The sauce to meat recipes

Caucasian sauce
0.6k 3.6 - -
Super-duper sauce for kebabs. I spied on one cooking site and fell in love. I hope You will like it. Importantly, it cooks very quickly
Cream sauce for meatballs IKEA
0.6k 4.4 - 4
Trademark recipe cream sauce for meatballs IKEA See also how to cook IKEA meatballs
Sauce sulini
0.6k - 40м 6
Hello. I come from Macedonia. There is yogurt sauce SULINI that our nation delivers to the table for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With it you can do a sandwich, add fruits or, on the contrary, greens and garlic. Sulini ideal for meat and vegetables with a fire. I want to share with the Russian cooks this simple and delicious dish of our national cuisine. It can be used instead of high-calorie mayonnaise as the dressing to a variety of dishes, you can make sandwiches with it or be put separately, just as the sauce addition.
379 - - -
The famous Bulgarian salsa! Tried once, bought in a Bulgarian store, loved it!!! Wanted to repeat. Recipe received from a friend of the Bulgarian chef! The result is great!
Sauce of sheep's cheese
337 5 - -
The sauce for the barbecue!
Cranberry sauce - 1
234 5 15м -
This sauce is perfect for meat dishes and dishes from the birds. The sauce made thus is good for cooking.
Homemade mustard
226 - 30м 24
Homemade mustard is very tasty and flavorful sauce that can be added to almost any main courses, and appetizers. Offer a recipe of my favorite homemade mustard.
222 - - -
Famous Georgian sauce. For those, who like spicy. Thank you for your support in creating recipe user Hato-ECA.
Sauce for kebabs-2
219 5 15м -
Another variation. With radish.
The vegetable sauce to the kebab
194 - 15м -
A wonderful addition!
Sour cream sauce, adjika and coriander
188 - 5м 4
The sauce is perfect for Shawarma, kebabs, pita, hot dogs, and just with hot Pitta bread or pita bread is delicious!
Garlic pasta avocado
185 5 15м 5
Universal pasta to fish and meat dishes.
The sauce to meat
182 4 10м -
Quick and tasty. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Sauce "Bomb"
180 - - -
Gorgeous sauce with a Grand finish!!! Perfect for any dish. It can not only serve the meat, fish, vegetables, etc, but also bake in it. Don't forget to pass it to the taste!!! Your loved ones will be thrilled!!!
Sauce for kebabs
180 4 15м 6
Fans of cilantro will especially have to taste.
171 5 15м -
Greek dish - the sauce, the heat is very refreshing.
Sauce "Asparagus" by Nelly
171 5 - -
Today made the first time Tkemali recipe Nonlinearity (21179 ) with cook, and not doing step-by-step photos, as it was not going to put. The sauce turned out so delicious that I must share with you the recipe. Recipes Asparagus a lot, and all are preparing in different ways, and on the website we also have, but this one is especially good!!! Sour, slightly tangy flavor to the meat!!! So prepare this sauce in Western Georgia, in Kobuleti.
Sauce for meatballs
165 3 15м -
This sauce from my childhood. My papule always cooks the burgers with this sauce. Try it, it's delicious!!
Sauce for kebabs "easiest"
165 - 5м -
Kebab no sauce no! Summer - an abundance of herbs and greens that will build a sauce based on tomato, add herbs and voila - a quick, juicy, delicious. Help yourself.
Tomato relish with pickled cucumbers
162 - - -
Relish is a type of sauce made from pickled vegetables. It is usually heterogeneous, with pieces of vegetables. This tomato relish with pickled cucumbers is perfect as a sauce for burgers, grilled meats, sausages, hot dogs. And just with meatballs is delicious!
Green sauce
159 3 20м -
Perfect for meat dishes and can also be used as a seasoning for sandwiches.