Salad dressing recipes

0.6k 3 20м 1
So named for mayonnaise in France. And thanks to a typo made in a cookbook, became famous mayonnaise.
Yogurt dressing for salads and To
0.5k - 5м 5
Girls, this simple preset I use every day. Two minutes-and the spring freshness in a glass! Or, in a plate...
Yogurt sauce with pimenton
0.5k - 5м 1
The French say: the architect covers up my mistakes façade, chef sauce, doctor earth. So if you have a poorly prepared dish, or you want to give the recipe a new sound to prepare this sauce.
Vinegar with different ingredients and spices
490 4 30м -
Ordinary vinegar, but improved, due to the different spices.
Sauce eggplant with parsley
489 - 60м 2
This sauce is not only perfect for all types of meat and poultry, but also with great success can be used as a dressing for salads. Minimum ingredients, simple cooking - tasty and healthy sauce.
Salad dressing, vegetables, fish, poultry
476 4 5м 4
Tasty, easy, low-calorie.
Ranch dressing with avocado
434 - - -
Avocado ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is very popular in America. It is used for salads and as a dip (dip) that is dipped in fresh vegetables. It is very tasty. I suggest to try an avocado.
Salad dressing
411 3 5м 10
Salad dressing that is ideal for all leaf salads, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.
Peanut sauce for salad "Chuck"
409 - 10м 2
Hello! First, the story. My husband and I really love seaweed salad "Chuck" (well, that is tasty and healthy), but the problem is that it is vital peanut sauce. It stores no, first ordered online, but for a long time l have not been delayed: it was too good and chicken-piggy-tempura, and marine reptiles. Decided to improvise. What came out of it - you decide!
Sauce "Caesar"
407 - 5м 3
Easy to prepare, suitable for any leafy salad.
Italian salad dressing
407 3 10м 5
Another option for salad dressing, very light and delicate taste, which is perfect for leafy and fruit salads. Just note that there are several variations of this filling with balsamic vinegar and without it. Products are available, prepared simply and quickly!
Sauce easy
403 4 20м 3
Improvisation complete..; ) Turned out very light sauce, delicate taste.
Vegetable salad dressing
400 - 15м 1
Filling, which is ideal for vegetable salads, and salads with fish. And if the vinegar is replaced with lemon juice, this dressing will please the adherents of a healthy diet. The layout was given for 1 kg, to make it easier to calculate the right amount.
Greek bread-nut sauce "Skordalia"
398 - 20м -
Skordalia is puree salads, snacks, shaded with spice and acidity typical of Greek cuisine. You can eat them with slices of fresh, steamed vegetables or grilled vegetables with any fresh food that needs a flavor. Any veggies would be delicious with this sauce. Even just with a slice of fresh bread and tasty
Yogurt dressing for salads
394 - - -
A light dressing of yogurt for any vegetable salads. Even ordinary lettuce leaves, drenched in this dressing, be turned into a delicious salad.
Creamy maple mustard sauce
365 - 1м 4
Dressing. An incredibly interesting combination of sauce is perfect for the usual salad or new potatoes.
Sauce mozzarella
360 4 - -
A delicious sauce for salads.
Salad dressing
357 - 30м -
Salad Cream. This popular UK salad dressing a little bit like mayonnaise, but has a more pronounced sour-sweet and creamy taste. Complements any green salad and will serve a nice cold sauce for boiled eggs, or sandwiches.
Apple-ginger mayonnaise
354 - 10м -
Interesting cold sauce for boiled vegetables, fruit salads, boiled fish and meat. Come on, treat...
Sauce "Salad"
353 - - -
The recipe was found on the foreign website, I've been thinking to try or not. Vain thought for a long time, the sauce has surpassed all expectations. Very tasty salads with tomatoes, green salads. Also delicious to get wet in it black bread. Has a sweet taste, bright, rich and unique.
Honey sauce for vegetables
350 - 5м -
Want to offer a dressing sauce for salads based on honey and eggs boiled in a bag. Cooks very quickly and of the available products. This sauce can be used with vegetables cooked on the grill. I saw Silvia, thank you very much. And you this sauce to dip freshly baked ciabatta, Focaccia.