Eateries rolls recipes

Fish roulade with olives
2.8k - - -
On New Year we try to cook more variety of dishes - hot snacks, salads, meat, vegetables, fish. That's just about fish appetizer and will be discussed in this recipe. This roll made from boiled trout and smoked salmon, and not fundamentally for him to take these two fish species. Suitable salmon, pike-perch, mackerel... the Cut will be even more interesting if the fish will be different - red and white, for example.
Stuffed pig stomach
2.2k - - 10
Pfalzer Saumagen. Longtime "wishlist", which was giving no rest for many years. At first I could not buy the stomach, then found him by some miracle, but in the Runet did not have a prescription, then found friends who have friends who live in Germany.... And which, though themselves not prepared, but selflessly found the recipe and kindly translated it. And then it was like Nasreddin Hodja, who could not eat halva, cooked at home: if it was butter and honey, no flour, if there was flour and oil was not honey and so on))) And the stomach was lying and sadly freezing in the freezer... ( ( ( And the conscience is like a hamster: or sleeping, or chewing. And now, dogryz – again climbed in Runet and found a wonderful recipe on Goodcookie, thank you very much, Inna. More excuses to take time off, and we decided... fellow cooks living in Germany! Can throw sneaker (is what guests to put on) and tomatoes (for salad amiss), but was prepared according to the recipes of people certifying in their (recipes) of authenticity.
Nem chicken
2k - - -
Vietnamese nem is fried rolls of rice paper with various fillings. Try the nem with chicken. Great and snacks and as a main dish.
Roulade of pork belly "Home"
1.8k - 150м -
Tasty, natural product.
Roulade of chicken liver
1.6k - 30м 1
For lovers of the liver and not only recommend this roll!
1.6k - - -
Rolls of herring with remoulade sauce
1.6k - - 3
The main thing in this dish - the sauce - because it excited everyone in our family! There are many versions of remoulade, but this one appealed to me the availability of products. It is suitable to fish dishes and perfectly will blend in with vegetable snacks (for example, I make a salad of beets and potatoes and served this sauce). And mashed potatoes with remoulade - just eat with a fork! But the New year I suggest You serve with this sauce wonderful rolls, in Germany they are called "Rollmops". A truly festive dish. Hope intrigued!
Pork knuckle, stuffed tongue and chicken
1.5k - 120м 6
For my men festive table in the first place is meat and fish - any delights, with which in ordinary times lazy to bother. Such a roll, time-tested-just from this series. Very, very tasty. Cut thinly and flies away from the table, one of the first! Spicy, tangy, flavorful - just lovely! Is easy, the hard part is to fit it into a bandage. Well, to Tinker a bit, and then - a beauty! The shank on the website and stuff without me, but the nuances of cooking, seasoning and a couple of useful tips, I think you will find its destination.
1.4k 4 50м -
The name, of course, ridiculous, but it's from the personal vocabulary of my Polka)) So she called the stuffed meat in puff pastry!)
Chicken roll with pork tongues
1.4k - 90м -
I suggest to you, dear cooks, cook along with me this simple and delicious snack. When cutting chicken, there is always sandpaper. Not everyone likes to use it when cooking certain dishes, however, this part of the chicken carcass will come in handy when cooking meatloaf, in fact it is a natural shell for prilagatelnye rolls of poultry. This recipe was used the skin of domestic chicken weighing 3 kg. Subcutaneous fat I cut off was not because white meat chicken is still dry and in the preparation of the roll, vytaplivaete subcutaneous fat is very well-soaked poultry.
Acute nem with chicken
1.3k - - -
A little less than a year has passed after our trip to Vietnam. There we were aprobability razlichnyh local dishes. Separately, you can select fried spring rolls, nem. Any kind of filling wrapped in rice paper and fried in hot oil. It is very tasty!
Pumpkin roll with cheese filling
1.2k - 120м 6
Delicious and delicate pumpkin roll filled with cream cheese.
Roll omelet
1.2k - - -
Appetizer of scrambled eggs with delicate liver pate in a roll. Prepared easily and quickly. The filling can be replaced with any other, if you do not like liver. Work rolls are quite lovely and look beautiful on a platter.
Roll in pita bread
1.2k - - -
If You suddenly came friends and You need something quick to cook, make meatloaf in pita bread with soft cream cheese Hochland "For cooking". Your friends will be satisfied!
Brawn of the shank in the bottle
1.2k - - 10
Good day! Today I want to offer a very simple recipe to cook pork Brawn ( saltiana ) in the bottle, to cook I'm from the shank. Usually the Brawn is prepared with pork meat, lard, and languages, liver and other offal. In your recipe I will also use pig's feet, they are optional, you can substitute another meat, I boiled the legs more in order, do not add the gelatin. Freezes Brawn quickly, I usually cook it at night, in the morning he is frozen.
Lavash student
1.2k - 10м 8
Cold winter evenings I want the students to eat. Of course, fast and delicious. From a small number of ingredients can be 10 minutes to make a very hearty dish. I (Beyonce) and my roommate Dasha dreaming about the Shawarma, and what came of it - see. We hope you enjoy this snack.
Rolls of carbonate
1.2k 4 60м -
Variations on the theme of roll number I came up with. Will easily replace the sausage on the sandwich and on the festive table looks good.
Strudel with chicken and vegetables
1.2k - - -
Juicy and tender strudel with chicken, vegetables and dill - this appetizer is fit for any Christmas table. A separate advantage is that you can prepare this dish the day before, and before serving, bake or even just to warm up. In preparation we will help wonderful knives and accessories company Fiskars.
Appetizer "Penechki"
1.2k - - -
Beautiful and delicious appetizer decorate Your Christmas table and delight your guests!
Pancakes "Harumaki"
1.1k - - -
Harumaki is spring pancakes. They are so named because they are traditionally prepared on the first day of the Chinese New year, which falls on the spring. Yes, February is considered to be in the spring. And in our country, spring is associated primarily with the 8th of March. Therefore, it is appropriate to prepare harumaki for a party in honor of International Women's Day and to pamper yourself and your guests with a delicious appetizer of chicken, cheese and rice dough with a glass of red plum wine.
Snack squash roll
1.1k - 60м 12
Wonderful seasonal squash roulade of zucchini will not only decorate your Desk but also diversifies your lunch or dinner.