Vegetables recipes

Cutlets from cabbage
16k 5 15м 1
Very juicy and delicious burgers are obtained from the cabbage in this recipe. They make use of such products, which are often in each refrigerator.
Fried mini corn
3.5k - 30м 4
This snack is especially loved by children, but adults it have to taste. I used the recipe for mini-corn, but you can use regular. And you can not bake in the pan and on the fire. Very quick, tasty and easy!
Azerbaijan tomato salad with sumac
1.8k - - -
Very tasty salad, I didn't even expect it so we like it) Minimum ingredients, maximum taste. I have time to try until tomato season is not over! Would be delicious with fresh bread or dried cabaleu, perfect as a garnish for potatoes, meat or chicken, and just eat it - a pleasure!
Quick pickled cabbage "a Good appetizer"
1.6k - - -
Despite the fact that the recipes are quick pickling cabbage on the website already does not count, after reviewing everything it similar a lot, my no. Simple to prepare, delicious, juicy, sour-sweet-salty and very crispy, the cabbage will serve as a great appetizer and the salad at Your table!
Tomatoes "red-eye"
1.4k - 60м 10
Stunning tomatoes for lovers astratenko! Very good for a snack! Cause the appetite of even the pickiest of children-check! By the way, this appetizer can be prepared even from indistinct greenhouse vegetables-all before going to be delicious.
Homemade chips "Pringles"
1.3k - 40м 2
Pringles (Pringles) - perhaps the most famous in the world and very me favorite chips. The price of this famous box of chips really bites)) I Decided to surf the Internet in search of the recipe homemade Pringles, to his surprise found no one! The only thing learned is the fact that they are made from wheat-potato mixture. All! I lit up and ran to the kitchen to experiment to mimic the taste of Pringles at home, picking up the ingredients. And you know what? It turned out amazingly delicious! Can't say that the taste is just like from the store boxes, but very similar! But if the sauce to dip - so all a fairy tale) And, most importantly, no preservatives and all sorts of "E-NIS".
Pumpkin Cydonia "Glare of amber"
1.3k - 15м 6
Cydonia is often called the Latvian lemon /aka Japanese quince/. Prepared according to this recipe, the pumpkin has a pineapple taste. Specially for my dear Victoria /victoria ms/ in memory of Riga coast!
Green beans with tomatoes by Lebanese
1.3k - - -
Simple, but despite this, very tasty snack of green beans, and most importantly - useful and diet, as prepared in Zepter cookware, and hence complied with all the rules of healthy eating, the food is prepared without salt, oil and water.
Wild garlic in tomato sauce
1.3k - 30м -
For someone the beginning of spring is synonymous with flowers, for someone with green grass, but for my beloved husband spring begins with the appearance on the market of garlic! Very much he loves her. This recipe was taught to me by my mother in law, for which she thanks a lot! Congratulations to all of the cook of the beginning of Spring!!! Come on in, help yourself!
1.2k 3 80м 6
I saw in the magazine "Only" a very interesting recipe diet zapekanki of aubergine, peppers and pesto. Made adjustments, embellished it and made a great vegetable snack cake. Help yourself!
1.2k 5 10м 3
Very quick, simple and tasty dish of Greek cuisine. The perfect Breakfast, snack "in haste", a great snack.
Baklazhanovy chips
1.1k - - -
Baklazhanovy chips can be cooked at home and in nature. They are delicious, if they hold in a special marinade about 12 hours. They are certainly not as nutritious as the potato. And there can be just so, and even tastier dipping in your favorite sauce!
Spicy pickled eggplant in Egypt
1.1k - - -
The eggplant was to die for!!! Appetizer and dinner, and to "stogram ku" awesome!!!))) Eggplant is still on sale and quite affordable, so hurry!))
1.1k - 40м 6
On Your court - my first time. Dish of the Uighur cuisine is beyond words - it should be simply there, spicy, sour-sweet, feerichno (finally found the right word). Love this dish from my youth, and I hope among Chefs there are fans of this bright (and the taste and sight) of food.
Sauerkraut without vinegar
1.1k 5 40м 15
How delicious sour cabbage for those who don't like vinegar.
Appetizer "butterfly Kiss"
1.1k 3 30м -
This is such a beautiful name I wanted to give my appetizer! Just in a good mood!!! And all the cooks want the same great!!! Vegetable appetizer is cooked in the oven, no prior preparation!!! Very juicy, tasty and fast!!! Vegetables with sauce and baked syrochek very quickly. Cooking for 30 minutes.
Cowes, or delicious potato snack with tuna
1.1k - 30м 10
This recipe is from Bolivia, but taste characteristics is quite suitable for the Russian table. It is possible to call this dish a salad or appetizer.
Mousse of eggplant and lentils
1.1k - 30м 4
Delicate mousse of roasted eggplant, red lentils and celery will be the perfect snack for Lenten table.
Salted cucumbers for 10 minutes
1k 4.5 - -
Quick and tasty.
1k 3.5 40м -
Beads of beans. Soft starter of green beans.
Tartlets with cream cheese and beetroot
1k - - 10
Very good and healthy snack. Tender and spicy filling. Perfect for a festive buffet table. Invite!