Lemonade recipes

Cocktail "yo-Ho-Ho" without the rum
405 - 10м 2
This lemonade will refresh and regain strength after a day at the beach. Instantly quenches thirst and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.
Drink "Summer nectar"
404 - 5м -
Refreshing summer drink.
Sicilian lemonade with salt
347 - 3м 1
Il seltz limone e sale. The recipe of this drink brought me from Sicily from the last vacation. In the South this lemonade preparing you and sold in street stalls and bars. If you have a siphon, you will be able to use it. The recipe is very simple, but as you know, all brilliant - easy! On a hot day, lemonade is a refreshing experience, great thirst quencher, and gives the feeling of lightness even after a very hearty lunch and helps to improve digestion.
Lemon drink "Turkish lemonade"
334 4.5 - -
Today I want to introduce You to the Turkish lemonade. The drink is very rich in vitamin C, very refreshing and thirst quenching. But even fierce winter it will serve You well if You suddenly become ill. To any holiday table, he is king of soft drinks. It is very fond of kids. In Turkey it is prepared differently, but I like this option because it does not boil, i.e., it retains all the vitamins. To prepare this drink is ridiculously simple, and the result will not leave anyone indifferent. You just need to try. So, let's dive in...
Orange-mint lemonade
321 - - -
A delicious, refreshing drink with a light mint flavor.
Lemonade with rosemary and ginger
319 - 20м -
Soft drinks in the country - a thing popular. But if to combine business with pleasure... mmmmmm. And if we are not ashamed to guests submit, then this recipe is weight in gold.
Drink "Extra-sitro"
302 - 5м 2
A simple drink like every day and festive table.
Beetle Juice-Beetle juice
296 - 10м 16
A great refreshing drink, an alternative to the usual orange juice and super-replacement of harmful dust.
A refreshing lemonade with cucumber and Basil
294 - 10м 5
Favorite lemonade my daughter. Summer is not far off, and therefore the season of beverages. Nice, light, fresh, with light acidity, flavor of Basil drink. And more importantly, of the products that you have in the fridge all year round. And about the health benefits and so everything is clear. This lemonade is very fond of children, even those who don't like Basil. Help yourself to health!
Homemade lemonade with ginger
276 - - -
A very simple recipe for a delicious homemade lemonade that will refresh you on a hot summer day.
Drink syrup of elderberry blossoms and lemons-Vladersoft
274 - - -
Summer and Sweden - it is still summer and drink from elderberry. Of course it is possible to buy almost any summer café in the country, but homemade tastes better in a thousand times. Cooking?
Citrus drink "Hearty"
269 5 20м 4
For lovers of citrus fruits.
Vitamin drink from lemons
268 3 30м 25
Very simple: 3 to 4 lemon boiled water, honey and turmeric powder.
Homemade tarragon
267 - 20м 6
Delicious lemonade made from natural raw materials.
Lemonade "Sprite"
264 - 20м 7
Summer, sun, heat)) Prepared homemade lemonade and I got a real Sprite, the taste is quite well, no different, exactly the same as in the store, only more useful) is Very tasty and cooling!
Drink "lemon"
264 4 3м 1
Sour-sweet drink - very tasty and very refreshing.
264 5 20м -
Very tasty drink, better orange juice, and no chemistry.
Lavender lemonade
260 - 30м 4
Light, elegant, absolutely, ladies drink for a hot day.
Fantastic Fanta
258 4 90м 9
My family have been making this drink, so who gave it to his mom, I can't remember. Here on the website looked Fanta, but such as we I found. Our drink has the carrot, and it is very useful and also delicious! The drink turns out very tasty, though, and time consuming.
Useful homemade lemonade
257 - 5м -
The lemons for this lemonade is not cooked, do not they are saturated with boiling water, instead of sugar used honey. Therefore, it retains all the vitamins. If you drink this lemonade every day in the winter, all the cold will get You a party! Check for yourself! And the summer is cold lemonade will be very helpful. And most importantly, this lemonade is very popular with the children, especially if you drink it through a straw!
Fanta home
249 3 - 50
Summer is coming, which means it will be hot and thirsty. This is an old recipe from the days when there was nothing in the shops. And now I had to remember, because everything is filled with chemicals. In General, all natural without dyes and preservatives!