Coffee recipes

RAF-coffee at home
2k - 20м 1
Divine drink based on espresso. This is the MOST DELICATE of all types of coffee, which I had to try. Hot, fragrant, creamy vanilla flavor... mmmmmmmmmm... If You love a delicate coffee, I respect Latte and Cappuccino - this coffee will not leave You indifferent!
Latte (Latte macchiato)
0.8k 5 - 2
Latte (aka latte macchiato) is a milk beverage based on espresso. Prepared with foamed milk and consists of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. It has a delicate taste of milk, served in a tall glass or Irish glass with a spoon for foam.
341 - - 2
Exotic taste, feel East, Arabia... described the taste of this coffee is my husband. In my opinion, was spot on.
Iced coffee
337 3 - -
Iced coffee – iced coffee with the addition of ice cream. There are a variety of coffee recipes-iced coffee. The name of the drink comes from the French verb glacé that the exact translation means "frozen, frozen", but in a more rough – "chilled".
Coffee “Mocha cloud”
337 4 15м 5
Natural coffee prepared at home is not very much, so prepare this coffee masterpiece with soluble (Nescafe is best suited). But it's a matter of taste - in any case, the drink will be excellent.
Coffee "Bliss"
306 - 5м 1
Spicy, delicate and aromatic coffee with a slight taste of coconut. A little creamy, a little lazy, however, awakening and invigorating... Oksanochka (ogiway), my dear friend, let me buy you a Cup of coffee "Bliss" in your Birthday!
Vanilla-cinnamon cappuccino
303 - 15м 4
Cappuccino - one of my favorite drinks! But this is my favorite. Currently treat with a milk foam is not uncommon, on every corner, in every café you can enjoy a bubbly drink. But this recipe is possible to prepare at home, and it's not necessary to have at home the coffee machine! This recipe always turns out. Help yourself!
Coffee Lime
254 5 15м 1
Oh, coffee you love... And although you drink in a day only 1 to 2 cups, still without it can not. Never skimp on coffee - buy a good grade of Arabica, but it still want variety... you Get to all sorts of impossible combinations (I'll tell you how the Union drinking coffee "Sovetski"); it happens that the taste is additionally so ennobled from the added ingredients that it seems some kind of new drink you consume...
Coffee gram
251 - 25м 1
At the time of chickpea were prepared not only the first and second dishes, but also coffee drink. Decided to revive the tradition and to try to do. Nutty notes of this coffee drink from the chickpeas were a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend to cook, especially when it is so easy!!!
Coffee turinski "Bicerin"
229 - - 2
Bicerin (Bicerin) - a traditional Italian drink native to Turin. Preparing since the 18th century, and has become widely popular thanks to Alexander Dumas in the middle of the 19th century. To describe the taste quality, it makes no sense... I think you'll understand after seeing the ingredients.
Coffee "Stirlitz"
228 4 10м -
For coffee lovers-food lovers. I called him because I read about it the favorite drink of our legendary scout at Juliana Semenova. A very unusual composition for a coffee! So do not judge strictly, without trying!
Coffee with cinnamon and cream
215 - - -
Invigorating coffee with cinnamon and cream early in the morning in these cold days will lift your spirits. Bonus-to-drink creamy Fudge. Help yourself! The recipe was a gift from my friend Nina (barska) and her daughter the Wall.
Coffee "Return to Eden"
198 3 20м 1
Sweet, awesome.
Coffee "Honey soufflé"
198 - 20м 1
Aromatic coffee!!! With a subtle echo of honey!!! And aroma additives in the "Honey soufflé"! Worth a try!!!
Coffee with cherries and cinnamon
196 5 - -
Start the morning with a Cup of coffee, what could be better! But if you have to start the day! The cherries season, especially Spanky, I love to drink coffee cherry. And in the winter I use the juice from the cherry five. Offer just two options: instant coffee and natural. At the request of the Jura xmxm publish this recipe. So, coffee lovers, and cherries dedicated!
Gingerbread coffee
192 - - 1
The other day, walking with a child, we went to my favorite cafe where I ordered a favorite coffee. When I started to offer to make it with any flavor, I opened my mouth, as usual to give up... but after hearing magical "gingerbread" pricked up his ears and agreed. And do not regret it!! Oh yeah, THIS is something that no doubt will create Christmas mood and warm the cold winter!!! If You love gingerbread, this recipe is for You. Today we should be having coffee with the taste of gingerbread, and simultaneously offer the option of a Christmas present. Wipe your feet, come on)
Of iced coffee
191 4.5 - -
Delicious, refreshing iced coffee.
Coffee Royal
190 5 - -
Delicious! For photos thanks scullion Natkati.
Spanish coffee "BOM-Bon"
187 - 10м 2
I love coffee and we're always looking for interesting recipes. Today I want to share with you delicious coffee, which is prepared pretty quickly!
The drink "Coffee"
186 - - -
Sbiten — old Russian drink. In cold weather it helps to warm up, and also has anti-cough property. Recipes for this drink very much, today I propose to prepare a "Coffee" sbiten.
185 3 1м 1
Cappuccino: milky coffee cocktail.