Garnish from cereals recipes

Barley with vegetables in the sleeve
0.5k - - -
Barley and vegetables... What prose... But, no! Pearl barley with vegetables cooked in the sleeve, is incredibly tasty. Fragrant, crumbly and soaked with vegetable juices, bright, beautiful and very appetizing. Do not pass by, help yourself!
372 3.5 30м -
Semolina with vegetables. This is a simple, tasty and nutritious Indian dish well suited for the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Figure "Congre"
358 - 40м 4
Apdg is rice boiled in water from cooking black beans in the normal proportions for cubes 1 measure of rice 1 measure of water. Black beans boiled until soft in a greater quantity of water than you would usually. Then drain and wither away the water and rice. Cook the rice in this dark water, and salt. Add the beans (not all, but only part of it) when the rice is almost ready (in the middle of it is a bit hard). Before the end of cooking sprinkle with cold water and cover tightly to steam through. Add the fried onion, a little garlic and pork rinds (or bacon fat). All lightly knead, but not to be abused, and that figure will rastolita to mush.
Figure in Iranian
325 3 - -
In Iran and all countries that he had borrowed the kitchen, make the rice separate. The rice is cooked and the sauce to it - itself. And then at the table, the consumers themselves in the plate make the pilaf to taste - rice who more who meat))). But even this rice is a versatile side dish and are delicious incredibly. The recipe is from the book of Stalik hankishiev "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure"
Rice with shrimp and papaya
292 4 - -
Fragrant coconut rice in papaya with shrimp.
258 5 20м -
Susekam scratched, and its use in the course let. Here's gernertic turned out!
Meatballs from buckwheat with pumpkin
236 - 40м 4
It's a fine burgers! Pumpkin gave buckwheat not only its aroma but also the beautiful Sunny color!
Mixed garnish
184 - 30м 5
Another dish from the category - fast-easy and delicious. Sometimes don't know what to cook for a side dish, all have recently eaten, helps out so yummy.
Braised wild rice from Julia child
184 - - -
This is the recipe of the famous American chef Julia child preparing French cuisine. She showed American women that cooking is one of the main pleasures in life, and that any normal person can prepare a real French dinner in his kitchen.
Buckwheat with pumpkin and quinoa
176 - 30м 4
I like the combination of cereals in the meals. This time befriended two useful for cereals, buckwheat and quinoa TM "Mistral", the company to which I asked pumpkin. The dish can be used as a garnish and can be an independent dish will be served for Breakfast or dinner.
Pineapple-tomato rice
175 5 - -
An excellent side dish with a strong sour-sweetness!
Mixed garnish 2
174 - 40м 5
The principle is the same as the "mixed garnish", but - it is a flight of fancy..
Green buckwheat with cauliflower
169 - 30м 1
A useful side dish and a separate dish in the post.
Favorite buckwheat with tender meat
169 4 30м 2
Useful buckwheat porridge, buckwheat and meat :-)
Rice with sesame seeds
163 - 30м -
I wanted to cook a side dish to something delicious, but it does not require a lot of cost and effort. The result is very interesting, I would say, with hints of Oriental or Asian cuisine.
Rice with sweet peppers and carrots
161 - 30м 4
I love the combination of rice with peppers, it reminds me of summer. The dish always turns out very tasty, despite its simplicity. Hearty and flavorful side dish of long grain rice with the addition of sweet red peppers and carrots, this recipe is from the category of "cheap and cheerful", because you can even use frozen pepper, carefully stockpiled in the summer. This dinner is always fast to cook, tasty and bright. Help yourself!
Meatballs from buckwheat
161 4 40м -
The recipe is taken from the book "Vegetarianism - key to health". When I first made these burgers, my husband did not understand what they are, and said that they fish.
Rice with vegetables
160 - - -
I offer you the recipe of vegetable rice with vegetables and a wonderful garnish to meat dishes.
157 - 30м 4
The rice for this recipe are crisp and delicious, it can succumb to burgers, sausages, eggs and even have just with salad. My whole family is glad that we have on the table is rice))). To prepare a little cranky, but if you know some of the nuances, it always turns out as it should be! Bon appetit!
Gorgeous pic
157 5 20м 4
Crispy Golden rice. For photos thanks scullion fialkaXY.
"Polenta with tomatoes and beans"
148 4.5 90м 5
The recipe comes from the Internet, I decided to try a little bit altered to your taste. Polenta is (it turns out that I still didn't know) corn grits.