Salads of lamb recipes

Salad of lamb grilled with mint dressing
112 - - 2
Very tasty salad for meat lovers and mint. Iceberg lettuce, fragrant, tender meat and the mint sauce. Mutton can be safely replaced by veal or even chicken.
Salad with meat and vegetables
109 - 40м 4
Post - post, but then it is Easter!. Smooth transition from porridge to meat. I suggest to try a nice, easy salad. Pretty quickly prepared. Unless of course you pre-purchase all the components. Meat to choose from. Perfect for beef and pork and lamb and cuts of meat to collect. I used lamb shoulder blade.
Salad "Olivier Eastern"
106 - 30м 5
This is an excellent replacement for Olivier. How long to cook it!!! Try it!!
Salad of lamb with cucumbers
100 - 20м 2
Excellent spicy salad of lamb marinated with homemade pickles TM 6 acres. Delicious, hearty, spicy. Try to prepare this hearty salad.
Salad of lamb Thai
97 - 35м 4
Create in your kitchen the atmosphere of Thailand.
Warm salad of Strachetti
81 - 30м 1
My dear, I want you to buy the most favorite salad of my husband, of course, there's also a lot of meat! This salad is prepared with beef, but we love it with lamb. This salad is invariably prepared on the Christmas table.
Salad with lamb with yogurt
78 - 60м 2
Refreshing salad with lamb with yogurt dressing
Salad with lamb
75 - 90м 6
Want, to offer, now with lamb to be friends..! Such a wonderful salad..!, believe me, everyone will be happy!! On the palate it is very generous! The originality free! And the dish are all very clear..! The lamb itself is beautiful!, after all, you only need to know precisely what product to combine..! Then forget the rest..!, while the dish at hand..!