Hot venison recipes

Woodcock roasted
4.1k 5 - -
In anticipation of the spring hunting season want to offer your recipe a wood Sandpiper.
Chops of the wood-grouse
1.8k - 60м 5
Chops breast of grouse, a real delicacy! They poluchayutsya so delicious that even I can't understand this game.
Pheasant in French
1.3k - 120м 6
My husband is a hunter. Now we have hunting season for pheasant, my husband has already brought in a few pieces. I decided to look for interesting recipes. So, it turns out, there's a pheasant in French. I offer you this recipe. So you can cook, of course, and chicken.
Grouse with pineapple
1.3k 5 45м 2
"Eat pineapples, chew grouse! Your last hour comes, bourgeois!" the Famous phrase Mayakovsky is known to all Soviet people at school. In childhood, the grouse seemed to me some little evil creatures that could destroy the unfortunate bourgeoisie, all without exception. However, upon closer examination, the grouse was still quite cute birds. They are especially delicious with a side of pineapple. Knew still bourgeois experts in gastronomy. So, prepare famous gourmet dish!
Meat in beer
1.1k 4 - -
Honestly, the meat in the beer I didn't cook ever. Moreover, recipes, I have not seen, and perhaps met, but passed. Did the chicken in aerogrill on the beer, that is Leela in the bottom of the flask beer, but the chicken was on the grill. Recently decided to treat father-in-law freshly caught hare. I've figured out how to cook it, to which he shrugged and said that he has his own way of cooking meat: "Beer". Well, I guess I am not the boss. And the most stuck in my mind and scraped, it's like I'm this way don't know? It is not good. Father-in-law I did not call, I decided to improvise.
Grouse "my Husband is 45"
1k - - -
Just recently, beloved husband turned 45. The birthday fell on a weekday, decided to celebrate in a warm family circle. I wanted to prepare not troublesome and bright treat. And even this: which is not often the case on the table. Your choice is stopped on the grouse the gherkins, and not lost. Prepared after work, had time before her husband. All have time and not tired. Maybe someone to appreciate that idea. All a pleasant appetite!
Quail (chickens) with sauce rose
1k 5 60м 4
Another recipe from the love collection (collection Aphrodite), as I promised the fans of the chestnut trees. Roast the bird with a flavorful sauce. Chestnuts in the recipe you can substitute potatoes. Only mashed potatoes to make thinner than usual. Recipe taken from the book by Mexican writer Laura Esquivel "Like water for chocolate"
Wild duck stuffed with cake
1k 5 - -
It was the third main dish on the birthday of my spouse. This way you can bake the chicken and the Turkey, but since my husband is a hunter, we have on the table was wild game and fish caught by him. My favorite recipe. Welcome to the table.
Guinea fowl stewed with potatoes
0.9k - - -
A traditional dish in our family. In my opinion, the best preparation of the Guinea fowl - a stewing, especially if you have a roaster or kettle.
Quail a La "Stifado"
0.9k - 180м 4
I managed to buy a few pounds of quail. I must say that the stores haven't seen them for a long time. In almost at once they were roasted and cooked in the sleeve, and at the weekend decided to Tinker and to cook something interesting. Those who do not like to bother with small stones, can not see a recipe for those who love to savor-you are welcome.
Quail in sauce with vegetables
0.9k - - 3
Universal recipe - first and second in one recipe. Very tasty and flavorful! Help yourself!
Quail in the marinade "Codornices en escabeche"
0.9k 5 40м 2
Quail in the marinade is a popular Spanish dish. It is eaten both cold and hot. Often served with a salad (in a bowl crumble lettuce, tomato, onion, add olives, and top, cut into quarters, put the quail, salted and used as a vinaigrette marinade. Mmmm... Delicious!) Instead of quail you can use chicken or if you have a husband hunter game. They are so delicious!!! If you can stand not to eat all at once, I can fold a quail in a sterilized jar, pour the brine, roll up the cover and store in the fridge in case unexpected guests.
Hen in a pot
0.8k - 180м 4
Grouse, grouse or Kapalua in the pot. Suddenly find themselves faced with a very limited number of recipes for upland game on this website. In fairness, I'll note - the recipe is not my exclusive, borrowed from Mrs. Kuzenkova and made your edits.
0.8k 3 90м 4
I was lucky enough to take part in the campaign "Coloring". The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2007 user qucci called "Levengi" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". I was interested in unknown to me the name of the dish. In search of information I went to the forum dedicated to the talis kitchen and here's what I learned: Levengi is one of the most famous dishes of this cuisine, a symbol of hospitality. This word has a double meaning: refers to the filling of red onion and walnut, there is also a dish prepared with this filling: fish, chicken, game. To cook famous national dish, not knowing its flavour in a very responsible manner. I tried to fulfill all the requirements, although it was difficult to find authentic products of this region. When I cooked and tasted levengi, I realized that I was lucky again - I discovered a previously unknown great Talysh cuisine.
Grouse, stewed in cream
0.8k - - -
The capercaillie is the largest bird in our forests. Grouse hunters considered the coveted trophy. Taste qualities are excellent, but as with all wild game, the meat is dry and dense, so the grouse carcass always different, that's one of the options.
Pheasant marinated in wine
0.7k - 60м 4
Hello friends! Today's recipe for wild pheasant. My husband brought a young pheasant from the hunt. This is my first pheasant. I've been thinking what to do with it, looking for interesting recipes and eventually came up with a recipe. The pheasant turned out tender with a crispy crust and a pleasant aroma.
Grouse with cheese crust
0.7k 5 90м 4
Dear cooks! Present on your court my first prescription. It turned out to be grouse, actually, I was preparing myself for the first time. Just went to get meat in the store, and they all grouse buy, so I decided to try it. Came, looked and made the following dish. Grouse were very juicy and tasty. And garnish with the baked potatoes - awesome. A husband who doesn't eat chicken, and eaten a grouse. So, in my family this dish liked it. I hope someone else will try and appreciate.
Quail "nest"
0.7k - 90м -
Here is a tasty dish I bring to your attention. Quail in complex with roasted new potatoes. Garlic and hot pepper seasoning... Start...
Quail Regal
0.7k - - -
Awesome tasty and tender perepelochka!!! Came across this recipe randomly on the Internet and decided to cook, not a bit sorry!!!
Quail baked with sesame seeds in the oven
0.7k 5 120м 8
The dish is simple to prepare. But your guests will be pleasantly surprised and will not leave this dish unattended. Going to cook...? :)
Chicken Guinea fowl with potatoes and rosemary
0.6k 5 100м 4
Here is another recipe for cooking Guinea fowl. Recipe from the culinary magazine "La Cucina". Very elegant and very easy to prepare dish.