Spirits recipes for Easter

Wine "Chernomorochka"
305 - - -
Delicious aromatic wine will help to lighten the mood. This recipe will be useful for those who do not have their cottages.
Homemade gin
226 - - -
Gin this recipe has a balanced sweet taste, mainly acts as juniper and coriander to the other ingredients. A good as pure and tonic. Suitable for cocktails.
Tincture "Golden horn"
211 - - -
Bitters with a seaside flavor. Color brown with a red tint. The taste is pungent-bitter to the taste of extract of Eleutherococcus. Aroma with a touch of Schizandra berries. Attention! Siberian ginseng and Schizandra increase blood pressure, so tincture is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure!
Tincture "taiga"
186 - - -
Our response gene. The taste is slightly pungent with pine finish.
Moonshine made from raisins, she's Jewish vodka-"peisahovich"
165 - 3м -
Moonshine made from raisins, she's Jewish vodka - "peisahovich". Doing it in in Ukraine, namely in Odessa, especially on the feast of the Passover.
162 - 30м -
Recipe tested repeatedly. My friends love it. For the first time, it is desirable to maintain proportions, and then, like all the recipes, allow regulation to suit Your taste. The taste and smell of vodka is not absolute! Use in moderate doses for lifting immunity.
159 - - -
Strong aged alcoholic beverage. Due to the fact that my recipe is not for "hurry" to fans of quickly prepared spirits he's supposed to be a little interesting, but the result exceeds all expectations.
Tincture "pioneer"
157 - 20м 30
Good day, dear cooks!!! I come to You today with a recipe of liqueurs my husband... the fact that my husband loves to experiment with different kind of alcoholic infusions... us at the bar kept a dozen different variants of this drink! He always adds some new ingredients, herbs, roots... conjures up in one word... And then after the allotted time all of this is filtered, tasted and carefully stored in the bar. Recently we had guests.. of Course tasted all the wealth.. And remained in the uttermost delight!!! All of this led me to the idea to share one of the recipes for "secret" of the tincture husband!!! I think the men will appreciate!
Homemade brandy-based chacha
156 - - -
A simple recipe of cognac at home-based chacha
153 - - -
Summer evening at the cottage to relax, have a drink or two of some nice drink. For example, Cassis. And just to sit with a friend it's nice for a drink.
Homemade absinthe recipe from Pontarlier, France (1855)
140 - - -
Absent this recipe has a bright steppe taste, stands out well herbal wormwood taste, the bitterness is well felt in the aftertaste, not a strong... moderate. Also good sense of sudimosti and aroma of anise. You can drink both in pure form, in small portions of about 20-30 ml, cooled and diluted with juice or cold water. Well suited orange, pineapple, grapefruit juice.
Infused vodka "Homemade brandy"
136 - - -
Tincture has a striking cognac color, the smell is also similar to cognac. The taste is floral with a touch of grass.
Apricot schnapps
134 - - -
Schnapps – the name of the group of spirits (38-40 degrees), obtained by double distillation of natural fruit or grain mash, prepared without added sugar, artificial yeast (bread and alcohol) and other ingredients. In my home growing some apricot trees. They collected and apricot schnapps.
Grandma brandy
132 - 15м -
Believe it or not, it is similar to Armenian brandy.
Quick Limoncello from James Martin
132 - 20м 15
This recipe I took from the book obazhaet me pastry chef James Martin. This liquor confirms that fast does not mean bad, quite the contrary. If interested, I offer Italian liqueur recipe British chef in the execution of a Russian Boy 1 level.
Calvados home "Imitation"
131 - - -
The beautiful word "Calvados" recently we have not all had time to get acquainted with strange drink. Calvados is a surprisingly fragrant, tasty and beautiful alcoholic drink, originally from France. In fact, the Calvados is a fruit brandy, a fortress of 40 degrees. Classic Calvados to at home is quite difficult, and why I want to offer you my version, adapted to our country-home setting. P. S. actually, why do this recipe on the Pillsbury?! And it's not just a recipe - it's propaganda! Want to eat high quality, noble, natural drinks home - make them yourself! Almost all of the most exclusive and expensive alcohol in the world - distillates, ie moonshine! The only difference in the original raw! The laws of the Russian Federation and many former Soviet countries, absolutely legally allow ubiteam-the distillers, to produce any alcohol for own use. And where it is said that to eat we need stinking!? No, we are real foodies, and industrial surrat we don't like, we have long refused "kazanci," what you suggest and wish! Your kitchen is the slow cooker, breadmaker, food processor, blender, and why not moonshine is also a concern about the health and welfare of the family?!
Pepper tincture with St. John's wort
127 - - -
Pepper vodka for this recipe goes with bright color - burnt orange. The aroma stands out clearly allspice, the taste is sharp with a clear firing, which is converted into heat. See a detailed video recipe
Liquor "cream Lemon"
119 - - -
Spring is fresh, awakening the senses and desires, the desire for beauty, the warmth of the spring sun, the green of the first grass, the fragrance of blossoming gardens. Italy. Potted lemon trees. The heady aroma of spring. There have already this spring. While we prepare the famous Italian liqueur, it will just arrive on our real spring, by may. This liqueur Crema di limone is much softer than the famous lemon liqueur Limoncello, but has the same rich, fresh, spring scent of lemon.
Rowan tincture with apples on the moonshine
118 - - -
Rowan tincture with apples has a bright fruity flavor and aroma is a little sour and slightly bitter ash aftertaste. The infusion is easy to drink, taste of alcohol is not felt.
Infusion of dogwood, a unique aroma and taste
115 - - -
Infusion of dogwood has an unusually beautiful color and unique aroma of dogwood, pleasant and easy to drink, alcohol content is not noticeable and that it is misleading, with strength of more than 30% (if use 50% alcohol) after 2-3 shots, capable to change mood for the better, to relax. Recommend!
Tincture "Hrenovuha"
114 - 10м -
Won a bottle of this vodka at the Ukrainian restaurant. House husband tasted and said "Yummy"!!! So I go to create. Composition read on the bottle and began to experiment with doses. The best option present on your court. Recently my husband had a birthday, all my vodka for boys insisted. The next day all the guests began to call and ask for the recipe! It turns out very soft and delicious!!!