Snacks with eggs recipes

Appetizer of eggs
2.4k - 30м 3
The starters are very simple, prepared quickly and very tasty. Will adorn any Christmas table.
Eggs "Anglsy"
1.3k 5 - -
Casserole of boiled eggs in a gorgeous cheese sauce surrounded by creamy mashed potatoes with leeks, crispy on top - what could be better than to start dinner? Us and the salad was not required, for dinner was the hot appetizer. Recipe source: Lamb, Leeks and Laverbread
Eggs stuffed with "Cannon"
0.7k 5 - -
Karambol - this is a challenging game of Billiards, where the ball before the hit in the pocket should not only hit the Board table, but to make the maximum number of intersections. So the filling for these eggs, since one ingredient in the time did a lot of intersections and celebrate, and not very and finally reached the pockets in our family in this form. Here is such a "Cannon".
Eggs stuffed with "Tuna in pistachios"
0.6k - 15м 6
Today we have a dish of eggs..! Filling with fish, and gifts from the birds..! And who doesn't love a tasty bite to eat..??, and then a wonderful time to spend..! Simple and easy I have a recipe..! After all, nothing need no snacks..! And as always in the beginning of the festivities.., him opens the table she..!!
Egg porridge
0.5k 4 10м 3
Today we prepare a new egg filling. I got the idea from Ki-Jedda
Appetizer "Christmas mice"
495 4.5 15м 2
Appetizer of eggs stuffed with salad.
Eggs in potatoes
469 - 30м 1
A hearty Breakfast and a little variety in serving the usual scrambled eggs.
Appetizer "Edible agaric"
460 3 30м 6
This is actually the deviled eggs, very simple and easy to prepare.
Deviled eggs
455 3 - -
Eggs stuffed with blue cheese and pistachios
453 - 20м 2
This snack specific, suitable only for big fans of blue cheese, as they say, "not for the masses". And if you see yourself, then help yourself to health!
448 4 25м -
Cute appetizer.
Shakshuka with feta cheese and peppers
444 5 30м 4
Shakshuka, saksuka. Friends, today, the national Jewish dish - shakshouka, I have improved a little, but the basis - the national
Stuffed eggs krill
443 5 20м 3
Boiled eggs are filled with a delicate salad of krill meat, fresh cucumber, onion and mayonnaise.
440 - 30м 2
Omurice, Omi-raisu. What lover of anime and manga are not familiar to omuraisu? Especially to fans of Shoujo and romance. How else shy Chan can tell about his feelings to his koi? Especially if she works part-time as a waitress, or at a school festival of their class organize a maid café. In fact it is rice and mixed vegetables, mixed with ketchup and wrapped or covered with a thin omelet. The stuffing also add the seafood fried pieces of meat, the quantity of fillings and toppings is truly enormous. And I most certainly picture or message in ketchup on top. The dish is so popular that it is offered not only in cafes and restaurants, but also in school canteens and kindergartens. I suggest you understand the essence of omuraisu.
"Breakfast favorite"
436 4.5 20м 1
Very original scrambled eggs with sausage.
434 3.5 15м 8
Aji. This recipe I got long ago from a Syrian. They always cook them. You can also try this. And, if you do not know what is cooked, it is very difficult to determine what they are made. Good both cold and warm. And do very quickly.
Appetizer "Funny chickens"
431 4 20м 2
Appetizer - stuffed liver mass of eggs.
414 4 60м 4
On the kids ' table. By the way, leave those birds in the first place. As an adult table as a decoration to any salad or snacks. Yes, and with ingredients you can experiment.
The appetizer "Boats" with cheese and mustard pasta
407 4 30м -
New stuffing for stuffing balls.
Scrambled colors
399 - 15м 2
Scrambled eggs with flowers pumpkins
Snack "lone White sail"
387 4 15м -
Cold appetizer.