Sauce for poultry recipes

3.6k 4.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Very tasty dish, but very filling. Not for those who care about their figure.
2.6k 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Chicken stuffed with nuts. It's my specialty. Our family love him very much. Serves both cold and hot.
Tava kababi
2k 5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Using the translation from Turkish kebab. Not all kababi in Azerbaijani cuisine made in the traditional method. I want to offer to your attention a simple recipe varieties kababa - tava kababi (kababa in the pan).
Sulu khingal
1.9k 5 - -
Sulu (liquid) hengel. The Azerbaijan cuisine. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious soup.
1.7k 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Very delicious soup, served cold.
1.6k 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Literally hafta-Bejar means "ripen over the week". That is, through the week all ready.
Spicy sauce for grilled meat from crab apples
1.3k - 30м 4
Great for venison, duck. A unique combination of taste pickled ginger and Apple aroma gives roasted duck favorite new original taste
Cranberry sauce
1.3k - 45м 8
A stunning sweet and sour sauce bright pink, turkeys and more!
1.2k 3.5 - -
Eggplant in garlic sauce (Azerbaijan cuisine). Very tasty. Try it, you will not regret. For photos thanks scullion Hedgehog xD.
Sauce "Bois-Bedran"
1.2k - 10м 2
Very rich sauce is perfect for poultry and for fish and meat. The idea of this amazing sauce I found in the book by the French chef Michel Roux. Of course, I have adapted a regular kitchen, because some of the ingredients I not only have, but have heard about them for the first time.
Sauce "Ostrinkoy"
1.1k - 20м 4
Offer the recipe is very delicious and unusual sauce, suitable for meat, poultry. Especially it will appeal to those who adhere to diets or healthy eating.
Sweet bread "Shirin charak"
1.1k 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Sweet bread is baked mainly on holidays.
Chicken in peanut sauce "BAJ"
1k - - -
Sauce "BAJ" (BAJ) with chicken. This walnut-garlic sauce with seasonings. This dish is cooked in Western Georgia. Also, this sauce can be used for fried fish.
Cheese sauce
1k - - 12
Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Peanut sauce
1k - - -
There are many ways of making peanut sauce. I suggest one of them. This sauce is ideal for poultry and fish dishes.
Pickled plum
1k 3 - -
Also from the Azerbaijani cuisine. Very interesting zagotovochka obtained. Plums are very tasty, spicy and not too salty.
Lebanese garlic sauce TM
1k - 10м 4
Lebanese garlic sauce TM. Friends, this is not only a tasty sauce to absolutely any meal, but also the secret weapon all sellers Shawarma. Without it, the Shawarma would have suffered a complete fiasco. See detailed videorecipe.
Dolma from grape leaves "yarpag dolmasy"
1k 4 - -
Translated from Azeri-Turkic "yarpag dolmasy" means "leaf Dolma". The translation of the word dolma is from Azeri-Turkic, as, indeed, from any Turkic language, means "filled, stuffed". This dolma is very common in the East. Do Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Persians (Iranians), but they all do it in different interpretations, and they look completely different. My recipe is an authentic Azerbaijani dolma.
Cheese and garlic sauce
0.9k 5 10м 10
Well suited to grenkami and chicken dishes.
Cranberry sauce baked chicken
0.9k - - -
Cranberry sauce baked chicken marinated with ginger and brown sugar. Looking through the latest issue of "Deli", drew attention to two recipes: cranberry sauce for poultry and baked the Turkey. And the Turkey prepared for roasting bit of an unusual way – soaked in a marinade with ginger. Both recipes use cane sugar. "That's what I need," I thought, and he combined the two recipes (although Turkey was not in the fridge, used good quality chicken). It was a very interesting combination of chicken, marinated in sweet fragrant filling and sweet and sour sauce that accentuates its taste! Cranberry sauce recipe from Alexander Seleznev, the absolute champion of Russia on confectionery art, winner of the world Cup for cooking Luxembourg.
Cold sauce "Tartarus"
0.9k 5 20м 6
Sauce belongs to the group of cold emulsion sauces like mayonnaise. It is possible to prepare a complex way, gradually mixing vegetable oil with egg yolk, but you can do as I do: take the prepared mayonnaise and combine with the remaining ingredients. Sauce can be served with boiled eggs, fish, cold chicken.