Cheese rolls recipes

Roll in pita bread
348 - - -
If You suddenly came friends and You need something quick to cook, make meatloaf in pita bread with soft cream cheese Hochland "For cooking". Your friends will be satisfied!
Lavash student
313 - 10м 8
Cold winter evenings I want the students to eat. Of course, fast and delicious. From a small number of ingredients can be 10 minutes to make a very hearty dish. I (Beyonce) and my roommate Dasha dreaming about the Shawarma, and what came of it - see. We hope you enjoy this snack.
Roll omelet
297 - - -
Prepare a delicious roll of the omelet. Interesting recipe of meat roll made of omelette. Roll the omelet is very tender and savory dish.
Rolls of pita bread for Breakfast
284 - 15м -
Offer You for Breakfast to prepare rolls of bread, stuffed with boiled egg and grated cheese. Cook quickly on the table for a long time. Help yourself!
Garlic rolls pita
273 - 10м 8
Snacks pita is firmly entrenched in our diet. Variants of filling there are plenty of: vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish... I suggest you get enough of classical, popular and delicious combination of eggs, cheese, herbs, garlic. As well as tell a few interesting nuances.
Cheese-meat loaf
266 4 20м -
For those who like a quick bite to eat.
Cheese roll "Spicy crab"
251 - 45м 4
Cheese roll stuffed with crab sticks and sweet spicy sauce will give good mood to everyone who tries it. The filling turns out spicy-sweet and interesting. And crab sticks, make roll tender and juicy!
Appetizer roulade of salmon
241 4 30м 4
The weekend experimenting. I liked the result.
Roll "Camouflage"
231 - - -
Roll in the style of "military" will decorate a festive table on the Fatherland defender's Day and surprise Your guests with its delicate flavor!
Cheese roll
225 - 145м 8
Beautiful loaf, the basis for which is cheese. Dish prepared quickly and easily. On the table looks just fine. The wonderful taste of this loaf lends a spicy filling wrapped on all sides of the cheese wrapper.
Cheese-cheese roll with salmon
225 - - -
Christmas Is Coming. To this day, I want to prepare something especially delicious and beautiful... This roll can be prepared in advance, he stored a couple days in the freezer.
Spinarova cheese roll
217 - 60м 16
Hi all, I want to share with you the recipe of “Spinarova cheese roll!“ Great roll for the holiday table! No problems and the result is simply superb! Spinach is not felt at all! We loved it!
Holiday cheese roll
215 3 60м -
Cheese lovers take heart. Pass this rolls, You can not, I guarantee. This is one of my signature dishes, delicious, beautiful and festive. Guests always require a prescription and asked to repeat at the next celebration. This recipe "jubilee" - my 100 Scullion! Start a holiday!!!
Roll "Salmon royally"
208 5 30м 8
Tender, tasty, fast and festive!
Cheese roll
202 - 30м 5
Here are found the recipe. Seemed interesting, but I'm at a loss as cheese roll with a rolling pin if it's melted? Maybe without removing it from the package? Has anyone prepared something like this?
Cheese sticks pita
198 5 - -
Hello, friends! I bring to Your attention a delicious and easy recipe - cheese sticks, pita!
Eateries rolls of Suluguni "honey heaven"
198 - 40м 4
Men's Caprice been done - now do the ladies.
Egg roll with ham and cheese
195 - 10м 1
I want to offer the option of a delicious and hearty Breakfast! Such a roll can be easily prepared in minutes!
Cheese chicken roll
195 3 30м -
Unusually delicious. Perfect as a snack in guilt.
Roll snack "Oliena"
195 3 40м 10
This recipe rolls I once told a friend, but improvisation with a stuffing - my! Very tasty and not difficult to prepare dish!
Appetizer "Youth White Tiger"
193 5 20м -
Tiger, majestic and Regal.. But young loves to play and lie on the grass.. Carefree! The world is not enough! For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".