Fish and seafood recipes for Christmas

Christmas carp in the Czech Republic
1.3k - 75м 4
How many countries, so many Christmas traditions and culinary customs. For example, in the Czech Republic at the Christmas table must be carp. Most interesting is that this dish – not a Czech invention, and Austrian-German, but neither in Austria nor in Germany, carp is not such a popular and iconic dish in the Czech Republic. The people believed that the one who will wear all year carp scales in my wallet, will not have problems with money))). Options recipes baked stuffed carp a lot, I suggest to try one of them, which is quite simple in execution.
Carp Mediterranean
1.2k 4 - 4
Delicious Carpiquet with spicy sauce!!! One of my "signature" dishes. Very tasty!!! Pleased with their men on February 23))) As always - was in the wild delight)))
Fish "VIP"
1.2k - 15м 2
+ video. Instant, easy, amazing, VIP fish recipe specially for "Matches+". Only one restaurant in the world was served a fish. It was in Libya, in Tripoli. Beautiful, two-story restaurant, near the Turkish Embassy. From the Windows overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Fate brought me together with the wife of the owner of this restaurant, ASMA al Shamas, I taught her English, we became friends and she often gave me "guest card" for my family. We could be the map to go to a restaurant and order any dinner or dinner on the house. The food there was served only fish and seafood. Chef Ramzi, a Lebanese by origin, was personally asked whether we are happy with the ordered dish. I left the country, like many of our compatriots, when NATO began to bomb the city. Thank you EMERCOM of Russia... chef Ramsay is already there, in light of recent events in the country, perhaps the restaurant too. There are only bright memories of happy, carefree days. I tried to play a special fish recipe in "black sauce". Moreover, I tried to make a video to show how quickly you can prepare this dish.
Delicious rainbow trout hot smoked
1.2k - 20м 3
Delicious rainbow trout hot smoked in the smoker with water seal, simple recipe. Fish obtained a measure of salt, in General the taste is perfect (at least in my and my wife's). And the wonderful fish sauce for any occasion.
Rolls of hake
1.1k - - -
I bring to Your attention the recipe is very gentle rolls of the heck!
Spotted wolffish grilled
1.1k - 40м 10
Spotted wolffish is a marine fish in the order Perciformes. Less common than its relatives and striped wolffish. Perhaps this explains the fact that in stores it not such a frequent visitor. How many sea rocks, she's not too bony, it makes it easier and cooking, and drinking. Spotted catfish meat is quite fatty, very tender, like it or bake it, like it or bake, it's still a bit jelly-like, while it's hot. So for example, I more like to eat it when the fish has cooled, even better the next day and not warming up: I like a firmer texture. But it is only a matter of taste and personal preferences. Fish is good and hot, and cold. And very successfully combined with sesame seeds, which I used in the batter.
1k - 30м 4
The word tempura refers to a method of cooking food in batter, deep fried. In Japan this method to cook fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and very rarely meat. Today we will prepare the tempura lightweight way of shrimp, slices of squid and rice noodles.
Baked squid stuffed with quinoa mix
1k - 100м 4
Well, very tasty!!! But still bright and flavorful!! And although the dish is meatless, I'm sure you'll want to cook it again and again and out of the post, even for the holiday table) are Also suitable for those who are on a diet because it does not contain fats at all! and low-calorie)))
Fish cakes "goldfish"
0.8k - - -
The original version of fish cutlets, baked in the oven. The kids like it :) and adults too. Like and fish - no bones. For the holiday table - in the cold will be a great appetizer.
And again sprats. The search for the ideal
0.8k 4 180м -
And what they describe... Unless someone has not seen sprats? However, these homemade...
Carp pink in vegetables
0.7k - 90м 5
Loved by many carp in the new version! Delicious, original and healthy! Features of this recipe is that you use not only vegetables but also their peels and absolutely no salt!!!!
Fish balls "Smiles in the Solarium" with cheese
0.7k 4 60м -
This is one of the many variants of the fish cutlets. Crispy on top and tender, juicy flesh inside, with a hint of melted cheese. Simple and easy.
Mussels in far East
0.7k 5 20м 3
With SPRING all chefs!!! This dish is my husband fantasy. Indescribable, delicate taste of mussels in combination with sweet and sour sauce and hints of garlic and cilantro. Well suited to non-strict fast days. And for a romantic dinner - just a fairy tale. Very tasty.
Shrimp in oyster sauce Chinese
0.7k 4 20м -
Today I received a just reproach that I have not prepared something... Looked in the fridge, a locker and concocted one of these that was. And there it was, a handful of tails of tiger prawns, a handful of seafood cocktail, a handful of young octopuses and most importantly - the sauce. Well, vegetables of course.
0.6k 3.5 80м 12
Pike-perch stuffed with pate salmon in nori seaweed
Smoked perch
0.6k - 180м 4
Smoked walleye. the taste is indescribable. the store is certainly not the case.
Emelina pike
0.6k - 60м -
Stuffed pike will be a good addition to the festive table, moreover, it is possible to prepare in advance-the dish can be served not only hot but cold. What kind of fish is better and stuff? There is no need to invent something extraordinary and to run to the store in search of rare varieties. Suitable perch, and pike, and carp. Gefilte fish can be as original a snack or a full meal. Depending on how and what to submit it. Gefilte fish with almost any side dish would be out of place: boiled potatoes, rice, vegetables, baked apples. I changed the recipe a little added pork meat.
0.5k - - -
Koktal is a dish of Kazakh cuisine. Koktal in Kazakh means "IVA", in the old days the fish was laid on the branches of a willow, and smoked over charcoal. Now using special Kartalinia, reminiscent of our lamp. Koktal is almost always made from carp, carp or carp. The fish turns out flavorful, juicy and very tasty. Koktal can be cooked in the oven, of course the taste is not the same as on the fire, but the oven turns out very decent. Koktal Kazakhs prepare for the holidays or at the weekend when going to a big family together. Fish lovers are advised to look at the recipe.
Fish down jacket
0.5k 4 60м 6
Husband tried this dish and said: "I am shocked by their experiences!" Juicy fish under the fluff (vegetables) and cheese! The dish is very easy and fast to cook: 20 minutes marinade for 40 minutes in the oven! Low labour cost!
Fish in Chinese spicy garlic sauce
0.5k - 12м 2
Gan Shao Yu this It is necessary to try the Fish under the sauce, simply delicious! Is done quickly and simply, and the result..!!! Fragrant, juicy and very festive looking. The contest "give me tonight"
Rice with cod in pots
494 - - 3
Very tasty, hearty dish with a wonderful browned cheese crust! In pots baked cod with rice is not too dry and it turns out juicy and flavorful.