Pate recipes

The chicken liver pate with orange jelly
3.4k - - -
Very tender and tasty pate with a citrus jelly (jelly can be done with any other fruit or berries, for example: with pomegranate juice, cranberries, cranberry). I will now always do it this way! recipe source: Julia (laperla_foto, LJ) + I
Terrine of calf's brains
2.9k - 1м 20
Today I propose You try is not very an ordinary the pate of the brain. It is inherent in the kind of fat, but in addition with butter pate becomes a truly mouth-watering consistency. Thanks to the crackers pate takes on the density, and the pepper adds spice. The smaller ground will crackers, the milder it gets dish.
Sprat spread
2.4k 3 15м -
Depending on the filing method, you can serve as Breakfast(just spread on have a side of toast from black bread), as well as holiday meals (if served in tartlets and, accordingly, to decorate)
Croatian fish pie
2k - 30м 10
Delicate fish pate, melting in the mouth. Recipe brought to you from Sunny Croatia. You can do as the fish (red, white) and shrimp and any seafood. Stunning! Universal recipe.
Pate of cod liver
1.9k - 10м -
My family is not too fond of fish and seafood, but the cod liver oil stands out. Her and sprats eat really seldom, but with pleasure. It may affect Soviet childhood, or maybe it's just delicious! I suggest you to try simple, delicate and tasty pâté, hastily. Perfect for a casual snack and, if you arrange on the holiday table. Goes well with pancakes, perfect as a filling for profiteroles! Come on, have a treat!
Riet pork
1.8k - - -
Riet French coarse pate with visible fibers or pieces of meat, some measure of mix between stew and pate. It is prepared from pork, rabbit, duck, goose, trout, salmon, etc. I suggest You version tours of riata pork (Rillettes de Tours), based on the authority of the book Larousse Gastronomique. Very tasty with fresh bread, vegetables and pickles to good red wine or strong drink.
Terrine of zucchini and mushrooms "Delicious"
1.7k - 30м 4
Ay, fans of squash, are you there? I rush to you with all haste to share bambeano a delicious recipe for pate. Zucchini is not only a casserole, fritters, fried slices and caviar. Try to pamper yourself a budget, but it is extremely delicious pate available products, which perfectly decorate your morning sandwich, or even a festive table. And, most interestingly, the guest will not be able to immediately determine what the prepared paste. When my beloved tried pate, three times he tried to guess what it is: "Pork? Liver.. And, you know, chicken!" smelled the mushrooms, but continued to insist on the presence of meat in the pâté. And it's not there)
Riet pork
1.7k - - -
I have already shared prescription rieta chicken, today I will show you another option, this time pork. This is a great snack for this cold time of year - hearty and delicious, and is cooked faster chicken. To prepare Riet in a slow cooker, roaster or oven (I prefer multiverse).
Chicken liver pate with red-currant jelly
1.6k - 160м -
Pate of chicken breast under the red-currant jelly. Pates are very popular and are a great snack. Offer to prepare the pate chicken breast, unique notes of infused walnuts and jelly of red currants.
About caviar from Sago
1.6k - 40м 6
This recipe is going to devote her compatriot, cook Cause katico, because thanks to her I met this unusual grains like sago. Getting to know her I liked it and I wanted to know what else besides a variety of casseroles, you can cook. And in the depths of the Internet found this unusual recipe.
Riet fish
1.5k - - -
Eating once purchased Riet of salmon, she decided to cook something similar. Riet is a French appetizer that looks like pate, but different in texture. Toast or a piece of fresh bread on which to spread this delicate pate... mmm, try will not regret it.
Pate on potato chips
1.5k 5 20м 8
Original submission snacks and olives for the holiday table
Forshmak "Luxury" of herring with beets
1.5k - 10м 4
Forshmak herring is a great starter that you can prepare at home in minutes. Cooking options there is quite a lot, you can add a variety of ingredients. I suggest the recipe with the addition of beets. It beets makes a delicious and elegant appetizer. Cheese is a great complement to the taste and make it more delicate and sophisticated.
Pate en croute is Pate in pastry
1.4k - 180м 6
I love French food and anything with myself I can :) This dish I tasted for the first time with my mother in law in Normandy and fell in love with him. I decided to try my luck and cook it myself. The dish is complicated, time-consuming preparation, but the result is worth it :)
Pate cream cheese and ham
1.4k - - -
Very tasty pate, tender and juicy. You can serve it on toast or crackers, and you can stuff them profiteroles. Recommend! A great option for the holiday table!
Pate of duck with cranberry sauce
1.3k - 200м -
The Pat came to us from France. This appetizer is a cross between meat loaf, pate and homemade sausages. But unlike, say, the pate from pate firmer, rough texture.
The pasting of "Snickers" in Ukrainian
1.3k - 20м -
For lovers of fat. My husband likes this "Snickers" spread on bread and radishes, or hot soup.
The mackerel pate and feta
1.2k - - -
Many pies require the addition of a large amount of butter. This is not required. The required consistency gives feta and structure the most mackerel. Delicious with boiled potatoes and pancakes and just spread on toast!
Pate nettle
1.2k - 30м -
Offer you the recipe is simple to prepare unusual, tasty and healthy treats. The taste is a bit like the taste of wild mushrooms. It can be used for sandwiches or as a filling for pies.
Pate "Burda"
1.2k - 40м -
It's not my favorite cuisine, "Burda". Taken from the magazine "Cooking with Boris Burda". But the original title is confusing... A pate worthy of attention and taste, and in its simplicity!
Lean foie Gras
1.2k - - -
Under this title I found this recipe on an English website. I admit, the foie Gras I ever tried, the music here is his version of lean to cook decided. Turned out extremely tasty, tender pate. You'll never guess that this is exclusively a Lenten recipe, as there is the taste of the liver. Great to serve with crackers, toast (or just spoon it is). The author of the recipe highly recommends to submit pate with onion marmalade or pickled vegetables.