Light alcohol recipes for Easter

Liquor "Xue-Xue"
0.7k - 30м 6
In the fall I bought my husband a bottle of liquor "Xu-Xu". Liquor very much. Costs around 800 rubles. per bottle. Clever husband read the bottle and it is not the first time make the liqueur taste that surpasses the original.
Liquor "Coffee" on concentrated milk
326 - - -
Try to offer liquor to the concentrated milk with some coffee flavor and a slight aroma of vanilla! Perfect for a Cup of coffee or tea, adding just one spoon! And works well as a natural flavor in cream, and for impregnation of cakes, and cupcake cakes! Well, just for ladies ' gatherings.
214 - 30м 10
The idea is taken from our prescription Xu-xu. If the strawberry puree with brandy or vodka is not spoiled for a long time, why not make this drink with other berries or fruit. The cranberry was very tasty. Previously tried to do the infusions on berries, mint. The result is not much. This drink is different from tinctures and flavouring qualities, and on the presence of vitamins in it.
Liquor "Bailey" original
211 3 10м 10
Liquor on March 8, the coffee taste like it all!
Cream liqueur
201 3 15м 1
Tastes very similar to Baileys liqueur
Mint tincture
171 - - -
I love mint, that's nothing a can do, growing it is not the case, just feel sorry for... Syrup and a drink we are already doing from mint, it's time to try a strong drink!
Creme de menthe
149 - - -
The mint-menthol flavor that I tried. Very refreshing!
Homemade liqueur Baileys type "Tastier than store-purchased"
140 - 15м 20
Let's start with the fact that the Baileys can be called only products of Irish company R. A. Bailey & Co, and we do not expect. There are many recipes for homemade versions of this delicious liqueur. Many copies broken: with eggs, without eggs; if the eggs are poisoned or not; if poisoned, what... you Want to make an attempt to offer you a safe, and, I think, the most correct option.
Banana-strawberry liqueur, very tasty
139 - - -
The taste of liquor is very similar to the banana-strawberry juice, moderately sweet, with an alluring aroma and beautiful orange-red shade. Goes well with creamy ice cream perfectly complements the cocktail with lemonade, sprite...
Liqueur Cherry
110 - 1м 1
The recipe I gave a friend from Krasnodar, I did not drink, but my family say that it's great!
Infusion of red currant with cinnamon
102 - - -
Home-infusion for every holiday, or a cosy home. Infusion has sooo soft, sweet, delicate, slightly intoxicating taste. However, neither the smell nor the taste of alcohol especially.
Cherry liqueur
98 5 - 3
Light, sweet, very tasty. Like. Can be used on the holiday table.
Cherry brandy red wine
95 - - -
Cherry brandy red wine has the aroma and flavor of cherry pits with almond tones, very similar to wine Mikado.
Homemade cider, recipe tasting
92 - - -
Homemade cider from sweet pear and sour-sweet apples came out much fizzy and strong with a good Apple and honey-ish fruit flavor and aroma.
Vishnevka "old world" on oak chips
92 - - -
Cherry brandy old-fashioned on the oak chips has a bright cherry flavor, moderate sweetness, wood chips gives a light astringency and the effect of ageing on the palate.
A simple infusion of cherry
91 - 20м 10
Hello my dear cooks!!! In the midst of berry season and I'm in a hurry to buy and share the easiest recipe of cherry brandy... This brandy can do absolutely any berries-turns out very tasty, cherry, red and black currants, raspberries, strawberries... the Recipe comes from my grandmother's notebook and proven!!! Help yourself!
Amaretto liqueur
87 - - -
The taste of homemade Amaretto liqueur for this recipe are bright, almond nutty with hints of coffee and vanilla. Decent liquor.
Cherry liqueur, fragrant and sweet
87 - - -
Cherry liqueur has a bright cherry flavor and taste, easy to drink, sweet, thick, perfect for cocktails, desserts, alcohol taste is not felt, you can still reinforce with brandy.
Recipe cherry brandy
84 - - -
The cherry liqueur has a bright cherry flavor that accentuates the almond flavor of the seeds and cloves. The fortress is about 25%, the alcoholic tone in the taste does not feel
Chocolate liqueur
84 - - -
Love chocolate liqueurs (well, sometimes of course)! Recently looked at a bottle in the ingredients, and there are 6 different supplements! Came to the conclusion that I'd rather do it myself, especially since it is very simple! It turns out a creamy chocolate taste! Chewy and moderately sweet. The degree can be adjusted!
Home champagne of black currant leaves
84 - - -
Home champagne from the leaves of black currant has bright lemon-currant flavor with a wine hue, the drink is very Kairouan, easy to drink and also quietly but confidently hits the head, hop quickly comes and just as quickly retreats. Watch the Video, all shown in detail