Meatloaf recipes

Roulade of pork belly "Home"
0.6k - 150м -
Tasty, natural product.
483 4 50м -
The name, of course, ridiculous, but it's from the personal vocabulary of my Polka)) So she called the stuffed meat in puff pastry!)
Snack roll "Holiday"
373 - 70м 6
You always want to cook for Christmas table, something new, unusual, tasty. Offer this wonderful loaf is a snack. Very tasty, looks nice on the holiday table. It can be prepared the day before serving. Good, both cold and warm.
Chicken roll with pork tongues
328 - 90м -
I suggest to you, dear cooks, cook along with me this simple and delicious snack. When cutting chicken, there is always sandpaper. Not everyone likes to use it when cooking certain dishes, however, this part of the chicken carcass will come in handy when cooking meatloaf, in fact it is a natural shell for prilagatelnye rolls of poultry. This recipe was used the skin of domestic chicken weighing 3 kg. Subcutaneous fat I cut off was not because white meat chicken is still dry and in the preparation of the roll, vytaplivaete subcutaneous fat is very well-soaked poultry.
Mini rolls with chicken in Thai style
317 - 60м -
Finger rolls, small, barely a mouthful, fragrant, with an exotic touch, and very tasty. Perfect as a snack for wine.
Festive meatloaf
282 - - -
What a festive table without meats? I agree, no)) Prepare the roll in advance, it is possible in several versions, and store-bought sausage will not have to spend. And hardly someone will look at her, if there will be here such a handsome man.)))
Rolls of carbonate
272 4 60м -
Variations on the theme of roll number I came up with. Will easily replace the sausage on the sandwich and on the festive table looks good.
266 5 50м 4
Roll meat with onion and egg
Stuffed pig stomach
251 - - 10
Pfalzer Saumagen. Longtime "wishlist", which was giving no rest for many years. At first I could not buy the stomach, then found him by some miracle, but in the Runet did not have a prescription, then found friends who have friends who live in Germany.... And which, though themselves not prepared, but selflessly found the recipe and kindly translated it. And then it was like Nasreddin Hodja, who could not eat halva, cooked at home: if it was butter and honey, no flour, if there was flour and oil was not honey and so on))) And the stomach was lying and sadly freezing in the freezer... ( ( ( And the conscience is like a hamster: or sleeping, or chewing. And now, dogryz – again climbed in Runet and found a wonderful recipe on Goodcookie, thank you very much, Inna. More excuses to take time off, and we decided... fellow cooks living in Germany! Can throw sneaker (is what guests to put on) and tomatoes (for salad amiss), but was prepared according to the recipes of people certifying in their (recipes) of authenticity.
Pork knuckle, stuffed tongue and chicken
250 - 120м 6
For my men festive table in the first place is meat and fish - any delights, with which in ordinary times lazy to bother. Such a roll, time-tested-just from this series. Very, very tasty. Cut thinly and flies away from the table, one of the first! Spicy, tangy, flavorful - just lovely! Is easy, the hard part is to fit it into a bandage. Well, to Tinker a bit, and then - a beauty! The shank on the website and stuff without me, but the nuances of cooking, seasoning and a couple of useful tips, I think you will find its destination.
Beef rolls
245 5 90м 8
Will decorate any table.
Strudel with chicken and vegetables
241 - - -
Juicy and tender strudel with chicken, vegetables and dill - this appetizer is fit for any Christmas table. A separate advantage is that you can prepare this dish the day before, and before serving, bake or even just to warm up. In preparation we will help wonderful knives and accessories company Fiskars.
Pork deep-fried
237 4 - 4
This recipe is from Shandong, was brought to a Beijing court cooks.
Chicken roll
216 5 - -
Just for a snack, or for a festive cold meats.
Roll "Holiday" from the goose
208 - - -
Very tasty loaf, cook it for every meal!!! Help yourselves, crisp loaf will not leave anyone indifferent!!! Lovely both hot and cold!!!
Meat loaf with walnuts and prunes
207 5 - -
the spicy taste of meat and prunes
Roulade of pork fat
201 - 240м 1
This recipe I found online, slightly improved. The loaf turns out soft and tasty, as homemade sausage, in this case the price is not expensive.
Appetizer "Penechki"
197 - - -
Beautiful and delicious appetizer decorate Your Christmas table and delight your guests!
Roll shank with carrots and garlic
195 - - -
Roll of pork shank is a dish that resembles something between sausage and pork. Especially good if you put a slice of roulade on black bread, smeared with mustard. Help yourselves, friends!
Roll omelet
187 - - -
Appetizer of scrambled eggs with delicate liver pate in a roll. Prepared easily and quickly. The filling can be replaced with any other, if you do not like liver. Work rolls are quite lovely and look beautiful on a platter.
Chicken roll with olives
186 - - -
I am a fan of all kinds of rolls. I think roll is the best appetizer for the holiday table, for a romantic dinner for get-togethers with friends. The first time I made the rolls using the leaves for cooking MAGGI. The result I really liked!