The sauce to meat recipes

Caucasian sauce
5k 3.6 - -
Super-duper sauce for kebabs. I spied on one cooking site and fell in love. I hope You will like it. Importantly, it cooks very quickly
Sauce sulini
2.6k - 40м 6
Hello. I come from Macedonia. There is yogurt sauce SULINI that our nation delivers to the table for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With it you can do a sandwich, add fruits or, on the contrary, greens and garlic. Sulini ideal for meat and vegetables with a fire. I want to share with the Russian cooks this simple and delicious dish of our national cuisine. It can be used instead of high-calorie mayonnaise as the dressing to a variety of dishes, you can make sandwiches with it or be put separately, just as the sauce addition.
Cream sauce for meatballs IKEA
2.5k 4.4 - 4
Trademark recipe cream sauce for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook IKEA meatballs
Grated pepper "Eros Pista"
2.4k - 5м 10
Today make a paste that quickly and easily turns diet food for my ulcer in a damn volcano! A little background: that way six months ago I went to Hungary, not least hoping to see the local cooking. First, of course, to try the local cuisine: goulash, paprikash, local dishes, meat in the pot. Well, chute and cook with local products is almost more interesting. And drew attention to the lies literally in every store sauce - Eros Pista. As it turned out, pretty sharp. As in most restaurants, the local dishes were served a pot of the same sauce. I must say it is lovely: delicious, nice goulash which can give kids a couple of spoons makes an elegant soup for fireworm. I only wish to get the sauce out. Flew cheap tickets with one hand Luggage, and... eh... But now I was able to reproduce the familiar taste, and you know what was the most difficult? To believe that everything was SO simple and not to add to the recipe some extra [censored]. So... Let's Go!
Yemeni hot sauce "Shug"
1.6k - 30м 10
The chutney once brought to Israel Yemenis. It can be safely attributed to the recipes "updates". To prepare it all year round, since the red and green of Shug need a very small set of products which always are on sale. In the middle East for Shug no matter the season, but we are so long were waiting for the barbecue season, now is the best time to cook it! In addition to meat Shug is perfect for vegetables, pasta, and cheese, and even will fit like a pizza sauce. In General, a lot of variants, and applications in the kitchen he doesn't count, here the main condition is to love spicy food.
1.6k - - -
The famous Bulgarian salsa! Tried once, bought in a Bulgarian store, loved it!!! Wanted to repeat. Recipe received from a friend of the Bulgarian chef! The result is great!
1.5k - - -
Famous Georgian sauce. For those, who like spicy. Thank you for your support in creating recipe user Hato-ECA.
Caucasian sauce
1.5k - 20м -
One of my favorite sauces! Suitable for almost any dish, just perfect for barbecue.
Sauce from cornelian cherries with tarragon
1.3k - - -
Dogwood berries have a lot of advantages. They contain organic acids (citric, malic and very rare amber), useful sugar, essential oil, calcium, magnesium, potassium, plenty of vitamin C and so on... I Love this berry. Every autumn, prepare jam from a Cornel, Cornel juice, freeze a few pounds and be sure to cook the sauce from dogwood. Fragrant, spicy, slightly sour, tart and the sauce perfectly complements the dish of meat or poultry.
Sauce of sheep's cheese
1.3k 5 - -
The sauce for the barbecue!
Fruit mustard "Mustard"
1.2k - - -
Mostarda – a traditional Italian sauce of fruit, pickled in mustard and syrup. The main components of the sauce are different berries and fruits, syrup, mustard. Mostarda has an original fruity-mustard taste. It goes well with meat dishes, cheese. There are some very simple recipes fruit mustard made from scrap materials in a couple of minutes. There is a fancy, sophisticated, luxurious, exceptional. But whatever fruit mustard, the taste is always difficult and is revealed gradually: first, a sense of sweetness of fruit, and after showing a slight sharpness of mustard seeds. I have to say, the sauce on the fan. It will appeal to those who like sweet sauces for meat, cheese. The recipe for this sauce I saw on TV. The ingredients in this recipe, the public and the summer-autumn period every home owner. Originally made mostarda recipe, didn't change anything. Because I wanted to try, say, a recipe original from the author.
Sauce for kebabs-2
1.2k 5 15м -
Another variation. With radish.
Sour cream sauce, adjika and coriander
1.2k - 5м 4
The sauce is perfect for Shawarma, kebabs, pita, hot dogs, and just with hot Pitta bread or pita bread is delicious!
Sauce "Manhole," he's lasjan
1.2k 4 10м -
For those, who like spicy. I had previously published called eat "Sauce for the whole". Now with photography. This sauce is served with meat, fish and in General to any dish. Would be a good addition to the Korean and Oriental cuisine.
Sauce-my version
1.1k 5 20м -
A child does not eat bell pepper. But here's the chutney for some reason love, although it is mostly out of it and is. Quickly made and quickly eaten. Adzhika on the website much, but maybe someone my version will like.
Cherry sauce for meat dishes
1.1k - - -
Delicious and easy to prepare sauce that stores well without refrigeration...
BBQ sauce with bacon and prunes
1.1k - - -
Aroma of smoked bacon, the sweetness and flavor from the prunes... This sauce is to cook, believe me!
Sauce for meatballs
1.1k 3 15м -
This sauce from my childhood. My papule always cooks the burgers with this sauce. Try it, it's delicious!!
The vegetable sauce to the kebab
1.1k - 15м -
A wonderful addition!
Mustard sauce
1.1k - 5м -
This sauce is my favorite. You can also try this.
Sauce "Asparagus" by Nelly
1.1k 5 - -
Today made the first time Tkemali recipe Nonlinearity (21179 ) with cook, and not doing step-by-step photos, as it was not going to put. The sauce turned out so delicious that I must share with you the recipe. Recipes Asparagus a lot, and all are preparing in different ways, and on the website we also have, but this one is especially good!!! Sour, slightly tangy flavor to the meat!!! So prepare this sauce in Western Georgia, in Kobuleti.