Cocktail recipes

Cocktail "exit to Eden"
1.1k 3 5м 2
If now the unbearable heat... make a cocktail and will be much better!!!
Cocktail "Monaco"
1k - 5м 1
And here is my hundredth recipe on the website! I want to mark the occasion a light and refreshing cocktail "Monaco" on the basis of beer, which is very popular in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I recommend on a hot day!
Sangria Dolce Vita
0.6k - 180м 6
Sangria is an alcoholic cocktail native to Spain. Its history goes back more than 400 years. This cocktail is great because its preparation used products available. Good as the hot summer with ice and winter.
Milkshake "collective Farm in Bali"
0.5k - 5м 2
They say there is a silver lining. Bought a melon - "farmers ", cut... and complete disappointment: juicy, flavorful, but not sweet... Tried it, got upset and put it in the fridge. But here's the Epiphany: to make a cocktail. The result exceeded all expectations! By the way, the cocktail can be made without alcohol, it's still delicious.
Cocktail "Turquoise"
0.5k - - -
Delicate, delicious and beautiful cocktail! For a bar "Virtual drink"
Cocktail a La "Daiquiri" with melon
498 4 - 2
Very fragrant, sweet alcoholic cocktail with rum.
Champagne cocktail "Strawberry dawn"
465 - - 2
The recipe is so simple that it's embarrassing to lay. Easy cocktail for the holiday get-togethers with a girlfriend. Or not festive, but definitely nice;)
Cocktail "Indian summer"
454 - 20м 1
In Primorye from China came Typhoon Sanba. Pouring rain, cold and disgusting. And so I wanted something warm, to please themselves. So impromptu came into this cocktail, just mix all your favorite drinks. This cocktail I dedicate to all my girlfriends.
Cocktail of Baileys
452 4 - -
Cocktail "Whiskey Cola"
441 5 5м 1
Mmmm... I just love it!
Blueberry Mojito at home
438 - 5м -
Mojito - a cocktail based on white rum and mint leaves. There is a version on which the name "Mojito" comes from the African word "mojo", which means "little witchcraft". Gonna do some magic?
Cuba Lbre
431 4 2м 4
"Cuba Libre" (Spanish Cuba Libre, "free Cuba") is a cocktail containing rum, Cola and lime, one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The word "libre" in Spanish is read as "pounds" was First prepared in Havana in 1900. American soldiers mixed Cuban rum and coke and I drank a toast to a free Cuba ("Viva Cuba libre" = "long live free Cuba").
Leavened Mojito
415 - - 1
Light, fresh and a little intoxicating - a great cocktail for a summer evening! Light aroma and taste of lemon, tart rum, spicy taste and peppermint, but if you don't want alcohol - simply remove the rum and a delicious mocktail - try? A cocktail made from their preferences and taste of the author!
Variations on a theme "Mojito"
385 5 - -
Light, tasty, refreshing drinks.
Creamy coffee liqueur
368 - 20м -
Honestly, here I found a few favorite recipes liqueur, prepared everything, but I wanted something easier to prepare and without expensive ingredients, so a trial discovered this recipe. Delicious, creamy coffee, not cloying, and easy to make liquor that requires long aging, only cooling before serving. Stored in the refrigerator for a week exactly longer I was not so much about more long-term storage can guarantee you can not. Similar in taste to purchase a creamy coffee liqueurs, as my sister said.
Tea cocktail "Aristocrat"
367 - 15м -
Very tasty tea cocktail with a citrus note. Perfectly warm and cheer up a gray, rainy day
Cocktail "Crazy coconut"
366 4.5 10м -
Very pleasant to the taste mild sweet cocktail, with an exotic Caribbean Islands (the Dominican Republic). Can be served with rum or non-alcoholic. The presence of rum in this drink, almost not noticeable, very drinkable, then the result is obvious - Crazy Coconut :-)
Cocktail "Bowling in the TU-154"
363 - 5м 1
Nearing the weekend! In this, we turn to water... oops.. sorry... to the liquor treatment!:))) According to legend, if you treat a flight attendant that cocktail, then on the plane you can do anything. Unusual shot based on vodka with condensed milk and coffee, easily prepared at home. The recipe I use for friendly gatherings long ago. It turned out that it is called so, it is with this description on the Internet!
Cocktail"Bread and salt"
360 - 15м 2
Very light alcoholic drink on the basis of kvass and vodka. But do not be afraid, he is perfect both in cold and hot day. In addition, You will be able to support those who prefer a clean drink.
Cocktail "bird of Paradise"
356 - 5м 1
Suggest you try a cocktail called "Bird of Paradise". This cocktail you can make soft, omitting a few ingredients. Refreshing, fruity and rich in flavor.
Cocktail "Luba, Lyubonka, Lyubasha"
356 - - -
This cocktail dedicate the first visitor, the first scullion, who suggested the name of our bar, our dear Lyubasha (the photo gallery)!