Appetizers with mushrooms recipes

Mushrooms "I Want more!"
0.9k - 10м -
I don't like complicated recipes that take a few hours. And already began to notice that the simpler - the better. These juicy, flavorful, delicious mushrooms I cook very often. And just to dinner and on the table for a snack, if suddenly guests... And now, in the post, almost every day. And I always hear "I Want more of your mushrooms!" So I did call. Faster recipe for cooking mushrooms (and, to me, more palatable) I have not tried. The taste is so rich and varied! With garlic resembles the grill chicken, with dill - fried cakes with green onions - potato chips... no one can guess how I cook them. Try it once and you'll say "I Want more!"
Appetizer of stuffed lumaconi
0.6k - - -
If you think that the pasta is not served on a festive table, I want to convince you! If you take lumaconi and stuff their aromatic mushroom stuffing with rice and serve, garnished with vegetables and greens - will be great, unusual and delicious appetizer for any holiday table!
Bean pasta with roasted garlic and mushrooms
0.6k - 120м 3
Accidentally "stumbled" on the recipe for this bean paste on the Internet, I imagined the many facets of the flavor of this dish and immediately wanted to do. The taste is really very rich. The execution of the recipe devote to Letter - Lyudmila Novoselova.
0.6k 5 20м -
The mushroom lovers:)
The sack of a poor man
0.6k 4.5 90м -
Surprise your loved one with...
Marinated mushrooms
0.6k - 20м -
I propose another version of pickled mushrooms. Please try it :)
The mushrooms syroechkovski
0.5k - - -
I love mushrooms. Like roasted, salted, pickled, but not syroechkovski had to try. Came across this recipe, very suitable in the post, and not only I made, very much, to share with you.
Baked with mushrooms in Staraya Russa
0.5k - - -
Hello, my dear friends! Apparently, in connection with, the website changed my name to L-La is Lola! Back to change I can't, and therefore under the name of L-La, I present to you another one I found in a cooking magazine, a recipe of the delicious Christmas hot meals of the three kinds of mushrooms baked with mushrooms in old Russian. I must say – calorie, but SO delicious!!! For mushroom lovers, for whom I carry myself and I, just fantastically delicious! P. S. as long as the name will not change back, I'll write the recipes so: the work of Lely, Bilstein.
Butter mushrooms in garlic marinade with sesame seeds
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Love these mushrooms - adrenali garlic soften seeds - they are very handy. Let it not bother a large quantity of vegetable oil - the mushrooms become creamy, and after this marinade can be added to any dishes - it complements the taste. Soy sauce gives an Asian touch to the mushrooms. Try? For the holiday table this snack can be prepared in advance for high demand)!
Tartar of mushrooms
0.5k 5 20м 4
"Tartar" or "tartare" - this mushroom appetizer will please even those who "care" refers to the ingestion of raw mushrooms because the mushrooms in this version, partly pickled and acquire spicy flavor. If you like mushrooms - try it!
Salad "Rich"
0.5k - 60м 4
This salad I was served in the restaurant. Loved it! Now cook at home. Hearty, zesty salad perfect for any holiday table.
Salad-appetizer "Christmas ball"
0.5k - 60м 6
Had long cherished the idea of the snacks, a puzzle in my head had the right, but apparently not quite, or rather not what was intended. The errors taken into account and will certainly be repeating, as all three appetizers are delicious, and budget, if you make the effort, it will look beautiful on the table. Going to cook?
Mushroom julienne Ocean breeze
0.5k - 30м 6
Festive dish.
"The fish keg with mushrooms"
0.5k - 90м 4
A great snack to vodka.
Appetizer "Steppers"
478 - 40м 6
A super-snack for the holidays and everyday, with a delicious filling from the bountiful beauty of autumn! Rings of eggplant, fragrant mushrooms under a layer of luscious spicy carrot and melting cream cheese... and all this framed by a crisp Golden brown... delicious! The name for this snack just randomly popped into my head. Only then I started to search the Internet for something in tune and that it could possibly mean, and found. From the German Stapel: stack, heap... Yes, in point of fact, I got!
Appetizer "Male passion"
477 - 25м 4
This appetizer will surely suit the tastes of a strong half of mankind, because many of them like ham. In General, the combination of ham with juicy mushrooms, I think, will not leave anyone indifferent.
Baked mushrooms in olive in the oven
473 - 60м 4
Want to learn how to cook aromatic roasted mushroom in olive? We offer you to look at this recipe!
Tartlets of puff pastry
467 - - -
Many are already thinking about how to cover the Christmas table, what to cook for their loved ones. I propose this recipe of tartlets, beautifully, simply, delicious.
Fresh mushrooms in sour cream
465 5 60м 2
Braised mushrooms with sour cream and onions
Appetizer of stuffed mushrooms
462 - - -
Mushrooms stuffed with buckwheat with garlic flavor, multicolored "skirts" of peppers and quail eggs - colorful and delicious a La carte appetizer for the holiday table!
Polymeron with mushrooms in a Cup
455 - 40м 12
Cute cups with pumpkin puree and mushrooms for the holiday table (verrines). They can be frozen, which is very convenient. Any day of the surprise unexpected guests original snack.