Cook in a slow cooker recipes for 8th of March

Ham with prunes and walnuts
0.6k - - -
Enjoy delicious home-cooked ham from pork with the addition of prunes and walnuts. Preparing this ham in vaccinia. Ham suitable for Breakfast (or anytime snack) for sandwiches or on any table as a cutting. The Foundation took the recipe for taskovski of vicinity and a recipe for homemade sausage Janowska (from the Internet)
Latvian onion klops
0.6k - 120м 3
At home a delicious and hearty dish of traditional Latvian cuisine. Classic and tailored, based on the preferences of my family.
Kavardak in a slow cooker
0.6k - 130м 10
The national dish of Tajik cuisine is a roast lamb with vegetables and potatoes. Kavardak in translation from Tajik is "Hot". Cook a roast of lamb.
Salmon "Goa"
0.6k - 45м 3
Very tasty, bright, causing the appetite dish!
Pepper "hoarder" almost French
0.5k - 80м 6
Very tasty dish, but economical, so called "hoarder". But almost in French because the basis is taken and reworked the recipe for pepper in French (can't remember what forum).
Beef with prunes Moroccan
496 - 200м 3
One of the favorite dishes of North African cuisine. Tried different options, but this set of spices for my taste fits best and is easiest to find in stores. Good, this dish should be cooked in tajine. But in the absence of it can be prepared in a slow cooker or the utensils for stewing in the oven.
Ingredients pork
471 - - -
Very tender meat dish that literally melts in your mouth. You can prepare for the holiday table, as well as a variety of daily lunch. Cooked in Multivarka VITEK VT-4213 GY.
Honey cake in multivarku
464 - 90м 8
Very simple to prepare, the taste is just amazing! Honey sponge cake perfectly combined with sour cream, a variety of taste add nuts and butter cream with condensed milk. This cake did the first time and the first time it I got. All highly recommend!
Chocolate cake "hocus pocus"
421 - 90м 12
Why this name? Yes, because when baking this cake really get some focus! A feeling that he is imbued with the gentle cream of the cream... although there is no no! But, in order to verify this-we have this cake to bake!
The pork in vaccinia and slow cooker pressure cooker
419 - 90м 6
The pork can be prepared from any part of the pork and of the meat of any animal and birds. Only choose what you want to have ready-made pork -lean or with fat bits. If it's lean, you can take a ham and a neck, the less fat. I'll cook pork (roast) chops. Bone cut, one can make roast potatoes. Well I have the meat is marinated and soy sauce TM Kikkoman sauce teriyaki marinade gave the meat original taste. The result was tender, juicy, flavorful pork.
A cake of oatmeal in a slow cooker
415 - 100м 8
I want to share with the cooks recipe is simple and delicious cupcake. I hope my recipe will like. Please do not judge too harshly.
Pork "Festive delight"
396 - 50м 5
Dear Cooks!!! I want to share with you the recipe of delicious pork!!! Very juicy! Gentle! Fragrant! Perfect for the holiday table!!!
Cake "Malibu"
371 - 120м 10
Cake for lovers of tropical fruit flavors. The cake is not complicated. With denim and light taste ), the Taste of which will take You to the ocean)))a Gentle blend of fruit and rum and coconut!
Pie "Nomura" baklava in the Palestinian
371 - 80м 6
I like Oriental sweets. Well this cake for a very big sweet tooth. This cake is delicious crumbly sweetness of the East. The taste was odd "wet" sweet.
Cream-soup with champignons in multivarka
369 - 30м 8
Cream soup of mushrooms with cream, milk, cheese, croutons and cilantro. At the time the original recipe was found somewhere on livejournal, were based on the broth and milk, but the soup, as usual, not enough time, and the recipe was transformed into a fully dairy. Have changed cream, added spices. When cooking on conventional cooking induction technology is preparing somehow longer. In a slow cooker is a total of about 30 minutes. given the products preparation - 45 min. If you use broth, it takes 600 grams of soup and 200 grams of milk.
Chocolate manna with chocolate filling "Cocoman"
355 - - -
I love this megamanny, megacolony, megapussy manna. I have a lot of recipes mannikov, but this is one I bake most often. It is prepared very quickly, even no need to get your hands dirty. The result is always successful (at least in the oven, though in a slow cooker). I would be glad if someone of You cooks, it will become a favorite. And to give this manna today I want a wonderful person, a great cook Violettochka (violl)!
Cupcake chocolate vartiety
351 - 60м 8
Favorite cake from multivarki. Always lush, fragrant and very beautiful colors. A particularly valuable quality - when immediately after the signal you open the lid, nothing fits, even if still not fully cooked!
Onion pie in a slow cooker
328 - 180м 12
I want to share with you a wonderful recipe, which has repeatedly rescued me. What to cook for friendly get-togethers to be tasty, satisfying, relatively unknown for a large company? Onion pie! Often pies baked with onions, using chives and batter. I'm cooking another option is dough and onions. This cake turns out very tender, rich, spicy sweet filling. Like everyone-adults and children. Many do not even realize that the filling in this pie bow! Star pastries for a snack to take with you on the road or on a picnic. For preparation was used multivarka Polaris 0517 AD.
Chicken thighs in slow cooker
322 - 90м 4
Very simple, quick and delicious recipe!! With the advent of multivarki free time appeared much longer and the taste is not reflected. Very tasty, soft and juicy thighs!!
Muffins with prunes, candied fruit and cinnamon
319 - 30м 10
Hello my dear cooks! After several years of registering on the website decided finally to post my first recipe. A year ago I was given a slow cooker-a pressure cooker "Redmond" started... Pies, cupcakes, casseroles, etc., etc., I Offer one of my favorite recipes.
Greek meatballs
311 - - -
Very tasty, meatballs. Elementary to prepare. Cook in multivarka Vitek VT-4213GY