Sauce for poultry recipes

0.8k 4.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Very tasty dish, but very filling. Not for those who care about their figure.
0.7k 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Chicken stuffed with nuts. It's my specialty. Our family love him very much. Serves both cold and hot.
458 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Very delicious soup, served cold.
Tava kababi
397 5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Using the translation from Turkish kebab. Not all kababi in Azerbaijani cuisine made in the traditional method. I want to offer to your attention a simple recipe varieties kababa - tava kababi (kababa in the pan).
Spicy sauce for grilled meat from crab apples
394 - 30м 4
Great for venison, duck. A unique combination of taste pickled ginger and Apple aroma gives roasted duck favorite new original taste
Chicken in peanut sauce "BAJ"
352 - - -
Sauce "BAJ" (BAJ) with chicken. This walnut-garlic sauce with seasonings. This dish is cooked in Western Georgia. Also, this sauce can be used for fried fish.
Sulu khingal
253 5 - -
Sulu (liquid) hengel. The Azerbaijan cuisine. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious soup.
253 3.5 - -
Eggplant in garlic sauce (Azerbaijan cuisine). Very tasty. Try it, you will not regret. For photos thanks scullion Hedgehog xD.
228 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Literally hafta-Bejar means "ripen over the week". That is, through the week all ready.
Sweet bread "Shirin charak"
222 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Sweet bread is baked mainly on holidays.
The horseradish sauce to the kebab
211 - - -
The combination of horseradish and grapefruit are perfect not only for grilled poultry and fish. Today we prepare chicken skewers with Forester
Cranberry sauce
206 - 45м 8
A stunning sweet and sour sauce bright pink, turkeys and more!
Nut sauce "BAJ"
200 3 - -
Hello, my fellow Cooks! Today I propose you a traditional Georgian walnut sauce. Bage sauce is almost universal and is preparing very simple. The only thing it is not customary to eat is meat, is not suitable. And, of course, a matter of taste. As satsivi, lobio and khachapuri to cook it knows every housewife, and, of course, each with its own method and taste. So just say that don't pretend to possess the ultimate truth and offer the option of which I was taught by my grandmother (plus modern technology). Try and make sure that it is very tasty!
Pickled plum
178 3 - -
Also from the Azerbaijani cuisine. Very interesting zagotovochka obtained. Plums are very tasty, spicy and not too salty.
Cheese and garlic sauce
175 5 10м 10
Well suited to grenkami and chicken dishes.
Dolma from grape leaves "yarpag dolmasy"
174 4 - -
Translated from Azeri-Turkic "yarpag dolmasy" means "leaf Dolma". The translation of the word dolma is from Azeri-Turkic, as, indeed, from any Turkic language, means "filled, stuffed". This dolma is very common in the East. Do Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Persians (Iranians), but they all do it in different interpretations, and they look completely different. My recipe is an authentic Azerbaijani dolma.
Fried eggs in bread
168 5 10м 1
Fried eggs in bread.
Sauce of walnuts with cheese
164 - 5м -
Arash sibbal, is the original name of this sauce in the book of the Abkhazian cuisine, published in Sukhumi in 1989, the modern kitchen, it is easy and fast to prepare with a blender. It is great for poultry: family tried it with chicken, with the goose for the whole family. We're a father and I love spicy - and the bread has such a sauce - bliss!
158 3.5 15м 4
You'll love this sauce
Cranberry sauce
152 - 30м 10
Piecing together new year's menu - part 1.
Marinade for chicken with lemon and Chile
151 - - -
We marinated chicken for kebabs in this marinade. It turned out very very tasty, everyone who tried it, liked it. It gives the meat a light acidity and a lighter sweetness, sharpness of pepper is almost not there, but adds piquancy. This marinade can also be used as a sauce for the finished chicken.