Vegetable rolls recipes

Eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts
218 3 - -
Is vegetable dish, to eat in the Post. Bon appetit to You!
Lavash rolls with chickpeas
201 - 30м 10
A simple snack of chickpeas in pita bread. Delicate flavor and high nutritional value of chickpea is very useful, it turns out very tasty. It can be said the pies in a hurry. If there is pre-fried mushrooms and otvoren chickpeas. I cook it the night before. Cooking time give without cooking the chickpeas. It can be cooked in a slow cooker, that will save time.
Pumpkin roll with cheese filling
172 - 120м 6
Delicious and delicate pumpkin roll filled with cream cheese.
An omelet rolls on a holiday table
166 - 30м 6
Beautiful, delicious snack, and you cook it easy! Try to cook, you will love it!
Baklazhanovy rolls with couscous
159 - - -
Another recipe from my favorite eggplant! Fast! Delicious! Beautiful! For guests or just for dinner! Delicious hot or cold! Help yourself!
The semi-finals
156 3 40м 3
Our victory in today's match with the Dutch.
Eggplant AGROL
142 - 30м 6
Eggplant patties in Japanese - not greasy, easy and sooooo delicious!!!
137 3 15м -
Quick and tasty.
The spring rolls "by heart"
136 3 15м 2
Good spicy appetizer. Wonderful and simple!
Roll "Special"
135 4.5 30м 4
The cooks! Publish my first recipe. Please do not judge strictly:) the Recipe came up with myself, although, I must admit that on eyes came across a few similar dishes, but with very different ingredients. So I picked up a little from everywhere and came up with your own:). Hope you like it. Easy roll, perfect for summer evenings or for festive table, served cold.
Rolls of leek with bacon
132 - 30м 2
Fans of onions and bacon, which is a big part of my family is sure to enjoy this simple but very tasty rolls. Help yourself.
Flaky scones with onion
129 - 60м 8
This recipe I made up myself. It is based on a recipe my second mom. And the filling I decided it would be the onion, for the simple reason - on the TV show series and there just was talking about the onion cakes.
Potato roll
126 - 40м 4
Tender potato roll with mushrooms, onions and carrots.
Spring rolls
126 - - -
Spring rolls. Conictual - known spring rolls or fried rolls with various fillings, is very popular not only in China. They are often served at receptions at the Chinese embassies and consulates. The Spring festival is usually held during Lichun, this time means the beginning of spring, and everything starts to perk up, eat Curtsying at this time means to attract good luck in the future.
Cheese pancakes with beet stuffing
121 - 40м 7
Continue to share the idea how to make rolls from the cheese pancakes. No need to look at the store pita bread, just bake a few savory pancakes with any greens. The filling is not quite usual: pickled beets again the favorite fish.
Japanese rolls with vegetables
119 - 60м -
For lovers of Japanese cuisine - the promised recipe. Now in stores you can easily buy the products to Japanese cuisine. Most importantly, the correct figure of the company " Mistral". When you eat the rolls prepared according to this recipe, you will not even notice that there are no fish, no shrimp or any other animals. And get fun, like at a Japanese restaurant.
Snack roll "Green"
119 - 60м 7
The recipe I saw on the Internet from Eugene... me a prescription loved its beauty. Very grateful to the author of the recipe. A good combination: broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, and melted cheese. We recommend you to prepare. Delicious, beautiful and not troublesome.
Fried rolls with wild garlic
118 4.5 - -
Very tasty snack bars rolls, easy to prepare and instantly disappear from the plate. Can be served with soup, soup instead of bread, delicious as a separate dish with tomato juice. Stuffing if you wish, you can substitute green onions or fresh herbs - it will also very tasty.
Eggplant rolls stuffed with cilantro and tomato
113 3 45м 8
Very tasty appetizer.
Roll of Chinese cabbage
113 3 30м 6
Heat 40. But a family to feed, though nobody really wants. To go to the store... I leafed Through the book and found the recipe for rolls. Everything was and what was not - successfully replaced! Try to cook, hope you like it.
Snack "Rolls"
112 4 - -
Spicy appetizer due to the use of hot sauce. If the moderators will accept this yellowish color, on the contest "Vegetable traffic light"