Fish and seafood recipes

Fried Moray eel in the Azores
4.6k 4 30м -
Moreia frita. The Azores Portuguese archipelago is located almost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. Its 9 major Islands of volcanic origin - inhabited. The largest of them is the island of Sao Miguel (Sao Miguel). About the discovery of these Islands there are many versions, one contradictory to the other. We know exactly what the population began to appear on the Islands to 1432. One of the best places in the world for diving the Azores in 1995 received the award of the EU for the preservation of pristine nature and ecotourism. One of the local delicacies is considered to be the meat of eels, the recipe of which is published today. Not all countries have adopted the norm to use it in food. It depends I guess mostly on cultural traditions. In Portugal, eels are classified as game fish.
Fried milt
4k - 30м 5
Very delicious and no bones)))
Fish parrot-bokeljski
4k - 60м 6
Parrot fish, for me the most beautiful fish of Asian countries! It is of various shades, it can be cooked in a variety of ways, with pickles grilled in a salt crust! Fish fillet is very tender and quite juicy! This is a very old traditional dish of the fishermen of the coast. In Montenegro, you can offer a dish called "home" For the recipe a huge thank you to Serge Markovic!
ASP, baked in the oven
3.6k - 50м 2
ASP - very tasty fish! I cooked it in the oven, turned out very tasty!
Herring in the microwave for 3 minutes
3.6k - 15м 2
Tender and juicy fish. But you need to use a herring! Other species of fish will be dry.
Scare of capelin and herring
3.6k - - -
SCARA is simple, fast, delicious! Right scaru to cook fresh fish. Scare of fish is simply excellent taste. Try to cook this fish delicacy! Prepare and enjoy!
Christmas carp in the Czech Republic
3.5k - 75м 4
How many countries, so many Christmas traditions and culinary customs. For example, in the Czech Republic at the Christmas table must be carp. Most interesting is that this dish – not a Czech invention, and Austrian-German, but neither in Austria nor in Germany, carp is not such a popular and iconic dish in the Czech Republic. The people believed that the one who will wear all year carp scales in my wallet, will not have problems with money))). Options recipes baked stuffed carp a lot, I suggest to try one of them, which is quite simple in execution.
Cipura baked in the oven
3.5k - 45м 2
Cipura (gilthead, sea bream) is one of the popular fish in Turkey. Tastier it is when it is baked whole. The meat is amazingly tender and juicy and moreover it has few bones. Eat this fish, with different salads, salads-Mesa. And drink Raki.
Shrimp fish "Congrio"
3.1k - 120м 4
Once in the fish advised to take congrio Shrimp, or fish (because of the specific taste of meat). And have not regretted. Meat is tender, rich but not greasy. The carcass was already headless and gutted. On the website only 3 of the recipe, one of them a soup of fish, 2 other very "long". Decided to post my recipe. Look, try. P. S. Instead of Congrio will go any other marine fish.
Fricassee of shellfish
3k - - 2
Fricassee - a dish of French cuisine, which literally translates as "sundries", from the French verb fricasser, to "fried, stewed". Fricassee usually made of veal, chicken or rabbit. But there are options of pigeon meat, pork and lamb. In fact - braised stew with cream. In the fricassee are also often added mushrooms, green peas, asparagus, capers. I want to offer the option fricassee of shellfish with mushrooms and spinach.
Fish "Cardinal"
2.9k 3 30м 4
Very delicate fish that will appeal to all.
2.9k 3 50м 6
I read in the journal "gourmet" and decided to cook. With this dish usually begins English lunch. Not troublesome, and very tasty it turned out. So to speak 2 in 1 : fish and chips. A great option
Carp royally
2.8k - - 2
And we got to eat carp, and not just carp, but royally! This is my original recipe, I don't know, maybe there is something similar on the website, but I assure you, this delicious river fish, You haven't eaten yet. To fish as a side dish I did not cook, since it can well eat inside a lot of fish with lots of eggs, which, due to the monkey increases in volume. Caviar turns a Golden color not dry, scented of tangerines. The combination is just amazing, delicious. The river fish are almost all scrawny, but I actually really like it slowly, picking stones to savor the fish. Help yourself!!!
Atka mackerel with rice on the menu
2.8k - - -
Great dinner in the Indian style! Spicy, aromatic, delicious and beautiful.
Baked escalar-butterfish
2.7k 3 60м 4
Fried the fish I did not like, decided to experiment with oven. My husband liked it, and I - much tastier than fried, but still useful :) Regarding the picture: sorry for quality :)
Lobster "Thermidor"
2.6k - - -
Lobster "Thermidor" - a dish of meat of lobster in a wonderful sauce of cream, egg yolks, mustard and cognac. It was created in 1894 at the Paris restaurant "Chez Marie" in honor of the premiere of the play "Thermidor" by the film Director by victorien Sardou. I took the liberty to recede a little from the classic recipe. What came out of it – decide for yourself. You are all invited to a lobster!
Capelin baked in foil
2.6k - - -
Offer you a recipe of a very quick, tasty and healthy cooking capelin. The fish turns out tender, juicy, very tasty. I was very surprised when found nothing similar on our website. Help yourself!
Mussels "a bulhao pato"
2.5k 5 30м 2
Mexilhao a bolhao pato - Mussels (mesilau and bulao Patu). One of my favorite recipes for mussels. Very popular in Portugal. A favorite dish of locals and tourists, the usual menu of restaurants specializing in seafood. Served as an appetizer (appetizer) and is traditionally accompanied by a very well-chilled light young white wine. Fast, simple and very tasty. PS According to this method, it is possible to prepare not only mussels but all other types of shellfish. :-)
Mackerel "goldfish"
2.5k - - -
I'm not a big fan of fish, but this fish led me to a complete delight! I'm a little language is not swallowed, and the second half with great pleasure enjoyed "goldfish". The details of the recipe below won't regret it! The contest "give me tonight".
Fish baked in tahini sauce "Somon bil tahina"
2.4k - 30м 1
I think salmon is loved by many. Not only for its taste but also for their health benefits! As if it is not cooked, it always remains juicy and tender.... delicacy, in one word!! Love and cook salmon in the Eastern countries, only with its Eastern twist. You can also try this.
Sea bass with plum sauce
2.4k - 40м 2
Beautiful, festive and quick to prepare dish. Tender sea bass with a rich plum and ginger sauce. Nothing more.