Vegetables recipes for New Year

Cowes, or delicious potato snack with tuna
297 - 30м 10
This recipe is from Bolivia, but taste characteristics is quite suitable for the Russian table. It is possible to call this dish a salad or appetizer.
Appetizer "butterfly Kiss"
272 3 30м -
This is such a beautiful name I wanted to give my appetizer! Just in a good mood!!! And all the cooks want the same great!!! Vegetable appetizer is cooked in the oven, no prior preparation!!! Very juicy, tasty and fast!!! Vegetables with sauce and baked syrochek very quickly. Cooking for 30 minutes.
Quick pickled cabbage "a Good appetizer"
249 - - -
Despite the fact that the recipes are quick pickling cabbage on the website already does not count, after reviewing everything it similar a lot, my no. Simple to prepare, delicious, juicy, sour-sweet-salty and very crispy, the cabbage will serve as a great appetizer and the salad at Your table!
Honey carrots
209 - - -
Delicious, simple and quick recipe regular carrots. This dish is usually served on the Jewish New Year of Rosh ha-Shana, where the honey – based meal. But, regardless of religion, nothing prevents us to prepare this simple and healthy dish for the everyday table
Tomatoes "Some Parmigiano"
192 3 10м -
This snack know everything: tomatoes, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise. I tried to do it with a different cheese (for example sausage, this recipe here already), here is my turn to Parmesan. It was the most delicious decision!!!
Korean carrot (Dungan salad)
179 - 60м 10
Gorgeous eat - a carrot you are not eaten! Similar cooking techniques in the recipes I've seen. This miracle 40 years ago shared with me a woman originally from the district of Kyrgyzstan, which is home to many Koreans. Since then, they and a snack.
Sauce-appetizer "Muhammara"
173 - - -
Very long time preparing the snack of bell peppers with nuts. This appetizer is popular in the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Israel). It is served fresh bread and are used as spreads. This time I decided to use instead of sugar and salt - sweet soy sauce, and realized that it should have been done long ago.
Stuffed tomatoes with cottage cheese and fish fillings + dessert
157 5 30м 4
Light and fresh appetizer for the holiday table or an ordinary family dinner. Two kinds of filling in this appetizer, diversify your table. Would be a surprise dessert!
Carrot from aunt Clara
155 4 40м -
Great taste, easy preparation... nothing to add!
Spicy cabbage
155 5 35м -
A very simple recipe to prepare and very tasty.
Appetizer of cabbage with carrots in Korean
154 - 15м 4
Revised recipes on the website, was surprised that no such (although may be wrong). My husband this recipe is so loved that make it almost every week. This vitamin snack can come in handy during Lent.
Onion heh
148 - 10м 4
I offer one little thing – heh onions. One bow and almost nothing else. What the... ahem ... tell you what holiday bow? But try and understand that with a bow more festive! You will not regret. Of course, just the bow on the table - it's cool, we tea, not Pinocchio-Pinocchio... But as a snack with vodka and seasoning to meat and fish - great. And the meat on the festive table is always a lot. And onions can help digestion of food, again the volatile – and the feast of winter we have, it's time influenza. Besides, to do that heh you can at least a week before the feast in the fridge just taste better become impregnated and nastojaschij. Well, not to taste - so experience the inexpensive cost. Try it!
Stuffed tomatoes in the dough of pizza
145 - 90м 11
Stuffed tomatoes - a fairly common appetizer, but this time, the tomatoes will still be in the test. So, the food is rich and original.
Gram hedgehogs
143 - 60м 5
Chickpeas - garbanzo beans TM "Mistral" is so rich in its useful components (and there are about 80) that very much wanted to cook based on it is a snack that is delicious, useful and beautiful for the Lenten and festive table! Excellent taste and nutritional value of the Golden grain, as it is called in the countries of Asia and the East, You will be pleasantly surprised, especially since my hedgehogs with a surprise!!! Help yourself to health!!!
Tomatoes, baked with crumble
142 - 40м 6
Even though tomatoes are out of season, but for the New year, I think you can treat yourself to this spectacular appetizer! This dish can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish! Juicy, tender tomatoes, and top with a crispy cheese crust! Tasty and very easy!
Tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad
142 - 30м 5
Old snacks in a new way. Why not? Add to friends the salads a little Italian notes of, will make easy the portion of flow, and now the bright and unusual appetizer with a new flavor accents, waiting for his guest to make sure he liked it. Easy, fast and delicious.
Pancakes with cheese Favit, tomatoes and herbs
140 - 30м 4
Very, I would say, refreshing dish! Cheese goes well with tomatoes and greens, and if it is to complement the delicate pancakes - then it is double the fun.....
The appetizer bread
135 - 15м 6
Sometimes the most simple culinary solutions bring the greatest sympathy, and even enthusiasm. From the series: "well, how simple, why do I still ever think of that?!" The idea of such a simple snack belongs to one of our friend. In my performance both evolved a bit, but it is the idea that based on it there were something new, his own. The number of ingredients, of course, conditional, it depends on the number of consumers and your appetite.
Baked zucchini with Aronia
135 - 30м 4
I sliced the zucchini to fry. But the vegetable oil over... Decided to experiment. The taste was pleasant and not ordinary. Preparing easy and very simple. Instead chernoplodku you can use any sweet and sour berries. Experiment!
Favorite "Mother tongue" in the winter
134 - 60м -
Was very surprised when in the winter, on the festive table saw the appetizer of eggplant with Korean carrot. I have stopped using it, and I am sharing with you a billet for the winter.
Eggplant rolls with avocado and walnuts
130 - 50м -
I want to offer You is not quite classic appetizer of eggplant stuffed with avocado with nuts. The rolls are rather spicy, but at the same time gentle.