Snacks of cheese recipes

Patties of sausage and cheese
1.1k 2 15м 1
This recipe came out very tasty burgers, prepared quickly and easily.
Appetizer "Tropical island"
240 5 20м 8
A wonderful appetizer, I cooked her last New year. "Departed" from the table, before everything else. And it's very quick and easy to prepare. Try it!!!
Adygei cheese on the grill
218 - 60м 4
Spring, summer is, of course, it's time for picnics and outings. And usually it involves grilling. But what about those who do not eat meat? This is not a reason to give up the opportunity to relax in the fresh air! We will prepare this delicious spicy cheese grilled with a crispy crust and fresh vegetable salad, yum!
Pita triangles with cheese filling
218 4 - -
Turns out very tasty pita with a crispy crust and creamy cheese. Can replace dinner if served with salad. And the Breakfast is very good, you can still take with you to work, the kids to wrap in school, on a picnic not too bad! Are prepared quickly, and eaten even faster. Source LJ, i_lara.
212 4.5 - -
First time I these cheesy treasures tried in one of the provinces of Argentina. Although the birthplace chips, as many claim, it is Paraguay. They are delicious and in Brazil. The structure of this unusual cheese products and so I remember that I have long tried to find a recipe and adapt it to Russian products) And that's what happened! Of course, neither the mandioca, or even corn starch in our Siberian conditions I could find and failed! Had to use available to all of us – potato starch! Cheeses, too, the most common is fused Friendship, hard Russian and Adyghe. Have chips the crust is crunchy and the cheese inside is like molten! For those who love all cheese is a godsend! Not afraid of the word, try it and You will not regret it! You can use them the next day, for 30 seconds by placing in the microwave. Pleasant enjoyment!
A La carte salad-mousse
210 - 20м 2
This mousse is for those who enjoy light, uncomplicated, but impressive appetizers. Saving time and compliments will be provided to you.
Cheese with grapes in a spicy marinade
197 - - -
I love pickled grapes and pickled cheese, is fed to fine wine, decided both these yummy snacks together in one dish. It was very tasty and flavorful!
Tofu in nori
191 - - -
I offer a simple recipe, but really tasty. And if not for that "tofu" is supposed to lie down in soy sauce, it would be instant cooking. This I love tofu in various dishes, but this version is one of my favorites. Try, rate and enjoy health. BON APPETIT
Labana-soft cheese
189 - - -
Labana is Druze national snack, served for Breakfast. It labane with pita and the Zatar. Tear off a piece of pita, first, I take labana, after need to dip into is eaten this way. Also Breakfast can be served olives. Cheese makes a delicious, quick to prepare, will appeal to you and your family...
187 4 50м 4
Cheese appetizer or a light dinner. Perfect as an addition to soup. Met once a similar recipe in a cooking magazine, it came to mind, but the original recipe is not found and decided to improvise. Very well!
Grilled cheese
185 4 15м -
Yum... perfect for beer, it is eaten on hurrah! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Appetizer "tropikanka"
176 - 30м 5
Delicious and impressive appetizer! Will look great on the buffet table.
Baked ricotta
173 - 45м -
Baked ricotta we tried with my daughter at the exhibition of Italian products, very we liked it and we initially overclocked to buy for the house for tea and then it dawned on me that it is possible to make this at home, the more fresh we sell. Searching in the Internet I found the recipe author nonna pina from Verona. And here presentyou your baked cheese.
Appetizer of Camembert, Apple and ham
172 - 15м 2
Delicious appetizer of Camembert with apples caramelized onions and jamon. This exquisite, delicious snack will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.
Cheese roll with herring "easy"
169 - 15м 4
When at the table it's time to get a little lazy.. I want to Cook for a long time sick.. cheese Roll - this thing! The stuffing will do now! Herring, oil, just class! But the most difficult may be the carrot in the stuffing to cook! Everything else, simple! Don't even need any work! Quickly prepared snack with us! Waiting in the refrigerator for star your hours!
Appetizer of chicken "Very"
169 - - -
Here's a simple snack, instant food. Preparing of only three ingredients on the table and guests are not ashamed to submit.
Appetizer "wild flowers"
164 3 - -
I really wanted to decorate my holiday table, so there was this appetizer. Waiting for Your evaluation!
Appetizer "Browned tofu"
152 - 10м -
Appetizer-five minutes. Five minutes spent on it to slice the tofu, add seasoning, soy sauce and five minutes to the cheese to put out. I love tofu for its versatility, it takes the tastes and flavors of its surrounding ingredients.
150 - 40м 2
Gimbap - Korean cuisine, borrowed from the Japanese during the occupation. The dish resembles a sushi, but with a significantly a variety of fillings, the composition of these rolls in addition to rice includes ham, meats, spicy carrots and daikon, scrambled egg, different vegetables. To kimbap served in aromatic sauce with sesame oil. This is very unusual and very tasty combination.
Appetizer "pan Purdue with Camembert"
149 - 15м 2
Long ago conquered the world of gourmet French cheese! In French all manners in the recipe is Camembert! I want to tell you friends that to replace it is impossible. Because we are so important the result! Not much here cost! Cheesy, creamy, so gently! Everyone will like it of course! Aroma enjoy! Health help yourself!
Processed cheese with mushrooms and greens
148 - 45м 12
Delicious homemade cheese. Try it! For the recipe thank Elena T.