Spirits recipes

Herbal bitters "Yerofeich"
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Yerofeich herbal tincture of the Russian nobility appeared in the early XVIII century. Set of herbs and spices can do to your taste. The classic recipe of erofeich does not exist. This is the common name herbal infusions of strong alcohol. Each landowner used to drink those herbs and spices that grew or sold in his neighborhood.
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Great drink, easy to prepare, and tastes much better than the original(personally checked). Very easy to drink, and most importantly in the morning is not a headache.
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I will not tell you what is absinthe, let's just say that I tried to make moonshine and alcohol, and moonshine turned out much better. Absinthe was already drunk, so quickly that managed to capture only one serving.
Orange liqueur
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Romanian kitchen. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
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Hi all. Of apples this year a good harvest and so necessary as it is to recycle them. One of the ways to make Apple wine, and then the whole thing overtake twice. For the gifted, I heard about "Calvados, only in a barrel, only with cider", etc. nonsense. Call it Apple moonshine or whatever you heart desires, is not the point. The result is important. Outrageously simple, but long. And so for the preparation of Calvados, we need, from the calculation of 10 l wine:
Wine "Chernomorochka"
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Delicious aromatic wine will help to lighten the mood. This recipe will be useful for those who do not have their cottages.
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Hi all. Today will be recipe of vodka from watermelons. I wanted something unusual to taste and Anthracnose cooking. Watermelons need to take very ripe, with no trace of rot or other problems. Simple but a bit time consuming. The result is worth it.
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Recipe of the finest books Alesya Ivanova "the cuisine is Ukrainian". Because better not say, I quote: "If You think that Varenukha only Bulgakov impure into the hands of the administrator of the variety, you are deeply mistaken. Varenukha's sister Krambambulya Belarusian and Russian sbiten, and second cousin of Indian English punch and grog." Girls, produces stunning, fragrant and tasty drink. Degrees think, about 30. Since there is no alcoholometer home, rather not say. Hot in a thermos on the street in winter just to drink, like a song.
Pepper vodka
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Familiar to all and loved by many, a strong alcoholic drink without chemical additives.
Homemade gin
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Gin this recipe has a balanced sweet taste, mainly acts as juniper and coriander to the other ingredients. A good as pure and tonic. Suitable for cocktails.
Home rum
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On the Internet you can find recipes for Roma based on the addition of essences and other flavors that only mimic the original flavor and taste, and not always successfully. We will prepare the drink, as close to the original
Tincture "Kuinka"
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This liqueur its taste is slightly reminiscent of tequila known to all, and at a price comparable to ordinary vodka.
Tincture "Golden horn"
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Bitters with a seaside flavor. Color brown with a red tint. The taste is pungent-bitter to the taste of extract of Eleutherococcus. Aroma with a touch of Schizandra berries. Attention! Siberian ginseng and Schizandra increase blood pressure, so tincture is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure!
Tincture "cedar is the panacea"
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In the period of the common cold and flu, there are simple ways to protect yourself and others from diseases. It is not necessary to give is that the little kiddies.
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Tincture sweet, almost a liqueur
Cocktail "Polar"
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Vodka with lemon flavor.
French liquor "44"
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Offer for the New year to cook a very tasty alcoholic beverage: Liquor "44" While there is time!!! The cooking time is 44 days!!! Check for yourself and friends!!!
Orange liqueur
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Liqueur homemade. Soft and pleasant to the taste, and most importantly, made from natural ingredients and no dyes and fragrances! Recipe taken from the book "the Hungarian kitchen".
Lemon liqueur
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Liqueur of lemon.
Liquor "Bailey" at home
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A little "Russified" recipe, adapted for the Russian consumer.
Lemon vodka
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Strange, but not found on the website of such a recipe... And in winter, this drink is very handy. But, in my opinion, alcohol should not be so tasty :-D