Cocoa recipes

Cocoa flip
1.2k 3 15м 2
Delicious, aromatic drink, it's very simple, but this recipe on the website is not found...
Hot chocolate "walnut-ginger"
1k 4 - 1
Well, who doesn't like chocolate, and hot? West day to wander the shops, came home with no legs and so wanted something super chocolate, but not just chocolate or candy. A very rich drink has a nutty flavor and the ginger gives a special touch, and draws its aroma and depth of flavor. Try, done quickly and magically delicious.
Chakhokhbili chicken
1k 4 15м -
Tasty spicy Georgian cuisine, we are always happy original and very delicious recipes. Try to prepare chakhokhbili – Georgian dish of chicken.
Presidential hot chocolate
1k - - 6
Why "Boris Yeltsin presidential library. cue," you ask. Perhaps even add why "chocolate", it's just cocoa... "Boris Yeltsin presidential library. cue," I think, because the ratio of the products is such that it turns out amazingly delicious, this drink is not ashamed the President to offer. But "chocolate", because the classic hot chocolate is prepared after all of the cocoa powder )))
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
0.9k - 10м 3
If you believe culinary magazines, chocolate in the morning is the norm of healthy eating. Because eaten before noon chocolate gives the body energy for the whole day, with no threats to secede at the waist. So to start the day with a Cup of hot chocolate is like giving yourself a hormone of happiness. I think that the Italians in the autumn of the same is not enough as we are. In chocolate, you can add pieces of marshmallows (this is more suitable marshmallow with his "reinvest d" and resistance to heat). After this additions to the Breakfast gloomy morning will sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow and will give cheerfulness and good mood!
Hot cocoa
0.8k 3 20м 6
Once, when I taught Portuguese language, having bought in shop a pack of Brazilian cocoa, I decided to read what was written on the back of the pack. There was a recipe for this drink that brought me into easy confusion, since I never thought so brewed cocoa...
Creamy cocoa
0.8k 4 5м 1
I'm a little unusual making some hot cocoa. Milk foam on it is not appearing, because I cook on the water. And to achieve the rich creamy taste, I use the heavy cream!
Hot chocolate "Red velvet"
0.8k - - -
Everyone's favorite hot beverage in the new red velvet "dress". It is gorgeous to look at and rich in flavor!
Spicy hot chocolate
0.8k - 15м 2
Hot chocolate with spices for big and small gourmets. A fragrant and warming.
Creole chocolate
0.8k - 10м 6
Simple but very delicious recipe of hot chocolate!
Real cocoa from roasted cocoa beans
0.8k - 4м 2
Roasted cocoa beans are ground to a easy coffee grinder, it's 100% chocolate, which we will prepare healthy and delicious cocoa!
Mexican hot chocolate
0.8k - 10м 2
"Like water for chocolate" is a wonderful film filled with passion, love, magic... and all sorts of treats. Well, the beauty of the lost era, because it takes place in Mexico at the dawn of the 20th century. I never saw such tender and tasty hot chocolate, so I want to share with You!
Classic cocoa
0.8k - 15м 2
I am convinced that to get the present and the most delicious cocoa, you have to make it from cocoa powder. It is not difficult, but, nevertheless, I want to share my recipe for perfect cocoa. PS. As many users of the website with the recipe is familiar and consider it useless, I want to clarify that the recipe is perfectly normal (as the name implies) and it is suitable for those who are not able or did not try to cook cocoa. :)
French chocolate "Paradise"
0.8k - 15м 2
Country romance is the largest manufacturer of hot chocolate in the world. French hot chocolate — this cult product, which is popular not less, than coffee, snails or oysters. This viscous drink is very tasty, hearty and rich!
Hot chocolate-a drink made from cocoa with Hercules
0.8k - 15м 1
My child does not love a Hercules, and how to feed him this cereal was for me a great dilemma. And here was a way - hot chocolate on a Herculean basis. Get a real thick hot chocolate in which Hercules is not felt. By varying the number of Hercules it is possible to prepare a different consistency from liquid to drink through a straw, to thick, you can eat with a spoon.
Cheese-banana hot chocolate
0.8k - - -
Drink with a rich flavor, very chocolaty, and sweet new year. Could easily replace a dessert. Treat yourself and loved ones during the holidays, this hot chocolate!
Hot chocolate from the movie "Chocolate"
0.8k - - 7
And then the North wind blew... Remember? Countless times I watched this movie, and always wanted to try everything that prepares a Juliette Binoche. This recipe found at Greek chef Stelios Pallaresa, he called him "from the movie" Chocolate". Long recipe is not lying... North wind blew...
Strawberry cocoa
0.8k - - 1
Hot cocoa is loved by all, but the addition of strawberries will enrich the taste of this drink! Frozen or fresh (in season) berries much will increase the nutritional value of cocoa adds velvety texture and delicate strawberry notes! Must try!!! Help yourself to health!!!
Buckwheat cacao with honey and cinnamon
0.8k - - -
So quietly sneaking up to us mid-September. Warm summer days remain in the memories, come the cold autumn. Time of refreshing morning smoothie goes. They are replaced by rich, warming drinks. Try an unusual buckwheat cocoa for Breakfast. It will warm you up. The drink is very rich, thick, sweet, spicy. Just right for an autumn Breakfast
Hot chocolate snowballs
0.8k - 10м 1
If you love hot chocolate, you this dessert drink will definitely like it. Although it is very caloric and sweet, but will certainly raise you strength, will give a boost of energy and mood in the cold autumn and winter days. And give this drink I want our beloved Dasha-skyfuntik.
Hot chocolate "happiness Hormone"
0.8k - - -
This chocolate is uplifting. Gentle and pleasant to the taste.