with mushrooms, eggs and cheese
273 - - -
Sometimes, it remains mashed potatoes, and I want to cook something tasty. Here from it we will prepare a snack! Zapekanka potato with mushrooms, boiled eggs and cheese! If You have in stock ready puree and a trio of boiled eggs, the cooking will take about 20 minutes! Just melts in your mouth!
Casserole "Zemljisne. EN"
272 5 50м 6
Spring has come, the time of awakening of all living things, a time of flourishing flowers, trees and plants. Like a flower, the human body, too, waking from hibernation, blossoms and gains strength to fly. In the us, is very conducive to a Great Post, which not coincidentally falls at the beginning of spring. But Post is not only cleansing and purification of our thoughts, ideas, feelings and desires. And what could be purer than spring, the first shoots and the first flowers? Only spring!!! For the contest "Fast from "Moulinex"".
Potato gratin with mushrooms
262 - 120м 8
A great dish during lent! Simple to prepare, very tasty and satisfying.
Casserole "clearing"
262 - 50м 6
In the preparation of food should be no more than twenty minutes – the rest will do the oven. Casserole is not only quick and easy to prepare, it is very gentle on taste.
Casserole European
255 - - -
I love to cook casseroles. You can show imagination with pleasure, something to add, things to subtract, and the result is always delicious, hearty dish. This casserole a minimum of ingredients, a kind of lightweight version of. Seems a bit boring - feel free to add tomato, beef, get serious, weighty, delicious.
Julien "personally"
251 4 20м 6
This Julien prepared quickly and easily. If You suddenly have guests and You don't have anything tasty, that Julien will help and treat them to delicious, beautiful and hearty dish.
Omelet "Lovebirds"
251 4 40м -
This omelet more belongs to the category of casserole. It, like doves, joined chicken and mushrooms. And third, but not excessive, turned out to be cheese...
Rice casserole with mushrooms
249 - 50м 10
Very tasty casserole, and even easy to prepare. You can either dine, and enjoy it.