Tea recipes

Mate tea
5k 4.8 - -
Mate tea — this tea is popular in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, but the birthplace of the tea of Paraguay. Now this is pleasant to the taste, tart drink is gaining points in other countries of the world. It has properties to stimulate the nervous system, it can be attributed to the calming energy resources.
Kalmyk tea
3.7k - - -
Once bought brew, which was called "Kalmyk tea". And on the package was written this recipe. Such is not found, so placed. Our family loves this tea - solonovato-sweet with a pleasant mixture of black and green tea. Try it, maybe You'll like it.
Cherry grog
2.1k - - -
Fragrant spicy drink that will warm you up on a cool evening. Love to read a book about Sherlock Holmes with a mug of this tasty grog!
Rose tea
1.7k - - -
Well, what could be better than a floral tea, but still with the scent of vanilla and roses!
Masala tea
1.7k - 15м 2
... or divine bouquet in a Cup. It's hard to describe in words what is to that extent unusual, awesome and amazing. Words can only describe the taste in comparison, but to compare the divine, absolutely stunning flavor and aroma? Again once again and probably be right - the recipes of Vedic cooking, not to describe the need to prepare and enjoy! Six months I posted here of their recipes, so I decided to get back to you with something truly stunning - masala tea which will give you unforgettable pleasure!
Suutei Tsai/Mongolian tea with milk and salt
1.6k 4 - -
The traditional Mongolian tea that is traditionally brewed in yurts. Nowadays, this tea can be bought in powder form, but it won't be the same.
Sea buckthorn tea with mint and cloves
1.6k - - -
Lately, the growing popularity of sea buckthorn tea, and this is not surprising because he has an amazing taste and is a real storehouse of nutrients. Come visit and get my version of sea buckthorn tea.
Harvesting fireweed
1.5k - 5400м 105
Koporye tea, fireweed, fireweed... It can be called differently! From year to year we harvest this wonderful, healthy drink-panacea and enjoy its unrivalled fruity, honey-like taste and aroma! Today I decided to share with you the secrets of his cooking! And it will tell you the key to obtaining rich tea, because if just dry or retreat from the rules-we get a taste at best grass or cheap Ceylon tea...
Tea on Uighur
1.5k - 10м 1
Adanáor Etkináy (UIG. ئ® 9;ت 603;ە& #1606;چ&am p;am p;#1575;ي / etkenchay / әTC 241;NCI; Kyrgyz. atkanchay) — the national drink of the Uyghurs, known as Cosima also in Tibet. The morning brew this Uighur tea and you will be warm all day.
Ginger tea
1.5k 5 20м -
This is a great drink that its essential content has a positive effect on recovery from colds and cough.
Two-layer tea
1.4k 3 7м 2
Have been using this recipe. Try to prepare this tea - it's fast, easy, cheap, beautiful and always impresses guests.
Buryat tea
1.3k - 30м 3
I want to share with you the recipe of a very tasty tea. Maybe many will say that this is a Kalmyk tea, to which I objected, because these 2 dishes have a lot in common. But this tea is Buryat. For originality does not apply, perhaps my version is not quite accurate, but received from a friend living in Buryatia.
Maple tea latte
1.2k - 5м 1
Friends, I want to offer you a Cup of magic tea that will do to start the day, lift your spirits, add to your strength and taste of this amazing drink will win you over at first SIP.
Kalmyk Duo: salty tea with lacunae
1.2k - - -
The recipe of this tea with me shared Egevichka continuing the theme of exotic milk teas, and in turn shared it with her friend. Tea included crispy salty lakomy. I hope "broken telephone" did not work and I did everything right) I liked the Result!
Tea made from pine needles and rose hips
1.2k - - -
In these winter days can be prepared vitamin tea of pine needles and dried rose hips! The drink is light, useful and with an interesting taste! For the first brewing it is advisable to take a smaller number of needles, not to get too resinous taste!
Masala tea
1.2k - 20м -
Spicy exotic in a Cup is available to all. It is both delicious and satisfying at the same time. There are lots of nuances in the preparation of the drink, and what is canonical masala tea, probably know only in India) And I cook it that way...
Turkish Apple tea
1.2k - 15м -
This Apple tea is good for children and adults! Hot, fragrant! It will be very appropriate in cold weather will warm, and in summer it can be cool and enjoy it! And tasty, and useful! All the ingredients are completely arbitrary.
Tea Aristocrat
1.2k 3.5 10м 1
Good afternoon comrades pavarati!! Is it possible that in the cold rainy nights the soul asks for something, namely: "Go there, do not know where, find something, do not know what, make that, don't know why??" If so, my recipe for You!
The original tea with cardamom and Mandarin
1.1k - 10м 2
Tea "Winter". Preparing menu for the New year, saw its archives this recipe of tea. Its a little bit easier. Instant trade unusual and exquisite taste. What could be better? Invited to a tea party!!!
Tea on the menu
1.1k 5 5м 4
Tea in milk with spices or without them.
Sbiten "Winter"
1.1k - 80м 6
Sbiten (digest) is a Russian hot drink made from water, honey and spices, herbs. He was always present on the tables in Russia - holidays and everyday. And as someone fell ill and was treated with sbiten. This recipe will help with colds or just to warm up after a winter walk in the Christmas cold.