Light alcohol recipes

Liquor "Xue-Xue"
0.9k - 30м 6
In the fall I bought my husband a bottle of liquor "Xu-Xu". Liquor very much. Costs around 800 rubles. per bottle. Clever husband read the bottle and it is not the first time make the liqueur taste that surpasses the original.
The cranberry (cranberry liqueur)
438 5 - -
In the 80's my parents went on a trip to Petrozavodsk. There they first tried the drink and begged for the recipe from the guide. And for many years now, we prepare the infusion for this recipe. It turns out the ladies ' drink, very tasty, cranberry-cranberry. The longer insists - the tastier, so I suggest to start to prepare for the New year!
Coffee and citrus liqueur "44 "
419 - - -
Flavored liqueur with taste of citrus and aroma of coffee. The New Year did "Coffee and citrus liqueur "44". Make it quite often. I generally like to do different licencii. Pretty strong drink, but also flavorful. Very good added to cakes or impregnation. And so to sit - also not bad.
Chocolate liqueur
408 5 10м 10
This version of the recipe for chocolate liqueur is very simple, and, most importantly, without eggs. Turns out tender, chewy, chocolate-cream liqueur. Is prepared simply, quickly consumed)
Liquor "Coffee" on concentrated milk
395 - - -
Try to offer liquor to the concentrated milk with some coffee flavor and a slight aroma of vanilla! Perfect for a Cup of coffee or tea, adding just one spoon! And works well as a natural flavor in cream, and for impregnation of cakes, and cupcake cakes! Well, just for ladies ' gatherings.
Grog "falling leaves"
344 - 20м 1
Autumn time - though "the eyes", but still, in essence, "sad time". Need something to cheer up, keep warm and feel full joy of life! And what could be better than a light hop flavored hot drink such as grog?
341 4.5 15м -
Spring. The strawberry season. Vkusnota. After you eat and the jam, you can do more and alkogolny strawberry drink.
/ Sugar
332 3 20м 2
/ Sugar - a light, airy dessert of Italian origin. So says the dictionary, I would say the / sugar to drinks, but rather, cocktails. I invite you to taste!
Cream liqueur a La "Bailey"
327 5 90м 14
Another recipe of the drink. familiar with all such recipes, but my not found, although each family have their vision of how things should be done this delicious. As they say: "drink from my Cup"
A cocktail of strawberry juice, calamansi
312 - 10м 2
Have You heard anything about calamansi. So I first heard this interesting word. But Ochakovo know about this citrus and given its original taste offered brew "Ochakov with lime juice, calamansi". This is quite a tasty and enjoyable beverage, but to remember the first meeting with him, I invite You to a cocktail. Oh, and eat out...
311 5 - -
The turn mountain berry dark blue, grows on thorny bushes and to collect her best after the first frost (but can be). The recipe for this liqueur-the liqueur I got from native women of the mountain village. Thick, rich, sweet-sour taste of liquor, after which feel a little drunk, will give the ocean of pleasant sensations!
304 3 - -
Actually, I prefer weak drinks. But all sorts of tinctures and dicercini it is. So when I saw this recipe, I couldn't resist and cooked. Very tasty! Do not think for anti-advertising, but in comparison with this cranberry, "Nemiroff" rests.
"Panache" or "Radler"
278 - 3м 1
On the street summer, heat, season of vacations, barbecue and soft drinks. "Panache" (or "Radler") is one of the most simple and delicious low alcohol cocktails.
276 5 - -
Ready yet (last year-for a long time already all drunk :-D), but because now is the time, decided to post this recipe. Even two :)
Liqueur a La "Bailey" mint
271 - 20м 20
A-La - because it is homemade, but the liqueur is Very tasty. In fact, a real Irish Baileys is a combination of cream, whiskey and alcohol. But the house counterpart of this pretty expensive liqueur made with vodka, milk and condensed milk, the taste is very similar. The ingredients can vary depending on what kind of homemade recipe of Baileys you prefer. After all, in addition to the traditional Baileys Original there are also variations with chocolate, coffee, mint and caramel flavor. So choose your...
270 - 60м -
Cup - with the French "jug". Drink mixture of strong alcohol and sparkling with the addition of juices and fruit, not fruit salad in watermelon or crusonia. Since the champagne cocktail was a favorite drink pecnica. Today we will prepare a classic ( so-called " Gusar ) version of this drink. And behind the wheel will sit tomorrow...
A liqueur made of mulberry
269 - - -
Mulberry — delicious berry, the storehouse of healthy nutrients. Therefore, a liqueur made of mulberry not only has a lovely taste and aroma, but also has healing properties. The recipe is simple enough, the liqueur is easy to prepare at home. Drink from this berry has long been used to treat coughs and bronchitis. In Chinese medicine they are used even kidney failure and impotence. As part of the liquor has a large amount of iron, which has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system, improves metabolism and normalization of blood pressure. In addition, the composition of the mulberry are vitamins C and E. They are potent natural antioxidants that are the prevention of many diseases. It's all buzzwords, I'd say it's tasty... In General it's ladies drink.
Liquor "Bailey" original
266 3 10м 10
Liquor on March 8, the coffee taste like it all!
265 - 30м 10
The idea is taken from our prescription Xu-xu. If the strawberry puree with brandy or vodka is not spoiled for a long time, why not make this drink with other berries or fruit. The cranberry was very tasty. Previously tried to do the infusions on berries, mint. The result is not much. This drink is different from tinctures and flavouring qualities, and on the presence of vitamins in it.
Cream liqueur
263 3 15м 1
Tastes very similar to Baileys liqueur
Liquor home
253 4 - -
A recipe from the distant Soviet past, when "out of nothing" woman tried to make a highlight. Options similar liqueur set. Give those that stuck with us.